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  1. None of your business as you live abroad.
  2. Eye-watering price... Less 20% income tax of course 😊
  3. "All Disease Begins in The Gut." - Hippocrates
  4. If this info is of any use, before installing our Victron 24-3000-70 the supplier warned me not install the Victron's main fuse until the warning light (supplied by the small fuse) indicated that the battery supply was the correct polarity. I was told the inverter wasn't protected against incorrect battery polarity hence the precautionary measure.
  5. I'm 72 and I started suffering with mild acid reflux in my mid 40s, rarely at first but increasingly so as time went by. As it was quite erratic at first it was difficult to pin down but as it increased in regularity a pattern emerged and that pattern was eating products containing flour, the acid reflux would start a couple of hours or so after eating which clouded the issue, also porridge that is gluten free has that effect, why I don't know but I can totally avoid acid reflux by steering clear of certain foods. The point is I do know is it's very real and if anyone disbelieves me then it's their problem not mine, I used to be dismissive of people with these kind of complaints (arrogance of the healthy?) Now I don't give a toss about their ignorance on the subject.
  6. Am I allowed to say "black? " 😳
  7. Give me black pudding and a pork pie any day.
  8. My lovely daughter-in-law thinks the sun shines out of my arse (and who can blame her...) she's always buying me pressies. I once mentioned I'd never tasted caviar, next thing I knew she'd bought me a small Fortnum & Masons hamper complete with a small container of it. Yuk! is the only way I can describe caviar!
  9. I once seeded a new lawn and my neighbours dog, a labrador bitch, used to love weeing on it and I was very careful to dilute the spot, the result was gorgeous long lush grass which outshone the rest, if only I could have replicated that evenly over the whole lawn.
  10. I can't be arsed to be honest, I've chucked my two pennorth in and I'm sitting back to watch the reaction.
  11. Seems to me he's expressing his belief, OK he claims its not a belief. You either agree with him or not. We all have our beliefs.
  12. You're entitled to your view Assumptions are riddled with uncertainties.
  13. You said: 'This is from Nature 453, 15th May 2008.' I asked "What is?" Going with one bloke on a canal forum would be silly. Or you could research it instead
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