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  1. I’m sure Tony has already got one!
  2. And if the oil doesn’t show on the dipstick, get a longer one 😂.
  3. What do you think Sting will do about it?😂 Send him a message in a bottle.
  4. One thing I’ve seen less of on narrow boats since I started boating 20 years ago is wind turbines. At the time I seem to recall that solar was quite rare. Just a thought, when solar output drops in the winter months, can a wind turbine provide enough power to keep batteries topped up if you have no access to a landline.? One upside of wind is that it can be harnessed at night too.
  5. We are currently based at the ABC base at Wrenbury. They have 18 boats there, and when we were out the other week, all the boats were in use. With the current staycation situation, I reckon it's just as busy on the canals, even outside of school holidays.
  6. We were based at Gayton with Honeystreet a few years ago. From memory, we had no issues with base or maintenance/turn rounds.
  7. davem399

    Test post

    Some people are clearing the cache, some the catch, anybody clearing out the cratch?
  8. We used mobiles at the narrows last month and signal was no problem on EE.
  9. I did the trip through to the basin at Llangollen 3 weeks ago and we draw around 2'6". A bit of a slog on the bit between Trevor and Llangollen and we did run aground a couple of times near the edge on the return trip. At 24", I think you will be OK.
  10. Yes it was nice to get back to peace and quiet.
  11. I got back home from a trip on the Llangollen on Sunday. We arrived at the basin on the Friday evening of the late May bank holiday weekend and there was plenty of space. I counted just 10 boats, only one of which was a hire boat. I think the basin has room for about 30 boats. The main issue was the town itself, extremely busy.
  12. I worked on deep sea going oil tankers years ago. I once told a girl I worked in oil and steel, to which she replied, “are you some kind of sardine?”.
  13. Our shared ownership boat is called Honeystreet, and until we had a couple of years on the K and A back in about 2016, she had never been near to Honeystreet. I spent the first dozen or so years explaining to all and sundry that we weren’t from Honeystreet, and neither was the boat.
  14. I sailed with a submariner when I was in the Merchant Navy. A good lad but a bit out of it at times.
  15. Shift workers. When I was at sea, I used to enjoy a couple of beers after the morning 4-8 watch.
  16. I noticed recently on the Narrowboat and Canal Lovers Group Facebook page that Tanmim was asking for advice on moving a boat from Whilton to London. I presume that she has bought this boat?
  17. This looks like a different one to the Stourport one.
  18. Indeed, I wouldn’t trust our solicitor to do an engine service!?
  19. Yes that’s what we did last year. Several of the group lost weeks in the spring and early summer and we had a reallocation where others gave up weeks to those that lost out. We had a week in September given up by one of the syndicate, having missed a fortnight in May. A few weeks have been lost this year, so we may yet have another divvy up.
  20. We lost a week and a half last year, but if it all goes to plan, we may get all of this years allocation. Two weeks coming up at the end of May/beginning of June and a week in October.
  21. Quite a few years back, our dog hopped of the stern at the narrows by Rose Narrowboats on the Oxford and went exploring the workshops. It was only when one of the guys in the workshop called out that we realised we were dogless.
  22. Daily Star readers with a “mind” and capable of thought? Nah, not buying into that one.
  23. The question nobody has dared to asked yet - pump out or cassette?
  24. I read on another site that the ship blacked out before getting wedged across the canal.
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