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  1. Do the moorings come with an electricity supply????
  2. I was on the waiting list for about 6 years before the system changed! Well I think it is wrong that BW moorings should go to the highest bidder, leading to an example earlier where one person is fortunate to pay 5,000 and then another who is lucky enought to be able to afford (or not) 9,000 in the same marina.
  3. Well obviously society has no duty to ensure people can have or use a boat, however society does have a duty when resources are few and far between to ensure they are fairly distributed. The canals are a national treasure, not the preserve of an elite and fortunate few. It seems a bit like moorings getting passed onto people who are mates and or have done favours. I understand if someeone has made a great contribution to the comunity they should get somewhere...
  4. Are you on the river lee? Ive never seen one advertised on the Lee, stort or Regent...
  5. The bidding system seems like an "f*%$ing " joke to me. Thats twice as much! Surely this system does not work for BW or their customers??? Why at least is the bidding system not more open like an ebay style??? I see these moorings a bit like council properties, they are in limited suply and they are part of our common wealth... These should not be auctioned off to the wealthiest bidder, BW aint Barrat homes or something. There is plenty of private marinas however if people want that kinda service. I think an allocation system based on points built up over the period you have be
  6. I seem to remember seeing some moorings at Blackwall east london on the BW auction thingy the other day.
  7. There is a new marina up in the Roydon area of the lee, or maybe it comes under the stort... Cat remember what it is called maybe roydon mill marina. I know they had space early this year coz I was up that way.
  8. Because there is a small group of boaters who want to keep the canals as an exclusive club and like to moan when they see more than 5 boats parked along the towpath in london becuase its suddenly 'so' over crowded. When in fact the canal is the only place in London that aint over crowded. I cant speak of any other places as I hate leaving the city and mixing with the country folk. (Watch out for me in a few years time when I get my boat and an jetting between Victoria park and Kensal Green waving and the moaning old brass polishers.) From what I understand, aint the whole boatin
  9. Well people complain when you carnt spell and then they complain when you try and correct it. Maybe get a job as a school teacher and then you can nit pick all day long and laugh at their spellig at the same time Blows a big kiss to Carlt There is a lot of forums about subjects other than canals out there. Its a very diverse community of diffrent communities you see. I dunno how I managed to post twice, sorry about that
  10. Any community is made up of different backgrounds, political affiliations, religious beliefs, ethical and moral standards and geographical locations... The gay commuity, the muslim community, the whatever commuity. The point is, is that they are a group of people with a common interest which unites them, rather than divides them. Maybe think more about unity and less about divisions and diffrence. If this isint an online community, what is it? A bunch a misriable old gits arguing the toss I suppose? Thank you
  11. thanx for that will check it out.
  12. Do people on here use ay other online canal forums??? Or know of other forums around this subject? Cheers
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