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  1. Is there or should there be a "Loading Gauge" within which all canal boats should be build to ensure they fit through all bridges and tunnels? As someone said, that profile will cause damage to the infrastructure.
  2. Definately an engineer with that spelling and grammar. I always like "Engineer's English", as it conveys facts without all the niceities of the english language.🙂
  3. Used to visit Dubai for work. One of my colleagues missed his footing whilst boarding an abra and was completely submerged in the creek. The water was not nice and smelled a lot. He went into one of the clothes shops in the souk and said "As you can see, I need everything". After that event he was known as "Splash".
  4. Short blast is "turning right", long blast is "I am here", I think.
  5. TB. I didn't know that rule applied in tunnels. If I do that will all the other boats do the same? And will the sound be sifficiently directional to work out if a boat is coming towards you or going away. I always do a long blast when entering a tunnel.
  6. How do you see the boat in front when the tunnel is full of fog as I found a few years ago going through Blisworth tunnel on a hot and humid day? I think the vis was a lot less than 50 yards. My tunnel light just gave a bright glare. I go carefully and keep a bright torch to hand to wave or flash at a boat coming along behind if they get too close. You can always shout,( I have a loud voice).
  7. I think it may be 1868 or 1870, as that is when the tunnels were opened out. I think that photography was only just starting in 1838.
  8. A friend had a border collie die after being bitten on the nose by an adder in the New Forest.
  9. Done that in my bungalow. Raised the tank about 3 ft as the shower was not very good. It's better now but not as good as the one on my boat. I may have to fit a pump, but that involves a new hot water cylinder. Dixi.
  10. In fairness, on the Thames the gaps could have been due to shorter plastic boats moving off and leaving a 30 to 40 ft. space. I would have asked if there was anyone around. I've also had issues with people not wanting to share rings. Had this at Braunston last year when I was adjusting someones rope to get mine on the ring. Dixi.
  11. On the subject of moving boats, some years ago I was on the Thames with some friends on a hire boat and at Marlow there was a line of boats with half length gaps between and no one around, so we moved one boat along so there was space for us to moor. No comments in the morning as we left early. What do people think about us doing that? Dixi.
  12. I got told off recently somewhere on the T&M for starting my engine around 7am to set off. The complainant said it was not allowed to run an engine before 8am for any reason.
  13. The clause i like on my policy is that I am not insured for water skiing.🙂
  14. Came through there a few years ago and a full length boat had got wedged between the water point mooring and the boat that seems to be always moored in the winding hole. I took about half an hour to remove the stern fender and pull it round with ropes. The wind wasn't helping. My boat is only 57ft so no problems for me.
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