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  1. No of course it is the one directly behind the pump about 1 inch of room there I guess I will look to see if I can create more room by removing pipes etc if not it will have to come out , good news is now I know what it is I can get a manual and have a read cheers for replies , I'll let you know how it goes
  2. thanks for the advise so far , im not too worried about doing the cam belt as i have done many on Ducati motorcycles but diesels and diesel pumps are a bit foreign to me the idea of some how getting the plug in without removing the pump really appeals but i just dont think there is enough room , we have something called k seal at work so may give that a go as a temp repair , but it is quite a bad leak so i think it will need doing properly very soon . It keeps getting hot now as well so i really have to watch it . The engine has 84fm stamped on lots of the parts ive googled this hoping it may
  3. Once again i have a problem with the water system on my engine a core plug behind the diesel pump has started leaking , it looks like im going to have to remove the pump to get to it so i think a manual will have to be found , problem is i have to identify the engine its a ford that much i know so im guessing escort / transit , i think my plan is to go into a marina for two weeks and have a go at it, ill change the cam belt at the same time, at least i will have access to power and a shower whilst the engine is stripped down . Any one out there worked on ford diesels can tell me if ill need a
  4. The saga continues got up this morning and checked header tank , water down so topped up run engine up to temperature and water boiling hot , didn't have time before work to look at anything else but will run again tonight and see what I have then , I'm now thinking air lock
  5. I wonder if anyone can help me with this ? I have had a few leak issues on my engine all fairly minor which i seem to have cured , then two days ago the engine temp went high , i stopped took off the header tank cap had a bit of steam come out lots of gurgling then once it settled i topped it up restarted and all seamed well , then today i got home from work run engine for an hour and the water was still cold. Engine temp was normal one hose to califorier (spelling) was hot other was warm then i checked hoses to cooling tank top hot bottom stone cold . took the cap off the heat exchanger a
  6. have a look at this http://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/cello-22-led-tv-with-built-in-dvd-player-275770
  7. The studs are fixed into the rear part , almost like hub studs pressed in from the rear, nuts are nylock but I will clean everything and replace if necessary , I think what has happened is that the flange has come loose a little and the previous owner has just kept pumping grease in, the packing is then not held in place and has broken up or disintegrated where the shaft has been turning . Hopefully there is still enough packing to hold the water out whilst I add the new , and hopefully this may be the end to my bilge water , there was a lot in there last night checked tonight and still dry bu
  8. Cheers Bizzard looks like I needs to get the flange out to find which size rope/packing I need , at least ill find out how much water is going to come in
  9. Thanks all ,l am happy to have a go at it now I know it can be done in the water , Where is the best place to buy the packing ? Is it something a marina would stock ? Next to find shallow part of canal and switch on all bilge pumps lol.
  10. Hi all , I have been having issues with water in the bilge , first I found a engine hose leaking, stopped the leak sorted I thought , umm no . Then I found the elbow on the shower drain was broken , sorted I thought, umm no . Then someone says that I should check the stern gland , sure enough it was dripping they said undo the two nuts screw in the gland and retighten the nuts . All good except when I touched the nuts they were loose and the gland was moving up the shaft, it does not screw in , it is like a top hat shape and was making its way down the prop shaft as the bolts were undoing . I
  11. Ray Burgess top bloke very helpful listed on the bsc site or pm me and I'll dig up his number
  12. There is a large ball just after the pump which I assume is the accumulator , temp seems to make little difference, taps same as shower , start fast then slow after short time .
  13. Yesterday we filled with water all was ok before, after filling I went for a shower . Water came out fast for a few seconds then pressure dropped . Turned water off pump ran a little longer than normal , turned water on again good pressure for a few seconds and then dropped off again , this morning seems a little better but still low pressure after a few seconds , any ideas, pump ? Blockage?
  14. what I have is the HP 3000 6.5hp engine runs lovely but very loud it is the frame type , am now wondering if I could put a better exhaust on it , maybe one off my c90 lol
  15. I have a very loud honda generator it pumps out about 2kva I think , a friend of mine has a small 2 stroke one that is very quiet and has offered me some cash and his as a swap , is it worth it , I only really use it for charging bits and very rarely at that , mainly because I think that its so noisey . I was thinking if I had the quiet and more economical one I could possible use my Tv and a few other things that I don't use because my inverter eats the batteries . The small one is around 700 watts i think but I may have that wrong .
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