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  1. There's a strong possibility that all this extra electrical use forecast to be thrust upon us in the future could cause more illness than a bit of exhaust fumes ever did. It's well known that many folk who live near to grid overhead cables and pylons suffer from headaches, dizzyness and strange maladies. This can only get worse with more and more electrons and magnetisms and stuff that'll be buzzing all around us. Its bad enough now with all the electronical gadgets folk have. Remember all the hoo hah a few years ago about radiation by holding mobile phones the the ears. Brains will be pecked at by the electrical pulses and folk could end up electronicalised imbeciles. We will all need to earth ourselves with a long copper tail, a cable clamped between the buttocks and trailed along on the ground behind us. To prevent galvanic errosion of the our organs and bits and pieces sacrificial anodes will need to be bolted onto us, especially folk already with bits of metal inside them, like hip universal joints and hinges in the knees. New strange unknown illnesses will pop up, illnesses which have to be given new names such as, Voltitis, Battmania disease, The dreaded Watt? virus. Amplitudinaria, Ohmoplodicasious disease, very contageous. Rampaging Teslanus electrified trots ie(sh-t blue lights disease) brought on by going along sitting on all those batteries, Faraday syndrome, Severe Arceye, Proalternatingpinglyness, Raging DC Current syndrome, Whapshock, Fuseolea, Litheshocker virus, Diodal idleitits, Static freezeation. For which ailments all new cures, pills, medecines, antidotes ect will need to be invented. Oven foil clothes,''shiny side out'' will need to be worn from head to foot in an attempt to reflect away from us all the electrical rays and zaps, interferance and pulses and nasty things. We will all waddle about looking like ticks of TV coaxial cable, cocooned in the foil. Not a very nice oulook is it.
  2. You'd then be able to do the ''Can-Can''
  3. The future method of electricity generation.
  4. It'll be up to the coppers to patrol and catch them at it.
  5. Good evening folks. Just returned from the patents office, delay caused by both of the electric trains breakimg down that I used. However Conny that's my secretary. Mrs Constance Pushit tells me she has aquainted you all and outlined the works of the optional extra in reasonable detail for which I am very grateful to her. I have not much more to add really until the cars go into full production. Two points I'd like to mention though. Cat flaps will be installed into the lower panels of the car doors, for the purpose of assisting your car up steep hills. The proceedure will be. As the car begins to slow up on the hill the driver and any passengers will poke a leg out through the cat flaps in order to assist the uphill climb by sort of scooting the car along by a foot on the road surface. For this reason I recommend that folk buy the four door model instead of the two door and to carry three passengers if possible, after all four legs are better than two, just thought I'd mention that tiny flaw in the design. The second point is that I'm having all the little electrical components like all the little dynamos made in Japan, as I think they are the best in the world at making small electrical stuff, they can even make model live steam locomotives in Z gauge!!! The honorable Mr Yoki, Oki Doki owner of a big electronic firm in Honshoe has agleed to make these bits for me which I will couple to the pendulums with Meccano parts. Looking forward to flogging you all lots of these cars. Regards, Mr Bizzard.
  6. Two reasons why their power consumption has plummeted. 1 is Boeing have stopped production of the 737 MAX. 2. Tesla have just read my thread on here about my optional extra invention, ''see posts above'', and have ceased production of their paltry outdated EV's on realisation that their offerings are now outdated and useless.
  7. Hello. Mrs Pushit here, Mr Bizzards secretary at the Clockbatdrill car Co. Mr Bizzard has just telephoned me from the patents office to relay this information to you all to relieve you and the whole wide world of the suspense caused by the delay. His new and revolutionary optional extra add on for EV, Hybrid, Lowbrid and the Clockbatdrill car. Pendulums. Pendulums dangling from the roof inside the car. ''Why pendulums'' yoo may ask. Because if they can dangle freely from mini constant velocity joints which will enable them to swing unhindered anywhere in a circular arc. Surrounded with lots of little dynamos which will generate charging currant for the batteries. The pendulum will continually swing around from the perpendicular whilst the car is in motion, swing forwards when braking, backwards when accellerating, forwards going down hill, backwards going uphill, side to side when cornering, in fact the pendulum wil be continually in motion swinging about on all points of the compass generating electricity to charge the batteries while the car is underway, hence the totally unlimited milage range without stopping your cars will now be able to do, something that the likes of the Yankie Tesla's and others are unable to achieve, he! he! he!. For tall drivers lots of short pendulums can dangle from the roof, as the single longer one would whack the the back of the drivers head under braking and while going downhill and in the ear whilst cornering on a downhill gradient. That's all the information I have recieved from Mr Bizzard because he ran out of pennies in the public telephone box, but I daresay he'll continue with the description of his wonderful invention on his return to our factory. Thanks for looking at this. Regards Mrs Pushit.
  8. An optional extra for the above mode of drive or for any other form, electric drive, or indeed even for Hybrids or Lowbrids, an extra which will extend the duration of the vehicle mileage, in fact make it endless. You will be able, with this extra to go anywhere, hundreds, thousands of miles without having to stop to charge up batteries and all that nonsense, and will of course allieviate the driver of all the worry and angziety of conking out, dribbling to a standstill with flat batteries in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night in a hurricane and forgotten their mackintosh, umbrella and torch and still wearing carpet slippers. A terrible nuisance wouldn't it be. This optional extra although optional will become a BIG must have. I will not describe yet what this revolutionary optional extra is, for fear of that Yankie Tesla mob over the pond try to pinch my invention before I've perfected and patented it. Just a little hint and clue for you all. It is regenerative, Cuckoo clocks. Mr Bizzard, missmanaging, indirector, Clockbatdrill car Co.
  9. If they used coaches like this the driver would be cocooned in his snug little cab, cut off from his passengers and probably wouldn't catch it.
  10. Clockwork will be the power of the future. Springs can be wound by either Workzone cordless drill from Aldi, or for excercise which folk need very badly with a huge key or a Stanley hand drill. Women can use the Stanley breast drill. Broken springs, pinions and governors ect replacement will be properly described with pictures in your Haynes workshop manual. Cordless drills will be recharged whilst driving along by what is known as ''The bump method'' the cars motion of jogging up and down over potholes and sleeping policemen and women. For fast boost charging of the drill battery one simply drives along bouncing in and out of all the drainholes grids along the kirb, by useing the bump method over the drain holes continuousely with the cordless drill attached in the keyhole you have, in effect as well as clockwork motor also electric to power the wheels. With this cutting edge form of ccccclockwork technology car propulsion with the simple aforesaid winding up aids will ensure that you will always arrive at your destination. A little 3 in 1 oil will need to be applied to the clockwork motion every two milliom miles. This form of lowbrid car will be called ''The Clockbatdrill car'' and will be very cheap. Tesla's and the likes, we s--t em. Bizzard, missmanaging indirector and inventor of the Clockbatdrill lowbrid car company.
  11. bizzard

