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  1. That’s busy for that stretch, especially if all 8 are going to Keadby for the next days tide on the Trent.
  2. Maybe it’s so busy as it’s the only route out of South Yorkshire at the minute with the closure to Goole, the stoppage at Selby and the closure/replace of lock gates at Ferrybridge. As I said it’s the only route open at present.
  3. I suspect it is a cheap Chinese one, if the Fangpusun counterfeit Victron mppt is anything to go by, I would fit a new one if it was my boat. https://diysolarforum.com/threads/fangpusun-makes-counterfeit-victron-outback-others.9931/
  4. You could also look at “do you need an Inverter” as most only use them for fridge and TV, both have their 12v alternatives, maybe a 12v cool box would suit as I have mentioned and spend some money on batteries and improved Solar charging. No matter which route you go, your going to have to spend some money. I would not use that inverter if you feel you need one, I would look to get a good quality Victron with enough power for your requirements, I doubt you’ll need to go too high, just work out your power usage and buy what suits, also batteries, make sure you have enough and the means to charge then efficiently, be it solar or alternator.
  5. You can get them a lot cheaper then that depending on model and different makes are available, also EBay used. My point is if she is only going to use the boat short stay/weekends does she need a full size fridge wired in permanently? If she had a Dometic type cool box she could just take that when needed and also use it in other ways ie: in the car for picnics out or dedicated drinks cooler in the garage/house.
  6. A very little used thing the “Search” engine, would cut New Posts by half(if not more) if ever used as it should, anyway back on topic before I get moaned at for not encouraging New Boaters and repeat questions😂 You say leisure use only, how long is that? Why don’t you just buy something like a Dometic CFX 12v cool box/fridge that plugs into a 12v cigarette lighter type plug. You could use the old fridge 12v wiring to site the plug(get a double and have a phone charger also) That way you just take it with you on your trips, but can also take it with you if you want cold stuff on car trips/picnics for the day and maybe utilise the space where the fridge was for better storage space being only 26ft. Do you need a full size fridge?
  7. Sounds like they’re spoiled down South. They talk in minutes, we talk in weeks and they’re not exactly damage repair stoppages. They drained a pound and refilled it, just think about it, not hard to do👍
  8. Not exactly a damaged lock gate to replace or removal and repair of a swing bridge is it? Stage 1: Close a paddle, open a paddle, pound drained, Survey team in filming. Stage2: Survey team out, close a paddle, open a paddle, pound refilled. Do you think that’s difficult?😂
  9. Oh well done, not difficult to drain a pound and fill it, is it?
  10. Mine is like this one, but instead of the isolation valve at 6 0’clock it is a compression fitting into the copper gas pipe.
  11. Just looked at mine which is a double change over with a flexible lead to each cylinder, there is a compression joint fitting at the 6 0’clock position where it goes into the copper pipe work that goes into the boat, there is an olive required for this compression joint. The new change over might not come with a compression joint as these are normally bought to suit the copper pipe work diameter it’s attached to, so you may just have the female screw thread into the regulator.
  12. Thant’s a flash Pram cover on the boat in front, I’m not a big fan of Semi-Trads with pram covers though👍
  13. I believe there was talk of a separate Continuous Cruising Licence that would be more then the standard leisure licence, pretty sure it was discussed on here a few month ago. Yes it was in CaRT’s Licence T&C’s, maybe with the composting problem they may increase the license to cover, you say a riot, they did the same with a % increase for widebeams and there was no riot.
  14. Selby still closed, now expected to be open next Friday the 6th Aug. So still no routes out the area.
  15. I mean the type that can’t handle the smell of their own solid waste or go all faint at the sight of it, I don’t understand it as it’s theirs and nobody else’s. What did they expect when they bought a boat, that their s£&t smells of roses and flushes straight into the canal never to be seen again? Modern Cassettes don’t leak and slop all over, the new Thetford wheeled version is very good at sealing and is easy to handle. The secret is to have at least two cassettes and empty them when you can and don’t let them fill right up. As I said the composting toilet is an easy solution to not see, handle or smell their own waste and with more bins there’s more opportunities to dump it, most compost toilet users have no interest in composting their waste as it should be done.
  16. Looking at their Vlog on the first time they emptied their cassette toilet sums up a lot of the type of Newbies your getting on boats, they can’t handle emptying a cassette type toilet and find it easier to deal with a bag of sawdust and solids mix, that they can just seal it, put into another bag and into a bin. They have no interest in composting and the time involved, they just can’t handle seeing and smelling their own crap.
  17. From what I’ve seen with livaboard couples with composting toilets they empty the solids weekly and don’t give it time to breakdown/compost. I don’t know if this is to do with the size/volume of the chamber being too small and also not having or wanting the facility to hold the compost onboard. They do say they use a lot of sawdust/coya and at least double bag it, but unfortunately it still gets binned.
  18. The Huds are 2007 & 2009, so a bit older, as you say more fit out material though, but also more congested. Do the modern younger buyers want all that wood and dated worktops or want the more modern Ikea look? being more minimalist/spacious and do they appreciate the woodwork or just look to paint over it? As the OP likes the painted look he can save time with not painting the interior of the original boat. As to the pricing, the market at the minute seams crazy with high price’s and new builds will only be going up with the price of steel and materials rising weekly and shortages in the supply chain.
  19. I’ll do what the majority of Narrowboat owners do and not worry about it and keep cruising the “Dirty Ditches”
  20. I would say the OP boat would be better to develop and put your own mark on then these two, with an exterior paint scheme and internal paint/decorate to your choice, if I had to choose.
  21. Actually it was your reply to “Bargebuilder”
  22. “If you look back to see who rased the RCD question, you'll see it WASN'T me - I simply replied to aquestion and it could have been left at that ” to quote Alan de Enfield Looking back it looks like you were the first to bring the RCD/RCR topic up in this Post as the question you replied to had nothing to do with the RCD or mentioned the RCD and your reply was the first time the RCD was mentioned and the start of the RCD debate and your “cut’n’paste” of regulations.
  23. Alan if your so bothered about the RCD/RCR and why Narrowboat owners fail to understand the importance of it and the legal implications, please start a new Topic on it and you can “cut’n’paste” to your heart’s content with regulations and stuff. But all your doing here is taking the Post away from the subject. So start a Topic if you think people will be bothered and see what the general consensus is with the “muddy ditch” users👍
  24. I don’t tell people to ignore them, especially on a new build, what I say is the majority of people aren’t that bothered about the RCD on the Canals. You obviously are but your off shore so probably more regarded as important to you and when boats could be sold internationally. The majority of boats on the canal system would not comply with current RCR regulations or have PCA’s done when modified. When people buy and sell a Narrowboat all they’re concerned about is the Survey report and BSS and it’s that simple, unless brand new obviously. You might not agree with it but that’s how it is. I’ve tried various word searches for these Brokers but the majority of results are your post’s going on about it and RCD/RCR’s legal requirements on a boat, your obviously the most concerned person about RCD/RCR requirement on the Forum. Let’s not take the OP off track and help the poster with his original question on opinions of the boat. I’m sure with him having a boat he will know what paperwork it will need.
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