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  1. Engineer near Hanwell?

    Thanks for the responses, we’ve managed to find someone to take a look in a couple of days time. We’re hoping it can be coaxed back into life to run for another day and a half, which is all we need to get home. After that it’s definitely new engine time!
  2. Engineer near Hanwell?

  3. Engineer near Hanwell?

    Does anyone know of a decent engineer in the Hanwell area who’d be able to put a BMC 1.8 engine back together? Timing chain tensioner has gone ‘ping’ again, some unscheduled valve/piston interaction has happened resulting in us going nowhere. Any recommendations for someone who could resolve this mess back into a working engine very much appreciated... at least we’ve broken down outside a pub - small mercies!
  4. Kennet & Avon Canal Lock 84, Guyers Lock

    "04/08/2016 @ 14:09 This Lock is now open, as the damage was not as severe as first though. The boat has been removed from the lock and the navigation is now open"
  5. It's dead, Jim?

    yes, it turns out that this was a miscommunication over a dodgy phone line. Very much as everyone expected, the headline items are bent pushrods and broken rockers, caused by failure of the timing chain tensioner. All in all could have been a lot worse, hopefully will be back in service soon!
  6. It's dead, Jim?

    Someone came over to look at it today - I wasn't there to see for myself but two broken valves and a camshaft apparently... hoping that is all that is required to fix it. Oddly it was working fine last time it was run - the only think I can think of is that the timing chain slipped when trying to start it, leading to an unscheduled piston/valve interaction. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions!
  7. iPad full up. Backup and iCloud advice required.

    Did you ever get the impression that Apple would rather that you just bought a new ipad with more storage? The optimize space on device looks promising up to a point, but if you really want to get rid of the photos from the device and just keep them in the cloud then it seems like google's photos app will do what you want (albeit your photo's will be in google's cloud rather than icloud). I haven't tried this myself though, so can't comment from personal experience. How much you trust external organisations to back up your photos and not lose them may depend on your own level of paranoia.
  8. It's dead, Jim?

    Even while it is cranking?
  9. It's dead, Jim?

    Thanks, will check those things. Yes, Tony was able to talk me down from the ledge, it sounds like it might not be as bad as first thought.
  10. It's dead, Jim?

    Thanks, Tony, very kind of you, I'll give you a call once it gets a bit darker!
  11. It's dead, Jim?

    It was running for a while unfortunately, didn't put two and two together immediately, only found the belt had gone later. I am wondering wether it was just a bad day and the two problems were unrelated, unless of course I've missed something in the belt arrangement (limited visibility so always possible)
  12. It's dead, Jim?

    I don't have it in front of me right now, but the engine has two alternators in an arrangement not entirely dissimilar to http://www.calcuttboats.com/wpimages/wp6a6b69de_06.png- as far as I can tell this belt only drove the one alternator (the nearer one in that picture, at least the belt isn't long enough to go round anything else), the second belt remained intact. Am I right in thinking that the water pump is driven by the large pulley immediately above the crankshaft? If so then this was still turning. Thanks for your offer to come and take a look, Tony, I'm down on the Thames near Staines so might be a bit far for you?
  13. It's dead, Jim?

    I was hoping my first post to this forum would be under better circumstances, but hey, that is life sometimes! So I have a BMC 1.8, which until recently was working fine. On its last outing it threw a drive belt from the alternator, but otherwise seemed to be going ok. So fast forward a month, replacement belt installed, turn it over... spins but no sign of ignition. Checked there is voltage across the glowplugs, checked there is fuel to one of the injectors, all good. Having read another thread on this forum I though it would be good to check if there is any smoke from the exhaust while turning over.... none. But there is smoke coming out of the air intake! Having removed the (somewhat gummed up) air filter, still definitely smoke from the air intake when it turns over. This suggests to me that something has gone badly wrong leading to the outlet valves not closing, and hence being well beyond my mechanical capabilities. Currently trying to find an engineer who isn't too busy to come out and take a look, but I'm preparing for a big bill! Should I be hopeful that there are some relatively easy fixes to these symptoms, or should I be looking towards the new engine end of the spectrum?