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  1. Yes back in October, their Vlogs are about 4 month behind their actual current travel time/location, they are not in the area now as LadyG might of thought and no one will be passing through the Figure of Three locks for at least 12 to 18 month after last week's flooding, no boats will be getting to Huddersfield from that direction.
  2. The newest episodes on YouTube are months old well before Christmas from October time ish
  3. I doubt it, as most people on here are also on there, maybe different names but same questions, same answers.
  4. Just heard through the grapevine that it could be closed for up to 18 month, bigger problem then first thought, CaRT meeting this week to discuss options and solutions.
  5. Yes an easy solution for a integral tank, I think that most newer boats these days just fit a stainless or poly plastic tank secured to the wooden floor. As the OP is still at the planning stage she can choose a boat with either option to suit her budget and ease of fitting a plastic if required.
  6. I was talking generally about people these days, most want to find the answers on the net, which often leads to reality being completely different, I'm sure many people have found this to be true when they actually do buy a narrowboat to live on or just to enjoy at leisure.
  7. It's far easier these days to just go on these forums and ask and not get hands on and often still be non the wiser after reading the replies. Then spend time doing research, getting out meeting boaters and getting a better understanding of how things work on the ground.
  8. Since she is just planning and has not bought or has a boat yet, here's a quick and simple answer to her questions: Buy a boat that has not got a pump out toilet but with a cassette type, replace the cassette with your compositing toilet, simple as that. Don't buy a boat with an integral built in water tank but one with a fabricated one, if you can get one with a poly plastic tank job done, if not make sure you can at least access it and get it professionally removed. This may involve removing wood paneling and the cutting of the tank, then replace with a poly plastic tank, making sure it will fit through your doors. It's not difficult to plan to buy a boat, she seems to have a thing about sewer/black water tanks on boats just BUY one without simple. With the metal thing, yes how are you not going to come into contact with water that has passed through metal on a 200 year old canal system? Would love to know her thoughts ideas on that one. It's maybe too easy to go straight on the New to Boating section instead of doing research and going down the canal and asking boat users, I'm sure there will be more then a few on the London canals only too willing to give advice of real world London boating, many of which will be on the London Boaters Facebook site. I found a video on YouTube within a minute of how to remove a pump out tank, if she watches the video she will see the uploader has also put them on about choosing and fitting a composting toilet. Not hard to find if you can be bothered to look.
  9. I know but what can you say, I just look at the thread and think "Typical London Newbie Question" planning on living on a boat so stand back for a flood of Posts can I, If I, will I, could I, or they want to reinvent the wheel questions that have been asked on here a hundred times before, then in the end they never buy a boat and disappear. Sorry to all you experienced Newbies for being cynical, but we all know it's the truth
  10. Moved a 31 ton 60ftx12ft from Worcestershire to Sheffield last year by road, 2x 100t Crane lifts and road transport a total of over 5K Inc VAT. I know you say bring it to Rotherham, have you moorings? as not many, if any around your area for that size, Just struggled to find some for a 57ft x 11ft and the costs were a bit of a shock to the new owners. Your best bet, if you have not looked into moorings yet and cheapest are right where you are Tulleys Boat Yard. Peter hopefully will be along soon to advise with the area that way, also Eastwood both CaRT and Waddingtons side can fit a 12ft beam. They say Rotherham is "Up North" but nearer really to East Midlands then Northern England.
  11. Here's a YouTube Vid about removing a black water pump out tank for the OP. Considering she's planning on buying a narrow boat and hasn't got one yet, why does she just plan on buying a boat without a pump out tank and just plan on buying one with a cassette type? No brainer really.
  12. It's the "I cannot use metal tanks or pipes because of personal reasons" that would be the problem not where she gets the water for flowers, as you say use tap water, straight away most taps are metal and water points use metal, unless she's going to pop down to Tesco's and buy 300 litre bottles of Virgin Spring water every time her plastic tank needs filling, there's no way she is going to avoid metal pipes. Maybe she needs to rethink about living on a boat with the metal tank/pipe issue's.
  13. Also the use metal taps and metal pipes on water points, also hot water via a copper Calorifier for showering and water supplied to most CaRT facilities. I doubt there is anywhere where water does not pass through metal on the canal systems and for users of Narrowboats. Maybe time to re think about living on a boat if you can't use water that passes through metal for consumption and washing.
  14. Living on the canals will not just be about the children especially being a couple. I don't know where your going to find the answers your after or certainly an honest answer. Most active posters on here either live or have a narrow boat, so they are all for the life on the canals and will tell you it's the best life and they all enjoy it. To get a true reflection you also need to speak to the couple's who have tried it, didn't like it and moved off. These people are probably not active on here anymore and want nothing to remind them of the mistake they made, so on here you will get a bias answer to the question unless couples are truly honest. Also you will get advice from Single people living on a boat, their life on a boat is a complete different scenario to that of a couple, remember that.
  15. It sounds like it's more your dream then your wife's. It will not work if both of you are not 100% for it. I've seen this before and the relationship broke down after a year, one couple split up and the other lost a lot of money selling the boat and moved back on land. Both spent most of their time moored in a Marina and seldom went out. Both cases the men were more into it then the woman. Is your wife using the kids to politely say she does not want it?
  16. No one on here's boat and it's nowhere near you, maybe you've seen it on YouTube.
  17. You can always write a book for the Newbies, or just write about your adventures: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Living-Dream-Trevor-Pavitt/dp/184753757X
  18. I can't get my head around the "Canal Tickers" too, those boaters that rush from place to place, canal to canal, just to get a brass plaque and screw it to their rear doors or cabin wall. Theye done all the canals in the country but have seen nothing of the town's and cities they've passed through or explored the countryside they've just seen from the back of their boat.
  19. I take it you haven't got any ticks in your canal book yet then😂
  20. Luckily there's not enough Marine's for them and property is cheap so there's no need for them.
  21. Due to her inexperience she may mean "Canal Gongoozler"?
  22. I think most of them worked the canals and knew how they worked though and were not just sat in a London Marina.
  23. Most new boaters have no interest in canal history, they seem to just want to film themselves for their Vlog on YouTube, they move their boat do a couple of locks and are experts. They get a narrowboat for a cheap place to live while still working and not for the the life or history. Offer them a 2 Bed Semi and they would be off in a shot never to be seen on a narrow boat again.
  24. I second that, a good honest thorough examiner, also qualified gas examiner/fitter so you know your system is going to be thoroughly inspected. The go to guy for many of the Boat builders including Jonathan Wilson in the area as they know he is totally professional.
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