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  1. Simon and Pu

    Simon and Pu

  2. I'm very interested now in getting the oil pressure sorted. All red lights are out. And no beaping. I will make a video and upload
  3. Hi guys will take more photos to show you that cap. Sorry for no reply was cruising. The beeping has stopped. I Wiped everything that was sprayed with oil. I spent a good 3 hours cleaning everything before adding in the engine oil. Lucky my wife baught a mega pack of 30 tee towls, came in handy. Yes the leak was right next to the alternator. Now when I run the engine. I have 13.5 volts on both Gages.
  4. Sorry. I ran it low for a while then gave it a quick burst. Then I seen where the oil was coming out
  5. Ok all sorted. Got the oil. Screwed the screw back in. Moped out all the oil in the well deck. Added the oil. Dipstick reading bang on. Fired up the engine and gave it top revs. Then noticed oil farting out of a hole. Stopped engine. Then just under a big screw hole was a cap that has come off by the alternater. Hell knows how that came off. All back on. Fired up. Runs like a dream. Thanks for everybodies help today. Lol he's right
  6. There was a warning sound beep just started as I turned off the engine. Bilge ge pump is switched off. I 100 percent will not pump oil into the canal
  7. ok I'm going to be away for awhile as I'm going right now to the boat yard for 15/40 thanks all for your help. I'll be back to update
  8. The engine is Isuzu 35 inc 120d2 i can't see an oil pressure gage
  9. Ok great I'll walk to the boat yard and get engine oil should I not start the engine until I have oil ? So this is gear box fluid where does this go as I can't see any where for it. I can't find a dipstick for the gear box
  10. Good morning. Last night I came home and my wife was running the engine, she told me there's a funny sound. It wasn't funny it was terrible. She didn't turn the engine off and kept running it ( big mistake I know). This morning I've lifted the boards to find a long pin had come out and oil from the engine is spiller out all over the place. I have put the screw back in tight. And checked the oil dip stick and its bone dri please see pics below 1) is this the correct fluid to put in where the oil engine cap is you can see in pic 2 the pin that was loose making the terrib
  11. Cat is found. 4 hours he was gone and I went out for one more look. And he was close to the dead deer. He's begging to go back out now. But he's on total lock down. Don't get the the Tile tracker as its not great with a 100 ft range
  12. What could have killed it do you think. this deer is very close to our boat. And no cat
  13. Our cat has gone missing for 3 hours now, he has a tracker. I've explored all the area the tracker last seen him. When I went on the search there is a dead animal on the tow path. What is this animal? The same animal but a smaller one was close by looking at the dead body. I fear what got this creature also got our cat
  14. Thanks everybody for your help. It's was blocked. And it's now working better then it's ever worked before. It's now like brand new
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