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  1. No 64 bit. I have just downloaded a new Firefox browser, everything was transfered to it and seems to be working ok. Thank you all very much.
  2. Latest version but the same on the previous one. Chrome working at the mo.
  3. A few people did I think. Thanks.
  4. It seems to be working at the mo, but only on Chrome, but for how long? Thanks for the help.
  5. Ahoy Motor Torpedo Boat. I have 3, two on W10 and 1 on W7, all react the same. On W7 Chrome at the mo. Internet Wi Fi is good and fast
  6. Ply the vendor, ''boat hirerer'' with plenty of rum, keep sticking one finger up and asking him how many he can see. When he see's two he's seeing double and two of you also and will hire you the boat with no problem, Voila.
  7. Can't make a reply. Firefox now hopeless, sayes ''submit topic'' but won't. Chrome sometimes, like now, I hope. No other forum or anything does this, getting very fed up.
  8. Also the bolts that secure the pump to the back of the box, ''the round thing'' next to the output coupling. There are I think 6 bolts, a couple of which penetrate into the boxes oil space and often leak oil. They have copper washers under their heads, these compress a bit and the bolts can become a touch slack. Tightening the bolts a touch often stops the leak, or fit new washers or anneal the old ones, remove one at a time to do this.
  9. If Greg eats that bl--dy stuff he'll be too fat to squeeze through the planes door whether they weigh him or not.
  10. If you pass a nice thick rope under the boat and up both sides with the two ends and tie a nice bow on top, and if you feel the boat being held down by mud suction climb up, untie the bow grasp both sides of the rope and haul about on the rope, up and down the hull jiggling it with a sawing motion to break the suction and release the boat.
  11. Many steam railway locos had a tender behind, that's why they didn't sit down.
  12. If you cook and gorge on all that stodge Greg they'll want to weigh you instead of your baggage at the airport when homeward bound.
  13. You might have noticed Arthur after starting up and as your alternator completes it's initial high charge and falls back to low charge the engine speeds up a touch momentarily and then settles back to normal.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. SR2 cooling air inlet min aperture size, 503 sq cm's. Hot air outlet min size 390 sq cm's.
  16. Polly put the kettle on we'll all have tea.
  17. Engines like old Listers with piston oil pumps don't like electric senders, the pump pulses tend to make them leak after a while. Capilliary tube gauges ok.
  18. But it never ever did it before the server update change, my reputation count and post count are still in K's too. Chrome working at the mo.
  19. And me on both can hardly use the forum, ever since the last big update. Chrome sometimes like now.
  20. Ah. Your getting to the bottom of it.
  21. I once had a customer put engine oil the brake fluid reservoir on a Rover 2000. It went ok for a bit and suddenly the brakes all ceazed on solid as all the seals swole up. Had to flush out with meths and renew all the caliper, master cylinder and servo seals
  22. Perhaps he put oil in the wrong hole, the coolant filler .
  23. And for better grip on worn nuts and bolts, not ring but hexagon spanners like the cycle dumbell spanners have
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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