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  1. I find this thread very interesting...our last NB suffered from minor galvanic corrosion at 3 years old despite only rarely ever being hooked up to mains, having anodes, galvanic isolator & being blacked annually, however, it was kept in a marina & I was advised the corrosion had probably been caused by either being moored near a poorly earthed boat or steel pontoon stanchion. We are considering a new build on a Colecraft or Tyler Wilson shell & as & when we take the plunge I intend to go for maximum protection against such corrosion, however, as with all things on the cut everyone has a different view as to the best protection!
  2. Our 48' NB Insurance cost us £145 & when we sold our last boat we sold it for more than we'd paid for it, so no depreciation & the profit was more than loss of interest. And we had lots of priceless great times cruising the cut! As a good retired GP friend of mine says, we haven't managed to cure the death bit yet so try & enjoy it between the two poles (birth & death)...money is just something that helps you enjoy life so don't worry too much about how much enjoyment costs!
  3. Thanks JonathanA...I agree the square counter looks spacious but wouldn't be too happy with it on tight canals such as the Stratford, but your personal experience of their boats is good to hear.
  4. All very interesting but bugger all to do with the original post!!!
  5. This is like pulling teeth... I was merely enquiring as to wether or not any Forum members had experience of Pendle Boat builders/fitters as Mrs Shockabilly and I are the very early stages of considering a new fit out & they are on our fag packet list. The people at Pendle seems to be very genuine & the boats look splendid but as with all things personal experiences & recommendations are worth their weight in gold...or in the case BS Steel. Finally, they fit out on your choice of shell & according to Shaun the owner have used a variety of shells torched by a selection of builders including Tyler Wilson, Collingwood, XR&D etc etc. STOP
  6. Thanks Lugsy...at long last a reply of merit!!!
  7. Thanks Ditchcrawler & Nightwatch...it's nice to be heard!!! Some bugger must know something about Pendle, they've built plenty of both narrow & wide beams. Waiting in the wings...so to speak
  8. Dear Forum members...am considering a new build 50' NB (on probably a Colecraft shell), however, I was wondering whether any forum members had personal experience of Pendle NB's, the boats seem well put together & the builders seem to be exceptionally nice people. http://pendle-narrowboats.com So if anyone has any personal experiences of the company I really would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in anticipation
  9. Hi Philip...no, various reasons but have decided to go for another 50'er
  10. 10 x texts sent...eventually found the right number! Thanks to all...
  11. Thanks Peter...where exactly is the private mooring? I'll do a bit of googling! In the meantime I'm going to send 10 x texts which should cover all the bases!!!
  12. Well I tried but on closer inspection realised that the mobile number is one digit short...I think its obscured by the widow frame! Perhaps thats why its been up for sale for so long!!! I did try a few combinations but no joy. Does anyone know if its in a boat yard I could contact? Thanks in anticipation.
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