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  1. I'm not an expert at all but on a number of threads 12.7v is shown as what you might expect for fully charged batteries at rest. Am I missing something? I just noticed it was 12.17v not 12.7v.
  2. Rechargeable light recommendation https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/camping-lamp-bl200-rechargeable-200-lumens/_/R-p-324939 It's only a lantern but reasonably decent output and is recharged by usb.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Bermuda Triangle near Aintree?
  5. Could try https://www.faithinnature.co.uk/ Made in Radcliffe (lancs) available in some supermarkets as well as online. Been going for years and very good products. My partner's go to shampoo and conditioner.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Your original post asked what do you do? People told you what they do in real life situations and you've been very dismissive/ confrontational. I'm not sure what you are expecting people to come up with as your right answer.
  8. I didn't fit my bulge pump but it is connected to be switched on manually via the isolator but the automatic circuit is direct to the batteries.
  9. Johnson's Hillock locks are closed to replace a damaged cill. Not sure if this is recently discovered damage or "planned" maintenance. I'm guessing not planned given it is happening n August. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/20402-lock-63-johnsons-hillock-leeds-and-liverpool-canal
  10. I originally ordered cool white from bedazzled because I prefer "daylight" tones. They were very bright for the wattage but too intense for me. Replaced with warm white which are perfect. Very happy with the bulbs and a good energy saving over the old bulbs. The old bulbs weren't halogen just older generation led.
  11. Not related to this specific episode but half of the contestants generally dont seem to have a clue about any landmark, town, city, river etc. anywhere north of Birmingham at best.
  12. It might be helpful to have a look at this re. timings and what is involved
  13. The caveat is that October might not be the best time for blacking given the temperature. It might be worth sounding some opinions from members here on whether that's a good idea. I've only had it done in summer.
  14. If your surveyor said it's in good condition a couple of months to sort the anodes and blacking shouldn't be a problem but there will be additional costs pulling the boat out of the water again to do it. Epoxy is an option that would cost more but last longer.
  15. This thread might be of interest
  16. What difference would that make to the questions I've asked? I know this is a hot topic but it's not as simple as saying ban composting toilets through bss and that's the problem sorted.
  17. I just think that if compost toilets are banned a lot of the stuff from cassettes ain't going to end up in a Elsan for various reasons. Take you pick where it ends up.
  18. Should perhaps, but does it currently happen, or is jt realistic to expect it in the future? I'm not in that area so I'm only basing my comments on observations from people who have experience of the situation.
  19. But we keep hearing about certain boats in certain places that never move and also how they are probably more likely to have adopted compost toilets. Just because people used to travel to empty the loo in the past doesn't mean they will now, especially if they might lose their mooring. Bottled water is cheap, so why move all the time.
  20. If compost toilets are banned what are some people likely to do, if they have to install a cassette or reuse state pump out. If not in a marina with facilities, or not moving from their constant mooring ( that's quite a few people) and therefore not passing elsan or pump out points, what are people in those situations likely to do? If it doesn't go in a bin, where does it end up? Sorry for more questions than answers.
  21. Fair enough. I get what you say about the window area. He might come up with an ingenious solution. Wouldn't having a stove be better than not having one, given the air being drawn out? Might not be a perfect situation but better than a heating system that doesn't recirculate the air'?
  22. I think he has done well so far and could adapt to future problems. I guess most boats don't have double glazing but might have better insulation. He seems pretty handy and committed, so if it's a long term living situation, I could see him getting that sorted.
  23. I was pretty impressed with his attitude and hands on stuff. No showboating, just getting on with it. And he is setting up a company at the same time that will employ people. Not bad for a 21 year old! He didn't just do the cosmetics but also worked on sorting the engine and electrics. He also had waders to jump in the cut to clear the prop.
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