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  1. 10HP plenty enough for canals, especially if it has a reduction on the gearbox and not 1.1 direct drive.
  2. bizzard

    redex anyone?

    Unlike Viagra it won't stop you rolling out of bed.
  3. bizzard

    redex anyone?

    For a proper clean of injector pumps and injectors. The almost neat fix. Work fast. Remove the engines fuel filter, tip out half of the fuel and top up with injector cleaner, bung the filter back on, you might have to bleed a bit. start up on a highish throttle opening. Run engine for a good while. You will notice how clean the exhaust is for a while, and then much cleaner than it was. I've got many diesel vehicles through the MOT like this, and its cleaned up injector nozzles on boat marine engines and got them working again with the engine hitting on all cylinders again. All by this method.
  4. He was quite a good welder. I used to pick up his welding rods from my supplier. He built a couple of boats here at Stortford, a couple at Kecksies farm Sawbridgeworth and a couple I think at Nazing. Most I think he welded steel tops on them, but he may have supplied just the hulls for others to fit wooden tops.
  5. Iron works was a name used by a chap called Jim Palin, who built a few sail away boats around the river Stort around the 1990, they were low freeboard boats with tall boxy cabins, and did use the old Lister engines. May not be of course.
  6. The longer nuts could be heated to dull red and squeezed very very slightly in a vice to make them very slightly oval. Oval nuts are used in some automotive applications for self locking .
  7. As flue pipes usually rust and corrode away from the top downwards they last much much longer if it's sticking up above the collar by a few inches if possible.
  8. Reminds me of that chap that went into an Army and Navy store in Dublin. Have you a camoflage jacket please,--- We got tousands of em sor but we cannot foind em.
  9. As Black Rose said, Norris of Isleworth. I believe they do a special quick repair service for boats on limited time in dry docks.
  10. Yes but not the synthetic one. The ordinary mineral oil based one.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Extra strength can be gained by gorging on plenty of Belgian buns.
  13. You can, but contamination won't be half as bad as what's probably in the gearbox. mind you neither may not have had an oil change for donkey's years, if ever, often the case.
  14. I'd flush and change the gearbox oil. You can use a 50/50 mix of either paraffin and cheap engine oil or diesel fuel and cheap engine oil. Run for ten minutes going gently from forward to reverse a few times on the flushing oil, drain fully and refil with new ep 80/90 gear oil. Running these boxes on engine oil mix is perfectly ok, they don't use high pressure helically cut gears. In fact early on Lister reccomended oil for these boxes as 30 sae engine oil, I zoom the spec was changed to the thicker ep or Hypoy oil to to improve-raise the hydraulic pressure a bit, but that's adjustable anyway
  15. Work facinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours.
  16. Don't say hello to him, say Watcha cock.
  17. Sir Nigel Gresley named one of his big engines ''Cock 'O' the North''.
  18. Paddy and his mate looking for a job came across a sign ''TREE FELLERS WANTED'', Bejezz said Paddy, that's no good they want three fellers not two.
  19. It might be possible, I don't know, but it you can remove the tube from the reservoir, heat up in a pot grease until it's runny like oil, pour it into the bearing where once cool will gel again and remain there, like car wheel bearing grease does. We used to do this with certain enclosed bearings that had run dry of grease, Old type Ford clutch release bearings for example, heat up a pot grease, pop the bearing into it where the heated grease will seep into it good and proper and remain when cool. Edited to add. Don't do this with continuousely running bearings they will overheat. Only
  20. All this expense and fancy paint when the AkILLees heel is still there, ''The rudder stock tube'' usually 6 mm thick which can either sink your boat if separate stand alone fuel tanks or flood the fuel tank if integral and or pollute the canal if it rusts through. Jonah.
  21. If your painting outside, then I wouldn't go rubbing down the whole boat in one go, because each day you'll need to lightly rub down de nib again before starting painting again as there's muck in the air especially if there's aircraft flying about and road traffic. I concentrate on say a ten foot length and work on it from start to finish top coat and then move on ideally perhaps on the other side another short area from start to finish, until they all join up. All this especially if the weathers iffy, likely to rain later.
  22. You could add a thin elastic band to the existing O ring groove for extra sealing.
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