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  1. No sign of CRT to remove the fallen tree, but boats are beginning to move. The first boat (non-shiny) smashed its way through the tree creating a narrow channel.
  2. Tree down blocking canal this afternoon. Awaiting CRT (or their contractors) to attend.
  3. When I used the online booking system it wouldn’t let you book on the day. You had to book at least one day in advance. Also it used to ask for the exit date as well, but I see this has now been dropped.
  4. When I booked a passage last week, the CRT booking system wouldn’t let me book on the day of entry, it had to be at least the day before. The other point is the booking system wants an exit date (presumably to start a new 28 day clock running). This means planning and sticking to that plan, never mind the weather. You could, of course, just book 7 days even if you plan to do it in 2 or 3 days.
  5. I thought that was a good response. Measured, informative and with proposed time scales.
  6. Just an update. The fuel boat refuelled me in my absence. I am told by a nearby moorer that after a couple of days the central heating started working again on its own. So all good now.
  7. This an update issued by CRT today. I wonder whether any locals have more of an insight on when passage may be possible. 06/04/2021 16:29 Starting tomorrow, our contractors will be onsite between Bridge 200, Soot Hill and Bridge 201 on the Trent & Mersey Canal to undertake works that will help us to explore ways in which we can safely allow boat movement through the affected area without destabilising the embankment, slipped material within the canal or the above gas main. A further update will be provided by Tuesday 20 April.
  8. OK. That is useful. I will disconnect the power, make sure fuel is reaching the pump, and then try to fire it up. No idea when that will be. Best guess is the end of March before we are given the green light to travel. Cheers
  9. Many thanks for that, Andy. I still am not allowed to travel to/visit our boat but suspect in the meantime the heating system will have tried to start up several times as overnight temperatures have dipped below freezing. Pretty sure from neighbouring boat reports that the heater has not kicked in. I will certainly try to prime the pump when we are allowed to visit. Thanks again.
  10. Due to Coronavirus restrictions I have been unable to visit my boat since Autumn, and it looks like it will be some time before the travel restrictions are eased. I have an Eberspacher Hydronic heater (about a year old). It is on a frost control setting and has been running over winter. I am told that it has now run out of fuel. Are there any set procedures to start it up again? The previous model would lock out after a number of attempts to start up and had to be reset by a dealer. Don’t know about more recent models. Thanks.
  11. I believe the incident occurred about 3pm. It was reported immediately to CRT (presumably by a third boat attempting to enter the tunnel). CRT attended (not sure when they arrived) and communicated with the two jammed boats by shouting down the tunnel entrance. Just before 6pm, CRT called the fire bridges. They arrived very promptly and evacuated the two gentlemen and dog around 6.30pn.
  12. Well, I guess they know when then are going to assess the situation, and after that the possibility of a solution. That information surely should be passed to the boaters. We only got an almost total vacuum of our information and, today, a total absence of personnel to ask. Phoning only gave “we are aware there is a problem”. Having had a rant, it seems from the tunnel noises that things are happening!
  13. Trouble is, with absolutely no information from CRT, we have no idea whether we are good to go in 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days. We are on the tunnel holding moorings.
  14. All quiet in the tunnel again (12.30hrs). Still no one from CRT to say what the plan is. Three hire boats in the queue turn around and headed south again.
  15. Apparently they didn’t see each other until it was too late. Slammed into reverse which slewed the bows to one side, hence the jamming. Hear noises from the tunnel, so someone is working on it from the other end (the end furthest away from the blockage).
  16. Fire Brigade used a Water Incident semi-rigid to take them off. Apparently they are wedged in bow to bow. 11.30hrs and STILL no sign of a CRT presence to tell us what is happening.
  17. Well it is now 10am and not a CRT presence in sight. Even the boat owners of the two boats in the tunnel are now wandering around a bit aimlessly. Information seems to be entirely lacking. Several hire boats in the queue have phoned CRT and got a stock answer that they are aware of the problem!
  18. I was told yesterday evening by a CRT employee that they would try and free the two boats first thing this morning. Currently 7.30hrs and no one around yet.
  19. Barnton Tunnel is closed to navigation from 3pm this afternoon. Two narrowboats wedged inside blocking passage. Both single handers (and one dog) rescued by Fire Brigade but boats are still inside as of 7pm. Tunnel taped off, so guess nothing is going to happen until tomorrow.
  20. How do members get their CRT service cards? Tried to get a pump-out at Grindley Brook this morning. CRT tell (by Twitter) that they are only doing on-line sales (pretty useless if you are out boating). Also told me they have no plans to convert their payment option from card readers to phone/ bank card payment.
  21. Ripon Racecourse Marina used to sell diesel. Don’t know the current situation.
  22. Mmmmm. Good point. I hope not, or that really would be a regression. Hopefully details will be published soon.
  23. Why does it prohibits more than one transit within 56 days? Cant you just register, make your trip and then, after 28 days, register again?
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