    Warning light

    My car uses MCC 5w bulbs in the front sidelights, the globes are about 5/16'' diameter.
  12. He should have carried a long ladder and a pair of long jump leads, he could of then have crawled along to the nearest overhead national grid electric cables, climbed the pole or pylon and clamped on the jump leads to the wires to charge his battery. He would have had it charged up for nothing apart from a little effort. Or even climbed a lampost, remove the bulb and plugged in an extention lead to do it. I think there will be a lot of that behavior in the future.
  13. Interesting. I think think the site was used in several films. And of course there was, still is but smaller now, the huge slag heap by the A13 road, like a mountain. Beckton Alps its called, used to have a narrow gauge railway coiling around it to dump the slag on the top. I believe deposits of Cobolt had manifested itself in the slag, which was dug out and sold to Germany, what for? Cobolt bombs!! or just additive to make blue and green paint, I don't know. There is and has been for many years now a dry ski slope club operating on the southern side of the Beckton Alps now. A few years ago I helped a friend of mine who was a garage equipment plant installer install an air ring main and compressors in the then newly built North Thames gas van and truck repair workshop. At the time there was a large area set aside with rows and rows of large LPG storage tanks. I am writing them, on here, I'm gradually catching up though and should be up to date by about 2047.
  14. Our houses were about 3' lower than the road and pavements. The neighbour with the van built a raised concrete plynth in his front gaden on which he'd reverse the van and as you say stand to the side and whack the back door handle open with a long stick and out would pour the coke onto the path by the front door and he'd then shovel it around the back. Gasworks were quite a lucrative business, apart from producing town gas from the top of the retort by burning coal, many other bi-products were tapped off from the retort, like ammonia which was sold to aluminium makers, creosote amongst other things which I can't remember, down to coke, and finally clinker which was sold for land drainage and breeze blocks and then tar for of course road surfacing and repair. They probably made more money from all the bi-products than they did from the sale of gas. Amazing all the goodness there is in bits of coal... Got a shilling for the gas I remember the gas board flaring off with big flames from vertical pipes on street corners to scavenge- burn off from the systems mains the town gas when North Sea gas took over. Oh, and Coal tar soap.
  15. Coke was in the main the bi product of coal fired town gas works, plenty of it then. Our neighbour worked at Beckton gas works, he had an old Standard Vanguard van with a back door window knocked out, through which he'd shovel in coke right up to the top and bring it home to burn on their Parkray. The Victorian London District and Metropolitan underground lines used coke to fire the steam loco's for a while, to cut down smoke in the tunnels, they also used condensers to cut down steam emissions too.
  16. bizzard

    Warning light

    I think the 5w bulb may have a much bigger globe than the 3w one in your pic. Although the 5w bulb cap and bayonet pins should fit that holder ok.
  17. An old pal of mine who joined the army had to paint the coal in the coal bunkers at his barracks with white wash as a punishment, a common one. I think it was to see if anyone nicked some to take home when going on leave, especially if black holes appeared in the white mounds during the summer.
  18. Indeed it does and doesn't keep conking out with damp electronics. Just checked they call the class 800 and 802 trains {Bi-Mode}. Diesel electric when on non electrified lines and overhead pick up on electrified line, both forms of power of course use the same electric traction motors.
  19. Oh, I thought they'd got a lot further than that. Hybrids, Diesel or overhead electric pick up I think. Class 800 or 802 not certain. Since steam were taken off I've not had a great deal of interest since.
  20. Apparantly the cost of maintainingg wind farm windmills is massive especially the offshore ones. They break down a lot with gearbox trouble, the gearing up from slowly rotating propellers to the high speed required by the their alternators is the problem, but I expect they'll get around that one day.
  21. Not to mention the ever growing use of electric trains as diesel power is gradually phased out. There are still of course many unelectrified lines which mainly diesel hauled freight liner trains have to use to get to docks and certain large factories and what not. The Western region from London to the west country is nearly all electrified now as is the NE from Kings X. There are many hybrid loco's and multiple units about now though which can use on electrified or non electrifide lines.
  22. Same as road or rail gradients. up hill or down hill, 1'' every 10'' travelled, too steep for normal railways traction though.
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