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  1. Best thing, as CaRT are bringing Naburn the work boat, Swinton Charity are bringing their boat and Strawberry Island say they're bringing ten boats(most drop out due to age on the way) So may be busy. CaRT only started putting posters up today, so may be hit or miss???
  2. I delivered a boat to York in December and had to wait 5 days at Selby as they wouldn't let me out till about 10 am due to the dark mornings, so please check your timings in advance with Selby lock keeper for the time of year.
  3. Yes you have moorings booked on the visitors A point to other boats that plan to visit, the moorings are booking up fast even with local boats, so please be aware that if you see an empty mooring it may not be available, as many of you know the moorings are limited, so you may be asked to double moor for the day.
  4. You have moorings booked on the visitor moorings, you should of received confirmation by email. A point to other boats that plan to visit, the moorings are booking up fast even with local boats, so please be aware that if you see an empty mooring it may not be available, as many of you know the moorings are limited, so you may be asked to double moor for the day.
  5. These can be hit or miss with availability, I have stayed on these with no issues with a nice walk in the gardens and easy access to the city. I have also stayed on the the opposite bank when these have been full and once again no problems even with more pedestrians walking by they were still quiet with no trouble. Both times I was told to avoid staying in the city centre by boats that I met on the way and both times I had a safe stay.
  6. No, just have my boat that way and know the Marina Manager.
  7. I've just talked to the office and booked you in 3x boats, as I said it's only on the visitor moorings, they asked if you can resend your email with your details and dates and they will confirm, as they have just upgraded their server and some emails have been deleted off the system.
  8. I doubt there will be much space if any to moor beyond the swing bridge, as all the available moorings are already pre-booked, the basin has filed up considerably since last year with permanent berth holders. The last 2 years the swing bridge has been closed for the day with the Charity boat Ethel turning before and running regular trips up the canal with the loss of a couple of visitor moorings. The only moorings that may be available are where Peter says, the regular visitor moorings where you can double moor narrowboats but not treble moor due to the width and the trip boat that usually does a trip being 15ft beam. As of yet there is little info on what's planned for the day, as the day is being run by CaRT and not CV Marine. A point from last year was that CaRT had to close the Tinsley flight the day before due to the River Don being in flood so visiting boats could not get up for the weekend.
  9. You said you identified your 50 from the air filter size, this is not the case as they are the same on each engine, as you now say the way you can identify them is by larger exhaust manifold used on the 50 and not the smaller engines. The Yanmar plate is the same on every engine that's why Barrus put their own plate on once they tune them up.
  10. You may have a 40, as the air filter, fuel and oil were all the same on the 40,45 and 50hp.
  11. Yes but if like the newer Barrus Shire engines, they all have the same base engine the 40,45 & 50. Barrus just tuned them up and put the relevant model & horsepower on their own brass identification plate, if the plate is missing it can sometimes be confusing to identify the actual modified engine.
  12. My friend may have the same engine as his is a 45hp, looking at his manual it says the engine identification number can be found engraved on the brass plate on the engine crankcase adjacent to the starter motor, so it look like there may be two brass plates on the 2002 engines. The one shown below and one by the starter.
  13. Please do as it’s good to see old views of the S&SY as most of the old Wharfs are now gone, replaced by new housing, further up the canal towards Waddingtons there using every piece of canal side for new homes, changing the scenery weekly.
  14. Yes, that’s the place houses still there but totally overgrown. The gap between the houses clearly visible on both photos.
  15. Yes was thinking of that too just before the bridge, had to be before the Pastures Pub/Hotel on the edge of town, will pass in a couple of hours and look at it in a different light now and how it used to be. Thanks
  16. A link to an interesting old film of the S&SY http://www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/rotherham-seaport-town
  17. I’ll pass by tomorrow, so will take photos to try to identify, It’s that building far distance left side with what looks like a square on top, maybe on Google earth??
  18. Thinking Kilnhurst Wharf Road, the building left hand side far distance looks like the one still there next to the canal with “Jap-un-ease Spares” painted on the front.
  19. Yes they can have knowledge of both but they mainly stick to offshore or big rivers, totally different from going up and down the Leeds Liverpool canal on a narrowboat. The OP is interested in advice that is relevant to the canals from people who have a similar boat and who live on it, their advice, top tips and any help that is relevant, I’m sure he does not want to be reading about rules and regs at this stage and I’m sure he knows about licensing a boat as he says he’s in a Marina, so they will help on that side I’m sure. Sorry for making the Thread go off topic a bit, If you want to know about the rules and regulations read Rules of the Road or “ColRegs” if you want to learn about boating the canals just chat to people in the Marina, take the boat out with an experienced common sense approach boater and take your time. Enjoy and remember we’ve all been there and only the idiots will shout and get irate at a new boater as we’ve all made mistakes and still do.
  20. You have obviously just Google’d that, as I said earlier there are boaters and there are boaters. We all know the RYA’s Helmsman course is just a way for them to make money and the majority of Narrowboaters have not done one, so don’t make out it’s a big thing to know all these often irrelevant regulations before getting a narrowboat or widebeam. Obviously the offshore boaters are more impressed by regulations then the canal users, then again totally different boating conditions.
  21. The OP will learn what he needs to on his Helmsman course and the rest through experience and meeting fellow boaters, far more so then reading Maritime Regulations.
  22. He will also learn that there are boaters and there are boaters, those that live and work on the canals and get on with it and those that are on here most of the time and can quote every rule and regulation, complain if it does not go their way and have little common sense in the real world.
  23. I wouldn’t, you obviously come from a sailing back ground, your average person on the canal knows very little about these Regs and manage safely and without causing danger.
  24. I would say most people on this Forum don’t know what these are never mind read them and have boated safely for years not knowing about them, so obviously not the bee all and end all of boating the system.
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