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  1. Have you checked the aerator on the tap as this can produce the symptoms you have mentioned and is often overlooked.
  2. I would agree bridge 9 is low and I dropped my exhaust to get under it (shame I didn't do it for the pipe at bridge 117/118 on the T&M). The guide at Flint Mill is a little pessimistic, if you do get through I grounded out in the lock going into the basin and had to reverse out of it. Nice cafe and cakes at the basin. The photos are of the where I thought it was the lowest part of the tunnel compared to the gauge as you enter the tunnel Enjoy your trip
  3. I spoke with "Nick the engineer" who provided very detailed drawings for the electrical side of it as well as good advice in general about the set up. I believe he can be found at vireengines.com
  4. My first post.... so please be nice!! I recently fitted a dynastart to a RD1 as starting it by hand was becoming difficult in the depths of winter and I did not want to feed it cold start every day. Starting it with the dynastart is much easier, as long as it turns in the right direction (school boy error on the first attempt and yes; different dynastart turn in different directions and you cannot reverse the polarity as a quick fix). Unfortunately the RPM of the engine at normal working speeds did not provide a sufficient capability to charge the batteries through the dynastart so I piggybacked the original alternator just above it and powered it with a double pulley from dynastart. I took this photo before I had finished tightening everything up, but i am sure you get the idea. If you need any more information, let me know and I am sure I can dig something out.
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