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  1. Thanks for your valued advice. Do you know the way to Skipton by car?
  2. Thank you David. The best and more sensible way would be to replace the lot. One of the main inaccessible part is behind the fridge. When I bought a new fridge eight years ago the worktops had to be raised by 1/2” for it to slide in. How clever am I. I then laid nice laminate flooring. Looks lovely. Can’t get the fridge out now. What a 1st class clot. Anyway, I need to check if there’s accessible joints either side of fridge and slide out old pipe and slide in new. Fiddly I know.
  3. I don’t like to rush things. So here I am a month down the road and in the same situation. In early March disposed of an ageing Alde Slimline and installed an Eberspacher. Work(ed) brilliantly until all the crud had decided to move about abit. I’m toying around with replacing the rads, they are probably 31 years of age. 3 x 600 x 900. 22mm copper pipe. (Screwfix is my friend, so far). Not intending to replace pipework because of a couple of inaccessible locations. I have attached a picture of rad connection. Is this just a bog standard connector or a reducer of some sort. My thoughts are if a reducer of some sort to fit the old rads, the new rads will be 22mm compatible. Am I correct. Hopefully not a reducer or anything else. Please don’t get too technical. A stage further into this complicated mind of mine. Such an easy job for a practical plumber type of person. How much would be a ballpark cost? All rads down eone side of the boat.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Thank you. I may take you up on that offer. As you are aware, we are in Skipton, can’t leave here until at least next Monday because of the stoppage at Bradley. Where are you presently. PM if you prefer. My name is Martyn by the way. We’ll just the Martyn bit.
  7. Is it compulsory to have and operate VHF radio. Don’t you have to complete a course to use a VHF radio?
  8. Whatever I do, wherever I go, I cause confusion. My son and family live in Maidstone, so that’s another option. But the journey to the Medway is a little too adventurous for us inexperienced canal dwellers.
  9. Now there’s a possibility. But no. He’s probably gone all Welsh on us by now.
  10. Could someone please change the title of this thread to read, Sawley rather than Swales please. Otherwise it don’t make sense!
  11. Hello. Don’t beat me up too much folks. In response to the proposed closure of the L&L canal in a couple of weeks, we are considering, as suggested by a couple of posters, going down Sarf via the Trent. What do I need to know? I realise it’s a very open question but I seem to be cautious when covering new ground. Thank you in advance.
  12. We are still thinking as to what to do! Our ‘getting a wiggle on’ is past us but something between that and giving up is doable I suppose. Bus is cheap for a semi old bloke and his semi old better half as we have both been awarded bus passes. As a Lancastrian I am ashamed to admit that I quite like the county I am in. There, I nearly said it. But having lived South of Watford for over 50 years, my resistance to the weather up here may not be what it once was. But I’m sure I’d survive. We will come to a decision in short time and progress some what towards a wiggle. Thank you for the nudge.
  13. Just had a notification that as of 18th July all the locks between Skipton and The Leigh Branch will be closed. So if you’re in Skipton, which we are, and want to be around Chorley mid August, which we do, and are thinking about getting down onto the South Oxford for later in the year, which we are, you are in trouble.
  14. Very drool! Nope. Tried but not large enough.
  15. Today, eight years ago we moved on board Nightwatch. There’s been bad times, dodgy times but they are far exceeded by brilliant great times.
  16. It gets better. I’m not confident that CRT are on the ball. Another post where CRT are blowing their own trumpet is impressive if you are not too close to the issues. They are ‘up against it’ but in my humble opinion, there’s plenty of mismanagement incidents occurring. Mismanagement of contractors and their contractual specifications and working methods.
  17. Boats with a draught of more than 23.6” won’t be able to pass. That is going to exclude many boats here in Skipton.
  18. I don’t know a complete answer. But, in my view if there are ‘openings’ that shouldn’t be there, then I wouldn’t use it. If you can purchase a replacement panel be aware that the fixing screws and lugs will be a devil to separate. Plenty of penetrating oils I guess.
  19. When we were ‘leisure’ boaters before moving onboard we just emptied the loo tank as and when. We always carry a Porta loo for those times we misjudge where we might be near a pumpout facility. I say this because once or twice we have left the boat with a full(ish) tank with no issues. We used bio washing liquid from Tesco, Morrisons and the like. Their own brand seems to be as good as if not better than a well known brand. But this is my experience, and others may contradict me. I wish you well with your search for your boat. Ask away if there’s something you’re not sure about. There is always someone willing to pass on their knowledge and advice. Including my good self.
  20. Whole heartedly agree. CRT, and the latter end of BW’s reign, they have been losing their way. Getting it all wrong on so many levels, in my view of course.
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