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  1. good reply - thank you Matty ... sounds really cool !😄
  2. Frozen Canals Hi guys – I imagine a few of you are out there now dealing with frozen cruising conditions (in more ways than one!) As only a holiday boater (well, commercial as well, but that’s coastal RIBs!), but slowly planning towards a life more narrow and afloat mainly CCing in a year or so .. can I ask a question of your experience How do plan for the canal being frozen ? – if you constantly cruise, clearly water and fuel are essential, and so you cant risk being stuck in one place for too long? Do
  3. is that this one here - https://www.waterways.org.uk/waterways/uk-canal-map i cant seem to filter the sort of views you were pasting above ?
  4. awesome Craig - thank you very much, thats really useful ta
  5. Perfect thanks .... i'll order copy
  6. thanks - i'll have a look ;o)
  7. thanks guys - i'm right darn sarf in Kent ... but i'll take a look, as worth travelling anywhere to get it right - ta ;o)
  8. Hi all - i'm conscious of the CRT website map (and the various CRT, EA and River authority ownership), and i've seen various downloads and magazine pull-outs - but can the group recommend a definitive map of the NB cruising network ? - what i'm hoping to see is one that shows (or even better lets you filter out online) the differences and limitations of navigable width & length ? thanks guys https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/canal-and-river-network
  9. thanks guys - apologies for not replying or thanking any of the comments above ... but it seemed that my new membership didnt have the permissions to do so (allsorted now thanks RichM - and thanks Athy for the direction and useful comment anyway in the meantime the whole conversation seems to have drifted back into a diesel vs electric future debate ! - not what i was after an appoloduck search for 2019/20 models for £100000 finds various new builds (I appreciate that you can spend a whole lot more, and i may be able to, and liekly go for 'nearly new'), and i was simply hoping fo
  10. Now... I know that you get what you pay for in life; and that ‘value’ and ‘worth’ are subjective ... however looking to learn from your experience; good experiences 😏👍 if I wanted a modern fully equipped new build 57ish live aboard (or at least CCing) NB, can I achieve that up to £100k with real craftsmanship .... and if so who are you recommending thanks Nelly Mac
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