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  1. Engage a hefty obese person ''Feed em on lots of doughnuts first'' to stand on the fuel filler side of the boat so any water will settle in that area while you suck it out.
  2. The Stort has stations close to the river at Roydon, Harlow town station, Sawbridgworth and B.Stortford.
  3. I'd stick with the 80 or 70 amp if your only charging one battery, less strain on the drive belt.
  4. LH150 gearbox 2pints. Reduction gear 1/2 pint.. That gear oil is ok.
  5. The extra 6'' width can be a nuisance especially with anodes on either side. On R Stort locks anyway.
  6. If any of them are let into the ceiling panels quite often roof condensation can short them out, more so during the winter.
  7. My mum as a child used to play around there, she knew it as the St Helens canal.
  8. Sniff it. If it smells like cats pee it's gear oil.
  9. Spingers are generally better and more comfortable in rougher waters like the tidal Thames, taller freeboard and chined hull, not to mention the wee washboards.
  10. The only two cars I've seen obviousely in ''limp home mode'' were nearly new Mercedes and a BMW both of which I whizzed past in my old 1986 Volvo 340 Deluxe, waving. A load of old Bosch.
  11. Many folk these days are obcessed with power tools with little knowledge of how to use them properly. Getting out a power drill and rigging it to drill one little hole while 10 could be drilled in the same time with a hand drill. Chain saws to saw a few twigs. Power sanders to sand a tiny patch. Pressure washers to wash a boat when a trickling hose and a sponge does it quicker. Arc eyes trying to weld. And the power tool injured folk that turn up at A&E hospitals at weekends and holiday times is pretty large. Learn hand tools first I say. Opposite my garage was a s/h car sales lot that gave me jobs on their cars. On day the salesman popped in, ''Can I borrow you Mig welder to mend our busted chain link fence please'' Yurst I said, and off he went wheeling my welder and shield mask. Lunch time came so I strolled over to see how he was getting on, no activity. I went up into their office and there he lay wreathing on the floor in terrible pain clutching his Arc eyes with his father tending him. I sent his father to the chemists for a bottle of caster oil to sooth his arc eyes which I took great delight in administering. He had told me he knew how to weld but couldn't get on with the shield. That'll larn im.
  12. They had trouble getting me to school because of it.
  13. I remember as a kid standing on the toilet seat re balancing the ball cock lever in the overhead cistern with bits of meccano, it lasted well after my folks sold the house. And it was the only room in the house with a lock on the door to which I scarpered to when dad was after me with his belt for being naughty. DON'T FORGET TO PULL THE CHAIN. I still do Meccano.
  14. Mentioning Indesit washing machines, way back in the 1960's my dad bought my mum one, her first one. Plugged it in, switched it on and it went up in cloud of smoke. They called the Indesit man out who discovered that it had a 110 volt motor in it, obviousely an Italian home market one that escaped as an export. My mum would'nt touch it after that and kept on using the old gas copper and copper stick. We remamed the machine the ''Indecent''.
  15. But it wasn't Arthur Lady G it was Tracy.
  16. A proper tirfor would surely do it, vely stlong. Or a doubled rope around a tree or something opposite and to the boat and a stick or broom handle betwwen the two and keep stwisting the rope, tornique, Spanish windlass, also powerful.
  17. Thanks Tony. I've read it now. When I first came on this forum I received tremendous stick, and insults. but I fought back and beat em in the end. Mind you I did post some looney stuff, which folk seem to have become accustomed to now. Keep at it Tracy, be strong, and beat em up if need be.
  18. Mine is quite a small fridge absorbtion too. On mine and probably on yours too the 12v heating element, like that in an ironing iron is just a flexible unit strapped to the exchanger with a metal band.
  19. Indeed. My old Electrolux 122 now over 30 years old uses about 7 amps continuous, my 12 amp charger only just coped with it last week whilst I serviced the gas side of it, cleaning burner, jet and sweeping the flue, now back on song again.
  20. The LH150 box is about 3'' longer than the LM100 box, including the 2.1 reduction unit on either, in case this matters.
  21. Which gearbox ? The manual Lister LM100 will have a long change lever sticking up with a large sweeping arc to change from forards backards. The Lister LH150 is a much better choice, a hydraulic assisted change which only needs a short lightweight dual control lever which works both gearchange and engine throttle in one, Whereas the manual LM100 box would need a separate throttle control as well as the big gear lever.
  22. If it's an early Springer it could well have a Lister air cooled engine and so no skin tank to bother about.
  23. Air trapped inside hollow objects like Mikes rudder has nothng whatsoever to do with it's or giving it more buoyancy. It is purely it's displacement size and weight that determins it's level of buoyancy. If it's air was sucked out and it was put into a vacuum inside it wouldn't make any difference either as long as it retained the same overall size and weight.
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