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  1. Again,thanks for all the useful information.I was one of 7 boats to pass through on two lockages on Wednesday afternoon.I believe there were some more boats passed through early on Thursday since when the lock has been closed. Made my tidal passage to Keadby on modest neap tides ,and glad we look the first opportunity to pass through Gunthorpe,where the problem seemed to be a lower gates paddle which has slipped right out of position,although I'm no engineer.
  2. Thanks everybody for the information ,I will leave Nottingham tomorrow morning and see how things are at Gunthorpe when I arrive there..
  3. Are any forum members stuck at this stoppage ? The CRT notice says the lock wont fill and engineers are inspecting. I'm in Nottingham and don't want to head down there only to be held up by a long stoppage. Does it look like a quick fix issue ? The locks hasn't been operational since Friday,I believe.
  4. Loughborough is very good,with the level through the town largely protected by Pillings Flood Lock.Good service block at the Wharf,lots of options for 14 day moorings and several good pubs in town,my favourite (for it's beer) being the Organ Grinder.It's where I am now.
  5. By water it's around 6 hours but you will need to speak to CRT about a temporary permit and I don't know their attitude to no BSC in these circumstances. I've never used Tuckeys nor aware if anyone has lifted a boat at Little Hallingbury.
  6. Lee Valley Marina at Stanstead Abbotts is probably your most reliable place,large crane on site regularly used for lorry transportation but popular so needs to be booked.
  7. Many thanks.................. Bronte Boats it is.
  8. Sorry if I'm being a bit dim,but who is that ?
  9. Signed . I am planning on visiting Hebden Bridge in late June,does anyone know if the only pump out facility there is CRT's or does Bronte Boats boatyard have a seperate pump out ?
  10. Both these suggestions have now been added to the IWA Silver Propeller Challenge along with The Kelpies,Grangemouth, Bowling Basin on the Forth & Clyde and Coventry Basin. Of those new location ,I've only been to Runcorn once but many times to Cov.
  11. I assume the booking period for these towpath moorings will be for a maximum 14 days,so maybe if it's up and running when you are in London this is another option.I believe there will be no charge at this site.
  12. I wonder if the booking process for the eco-moorings will include the ability to open a Meter Macs account ? Otherwise the usage will be limited ,as I doubt many of the CCers have such an account.
  13. There are downsides and you maybe unlucky with your boating neighbours .... possibly I've been fortunate over the years.The towpaths will also be busy when you are moored in areas where there is a vibrant night time economy but that maybe your reason for mooring there.
  14. A little harsh IMHO. Assuming when Dora gets to London a lot of the hospitality industry has reopened,mooring to the east of Islington Tunnel either above or below City Road Lock will give good access several fine pubs close by (Wenlock Arms being my favourite) as well as Upper Street in Islington which has many small live music venues and pub theatres. Broadway Market is worth a visit ,has a good Sunday market,small ethnic food oulets,The Dove PH and is hipster central . Rings at the long visitor moorings below Acton's Lock . The Olympic Park is worth a walk around and
  15. I hope you enjoy your visit to the southern Grand Union and London.I usually spend the "off season"( Nov-March) on the southern Grand Union mooching about and spent December 19 -Feb 20 in central London,where I also volunteer for CRT. Never had any problem finding moorings on the southern GU. The busy part of the Paddington Arm starts at Kensal Green,and if you want a towpath mooring from there you may have to take what's available ,as opposed to where you might like to target.The bookable moorings at Little Venice,Paddington Basin and the London Canal Museum are popular because th
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