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  1. Thorne lock now open, assisted passage 08:30-15:30pm until clear up. More boats queuing to go South then North.
  2. Why not just post photos on this already running thread?
  3. Is this the old Sobriety Keel from Goole that has had work done/replating moored at Harkers Yard?
  4. Seams not so easy for a lot of boaters to achieve, hence the banning of putting compost waste into bins, as most was just un-composted raw excrement, mixed with sawdust. I’m seeing boaters now removing their compost toilets and fitting Cassette types, as they don’t want to use their compost toilets to compost correctly, also new boats being built with cassette or Pumpout toilets not composting. So something has gone wrong with the trend of a few year ago.
  5. Thorne extended by 4 day’s, the area isn’t too bad a place to be restricted too, big electric locks, little boat movement, no queuing for locks, wide deep canals, ample moorings. Far better to be restricted in a large quiet area, then somewhere busy and overcrowded like the K&A or T&M.
  6. You really don’t have a clue about the internal build of Narrowboat’s , totally different to your £25K weekend GRP.
  7. I wouldn’t worry about the bible preacher who thinks the sun shines out of the “Foxes afloat Arse’s” He hasn’t a clue.
  8. No modern style, sleek handles, painted doors, nice clean lines. A generally more modern look. Like what @IanD is having, similar to most if not all of their customers have. The staves are the pieces of wood that are glued together to make the worktop, from what I can gather. Full stave being the full length wide staves.
  9. What type of interior are you going for if you don’t mind me asking, light airy IKEA style painted panels with light coloured worktops or wood panels with dark worktops?
  10. They can pick whatever they like, but that worktop is very popular and the interiors very similar, off white sprayed panels with wood trim, taps to individual taste. The light painted IKEA interior and light worktops make for a lighter brighter interior.
  11. Well it must be ok to most as this is what most new buyers are asking for
  12. Totally different design considerations with a 12-15ft wide Aqualine galley then a 6ft wide Narrowboat galley. They are the size of small apartments, so you can make them look stunning.
  13. Exactly, I’m with you, they do nothing for me in a boat and that tap just looks cheap, but remember these people are often buying their first boat and want their modern house look with matching taps and cupboard handles.
  14. Worktops made from wider and longer pieces of wood, planks up to say 4m in length by 130mm width, instead of your butchers block type smaller individual pieces. With full stave you get a more consistent grain and colour, instead of it looking more random/bitty.
  15. So what is the current design trends on Narrowboats, please tell us since you’ve never had one?
  16. It’s what people are asking for, clean IKEA style, you’ve got to remember if they haven’t seen nice quality hard wood full stave worktops, they will go with what the builder recommends. I imagine this style will be very popular at Crick.
  17. Was just thinking that, especially when someone commented more new buyers are getting surveys post purchase. All speculation at the minute, but it is Friday the 13th though.
  18. I wouldn’t go to less then 1 1/2” if using a 3” bilge blower, definitely not 19mm, better to go from 3” to 2” or 1 1/2” pipe work and fittings, far better air flow and fittings readily available without the use of duct tape.
  19. The new “must have” worktop and sink.
  20. Looks a bit US design based. Chris-Craft. Now their little wooden boats are quite pleasing to the eye 🚤
  21. That was so last year, the new must have worktop is Corian with matching sink, accompanied by Karndean flooring.
  22. Both still look better then boring white little GRP’s.
  23. Or he can apply for a moderator position and ban everyone that bickers👍 It will always be part his boat.
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