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  1. Leeds & Liverpool is open for navigation from early July. Update on 17/06/2020: Please be advised the Locks along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal will re-open on Monday, 6 July. More information, including operating details, will be provided Friday, 19 June.
  2. Midge repellent and sun cream. Leeds and Liverpool is low on water supply from reservoirs and currently closed locks between Wigan and Bingley, apart from a short window for people needing to move. They say they are preserving water for peak cruising time in July and August but worth keeping an eye on the updates.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I was given it as a present and enjoyed it. Its a mix of history of canals and canal people and current use. The writer isn’t 100% focused totally on narrowboat use of canals but it’s interesting.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Putting the guidelines into practice requires good local leadership and training and staff committed to following it to the letter. The way staff have been treated according to some reports does not bode well, acknowledging Biscuits comments on how this has been reported might not be the whole story. The fact they generally struggle to keep tables anywhere near clean at the best of times is a major worry. Guideline are fine but it’s also a whole new approach to rigorous and consistent adherence to them that’s needed, from every single member of staff.
  7. Still closed. Another update next Friday.
  8. The photo I posted was just selected as a copy, using the share setting in the gallery on my phone, and posted straight into the reply.
  9. Sorry, I got the wrong end of your stick. If your photo is in your phone gallery you would have share options. You can usually just choose the copy option and paste into a reply here or an email etc.
  10. If you are at all in any doubt, listen to Tony and ignore me!
  11. As a very newbie to electrics, so big caveat here, is the alternator excited? I am 😀
  12. Smarty use the Three network and currently do unlimited everything for £20 per month. It is a monthly renewal and allows tethering.
  13. Ours needs fixing down for BSS but also, in my mind, more importantly for when the next idiot uses our boat to come to a stop rather than slowing down. Its on my priority list and working out a plan for the best (easiest) way to do it. It would have been easier to do when it was installed but that was before we bought it.
  14. As it is, we will never know now.
  15. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-45064268
  16. From what I’ve seen most UK providers are saying they will keep things in place with no additional charges regardless of the deal situation. But as the OP will have a Dutch provider it’s worth checking they follow suit. Alternatively, just get a sim over here for use over here. You can get lots on a monthly basis.
  17. It might be worth checking that the roaming data fair usage limit for the new provider meets your requirements. Over here, providers have set this at different levels. Assuming your data plan exceeds the fair use limit, when in the EU areas covered, UK Three customers have a limit of up to 20GB, For EE it is up to 45GB.
  18. Lots of scarf wearing numpties in Morrisons yesterday who didn’t seem to be aware of much, certainly not the concept of social distancing of what 2m looks like. All stood right next to each other in the aisles like it was 6 months ago. But it’s ok, most of them had their masks on so they’ll be fine.
  19. Wigan flight is currently closed due to water resources. They say the will issue an update next Friday.
  20. Rather than a bowl of disinfected water, a bowl and soap would be great. It doesn’t have to be anything antibacterial or antiviral. Soap breaks down the lipids surrounding the virus and that’s the virus gone. Probably the best virus killer.
  21. Which makes you think any extended cruising (after navigation reopens), without a very good plan, could be problematic. Where might you be if things are suddenly locked down again?
  22. Struggling to believe what I saw at the shop a short while ago. I was waiting at a distance to get to what I wanted and lots of people were just going in right next to each other to get things. Then one guy recognises another bloke and they promptly go right up to each other and shake hands. How are you doing says one, the other replied I’m good, I’m just round here at the moment helping out as a doctor with this Coronavirus thing. Speechless!
  23. Unless you are an expert in taking them off you would still need to wash your hands anyway.
  24. CRT are dating they interpret this as you can visit your boat, so yes you can visit l, as long as you follow the rest of the instructions.
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