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  1. I have had three of these highly expensive (£90) and overcomplicated bits of kit fail in the ten years or so I have owned the boat. Two types of failure; -the first was that the relay would not disengage, the glowplugs were permanently lit. I came to realise something was wrong when my 50amp alternator could not keep up with the 60amp draw of the plugs. -the second was when the relay would not engage and the plugs were then not heated for starting. Of the three failures two were type one. I am not sure why they fail, I did try remounting the relay away from the engine thinking vibration destroying the relay could be an issue but it made no difference. The 'glowplug light' on the instrument panel only indicates when the timer circuit has cut out and its time to crank. It does not indicate whether the plugs are lit or not. When its working it appears the relay cuts out shortly after the alternator starts producing power. I have to say I am not entirely sure I am correct about this last bit. I did a few years ago put in a warning light wired and fused directly to the glowplugs as a tell-tale to let me know if they are lit or not. The second failure was detected when this light came on whilst cruising along. It also detected the third failure when during start-up the light did not come on despite the timer light on the instrument panel being lit. Hope this helps. Regards Ditchdabbler
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. New relay installed, fused on both circuits, system works well and it appears the voltage drop when the glowplugs are lit is a little less than with the OEM stuff. Regards Ditchdabbler
  3. Do check that the canal is still its original width. IIRC a homeowner some time ago successfully argued that the ransom strip was at the bottom of the canal due to it being eroded away along with part of their land.
  4. The OEM glowplug timer/relay on my Lister LPWS3 has failed for the third time. It is a Ford part and costs £90 so have decided to replace it with a Durite 120amp relay on a manual switch. The OEM part is rated at 70amp so I am fairly confident the 120amp Durite will cope. Currently am installing the low tension side from battery to manual switch and would feel more comfortable with a fuse in the circuit. I think the power requirement for actuating the relay will be fairly low but I can find no info on what it actually is. My questions are; a) does anyone know the power draw? b) what size fuse should I install? My current thinking is perhaps 2amp. c) should I install a fuse from battery to the high tension side going to the glowplugs? (I think the plugs draw 20amp each and there are three of them so perhaps a 100amp fuse? Thanks in advance Ditchdabbler
  5. Good point, I had not but have now. These are the links; https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/lostpassword/ https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/settings/secure-account/ So it appears the email is from canalworld but does not explain the different email adrress issue. Regards Ditchdabbler
  6. Started a new post because the other one appears to have strayed off topic. Screenshot of email attached. Is this genuinely from canalworld.net? The 'To Me' email address is different to the one in my account settings. Should I be worried? Has canalworld been hacked? Any comments from the Admins? Regards Ditchdabbler
  7. Hi all I too occasionally receive a hacking attempt notification. It came from hello@canalworld.net. Is this a kosher address and email? Wierdly the notification was sent to a different address to the one I have set on my profile. Can the admins shed any light on what is happening? Regards Ditchdabbler
  8. Lots of room in this setup to insert a plummer block bearing on the shaft between gearbox output and stern gland. It takes out any side play and protects the shaft bearing in the case of mis-alignment often due to wear on engine mounts and even mount failure. Ask me how I know ?
  9. Ventilation and plenty of it. Prevention always better thab cure.
  10. Interesting thread. Perhaps it's a marmite boat. I do know that the owner Mike is set on selling it but it is breaking his wife Gloria's heart. She has my sympathy having been in a similar position. Regards Ditchdabbler
  11. Had exactly same problem on a Beta Marine domestic alternator. Turned out to be corrosion on the b+ terminal on alternator. Cleaned it up and all was well. Regards Ditchdabbler
  12. I requested a definitive answer from C&RT, below is their reply, Dear Chris, Thank you for your email. I am very sorry for the confusion. Here at customer services we were under the impression until recently that it was no longer a requirement to display a licence on your boat as the system is computerised. However, having looked into this further, there is still a clause in our updated terms and conditions which states that it is still a requirement that a licence is displayed. As it stands at the moment, customers are still required to display their licence discs on their boat despite what we were previously led to believe. Going forward, I'm not sure whether we will be going paperless with the licences although it is something which I'm sure you would agree would make things easier for everyone. For the time being, if customers are unable to print their discs we are able to send them out in the post for them as we had done previously. I hope this answers your question, but please let me know if I can assist further. Kind regards, Katy Ellis Customer Service Advisor Canal & River Trust E: customer.services@canalrivertrust.org.uk T: 0303 040 4040 The Canal & River Trust is a new charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. Get involved, join us - Visit Donate Volunteer at www.canalrivertrust.org.uk Follow the Canal & River Trusts Customer Service team on Twitter http://twitter.com/CRTContactUs
  13. Thought you might be interested in this reply to my tweet, could not find any info on website CRT Customer Service replied to your Tweet. Reply Ditchdabbler @Ditchdabbler Apr 30 @CRTContactUs Any truth in the rumour you are no longer issuing licence 'disks'? CRT Customer Service @CRTContactUs May 01 @Ditchdabbler Sort of! We're now emailing licences rather than posting them, however there is no longer a requirement to display the discs. Bumbles, topic posted twice but I have no idea why. Perhaps a mod could delete one....
  14. Thought you might be interested in this reply to my tweet, could not find any info on website CRT Customer Service replied to your Tweet. Reply Ditchdabbler @Ditchdabbler Apr 30 @CRTContactUs Any truth in the rumour you are no longer issuing licence 'disks'? CRT Customer Service @CRTContactUs May 01 @Ditchdabbler Sort of! We're now emailing licences rather than posting them, however there is no longer a requirement to display the discs.
  15. I would think it depends on the contract between marina and c&rt. A few years ago my boat club was queried by BW because way more boats declared the club as home mooring than our contract allowed. BW supplied us with a list of said boats and asked us to confirm which were correct so we got to see who had falsely declared. It was not up to us to tackle the offenders we just confirmed to BW and let them get on with it. We now update c&rt from time to time.
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