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  1. Can anyone explain why you can’t mix pink and blue coolant please. Thanks.
  2. I fancy getting a small portable washing machine for the summer. Does anyone use one and if so what are your recommendations please.
  3. I would’ve thought post stretching it would immediately need a boat safety certificate and therefore insurance companies and CRT would be notified immediately?
  4. That is correct. It would be measured.
  5. Ok. So rudder tubes and all that are very interesting but I was enquiring about blacking prices. Any other offers please?
  6. How much did anyone pay recently?
  7. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately Kedian will only do 8ft or more. I am investigating others.
  8. I am considering having my boat stretched. Does anyone have any recommendations in the London region who might be able to do this? Has anyone done it and regretted it?
  9. Water Rat.


    Currently on the K&A, definitely need a longer plank. Any advice, is a scaffolding plank good enough or should I cough up 80 quid and buy a purpose made one?
  10. Does anyone know how long you can moor for on the moorings below the locks by the bus station in Bath? There is no signage and nothing seems to be moving much. Also, where would be the next 7 day spot? thanks.
  11. Just binging out on past episodes of Peaky Blinders. Does anyone know which boats were used in the filming?
  12. Good old CWDF, he didn't ask for anyone's 'Opinion'. He just wanted to know more about his glass.
  13. John, if you want a CWDF pennant, why don't you find out the whys and wherefores of getting some made. We could buy them from you. Just a thought.........
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