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  1. Thanks for the replies all, although I would like a mooring at some point in the future, it is not a priority at the moment & I would still like to purchase the house regardless. My main concern is that I am paying what I see as a premium (in the purchase price) to have the canal at the end of the garden, and I would like to make use of the land immediately adjacent to the canal (garden furniture, perhaps some decking etc). Therefore I would not want CART coming along & fencing off that portion of land, if I refused to pay them an amount of money of their choosing.
  2. Hi I am in the process of buying a house that backs onto the Leeds/Liverpool canal (Maghull area of Liverpool) and I am looking for info regarding the strip of land that the CART owns between the garden & the canal (I have checked the land registry & the garden boundary ends about 1m from the canal). I have read a lot of information regarding having to pay a mooring fee if I want to have a boat at the end of the garden, this seems clear, apart from the fact that I'm not sure if I would receive the 50% discount as I don't own the land up to the canal? However, I have also been given the impression (by the solicitor & current home owner) that I may be expected to pay a 'tenancy fee' (or end of garden agreement fee) to incorporate this strip of land into my garden, regardless of whether or not I have a boat. The current home owner has said that they stopped paying this fee around 8 years ago & there is very little mention of it on the internet (I have only managed to find one thread about it on this forum & that was from 2007 I think), so it makes me wonder if this is something that people are not aware of or paying?
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