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nb Innisfree

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  1. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2017

    True, but using the term 'debate' makes it sound reasonable and democratic
  2. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2017

    I keep hearing the likes of "We need another referendum but this time let's have a proper debate with all the facts presented" Just who would be in possession of these 'facts' I have no idea and listening to the endless list of conflicting stuff on this thread makes me despair at the thought of a national debate.
  3. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2017

    All bets try to predict an unknown outcome, leaving or remaining are both of those.
  4. nb Innisfree

    Tilting Solar Does Work

    Most efficient tracking would be based on a clockwork driven equatorial astronomical telescope mount, clockwork motor only needs to drive one axis. These days most telescope mounts are two axis altazimuth which require a computer and two stepper motors, equatorial is much simpler and can be 100% mechanical. Just needs some bright spark with enough patience to design one for a boat!
  5. nb Innisfree

    Oops, more new build woes...

    "Pressure tested' doesn't mean it passed that test!
  6. nb Innisfree

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Unless the battery is being charged
  7. nb Innisfree

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Space The nb final frontier
  8. nb Innisfree

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Cost apart how about 2 combis? Doesn't take much more space than separates with the advantage of double the back up.
  9. nb Innisfree

    Mixing fuel containers

    Ours was Dorset Gliding Club at Tarrant Rushton, T21, K13 and a couple of Swallows. We also used piano wire, once saw the tow car driver get out and throw his hands up, Swallow was at 2500' and he didn't think about reversing, No one could jump in and take over as he was 1/2 mile away, frustrating! Wire launch was 7s/6d before decimalisation. Happy to spend all day in bitterly cold weather on an exposed runway with regular cups of Nescafe instant coffee though things got a bit luxurious when we bought an old coach and used it as a 'control point' (it was for socialising in really!) Happy days. ETA: Aerotow was £1.50 when I left in the mid 70s.
  10. nb Innisfree

    Mixing fuel containers

    We used a Mk 7 (or Mk 8 or 9, can't remember) piano cable round a swivelling pulley and Jag drove towards launch point, (6000ft runway so decent launches) it was only just powerful enough (3.4 litre) F100 pickup and Chevrolet Impala were better.
  11. nb Innisfree

    Mixing fuel containers

    Many years ago I filled up our nearly empty Peugeot diesel car with petrol, only just made the 1.5 miles home before it stopped, I drained it all down and stuck a gallon of diesel in to get it going again. The next day I went back to the station and pulled in behind a motor home and started refilling with diesel, I engaged the motor home driver in conversation and asked what mpg he got, "30" he said, "From petrol?" I said, "No, diesel". Pregnant pause as we looked at our respective pumps, look of relief on my face but total pain on his! He was just nearing full from empty, poor sod! Amazing coincidence I thought. My neighbour wasn't too chuffed though with the half price petrol he bought from me, only a small amount of diesel in it but it took a weeks of regularly topping up his Ford Orion with fresh petrol before it ran properly.
  12. nb Innisfree


    Deleted because I can't be bothered to discuss!
  13. nb Innisfree


    It will seesaw around the centre of gravity.
  14. In the beginning I was open minded, even considered a UK plot seeing as how Novichock was several miles away at Porton Down, but after reading about the Russian suspects travelling from London to Salisbury and soon returning to London only to travel back to Salisbury the very next day I became more suspicious of them. Then realising we had TV footage of them nearby the Skirpal house nailed it for me. Being a nearby resident of Salisbury and a regular visitor I can think of no reason why I, let alone two tourists, and especially in horrible midwinter weather, would head want to head out of the touristy centre and walk the area around the Skirpal House. Russian SS is either a bunch of amateurs or too arrogant to care much. Both probably
  15. nb Innisfree


    Maybe now but prob not 10+ yrs ago, and trying to locate without Internet or transport.

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