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nb Innisfree

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  1. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just a retiree who v. had one vote and was prepared to accept the result whatever it turned out to be. I have no idea who could have done the job better, what do I know about stuff going on behind the scenes? As for Johnson we can only speculate but we'll never know.
  2. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    Much easier to criticise rather than take responsibility for ourselves.
  3. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I voted to leave the EU and for a while I thought May would take us out. If we do stay in then May and the Establishment have played a clever game and won. I suppose the only way out of the EU then would be if it falls apart but it would take much longer for that to happen with a rising UK financial input.
  4. nb Innisfree

    Chimney length

    To stop smoke curling down into one of the mushroom vents and registering on the CO alarm we replaced our short chimney with a double skinned 30" job, it cured the prob and the draw on our Villager Puffin was significantly better.
  5. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I took it as the sole reason that leisure boaters were allowed tax free as they were not specifically excluded from cargo carriers at the time, I suppose they were quite rare then so not considered relevant.
  6. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I once read somewhere that inland boats were allowed red diesel by Churchill because they were a vital part of the war effort. Can't find any ref to it though.
  7. nb Innisfree

    Oil light warning

    Personally I would persevere with a gauge, maybe one with a remote flexible tube, but then that's me! As you say the OP prob hasn't the wherewithal to do it.
  8. nb Innisfree

    Oil light warning

    A known mechanical pressure gauge temporarily screwed in instead of the sender would decide if the oil pressure is ok or not.
  9. nb Innisfree

    Because I'm annoyed.

    Mardy arse.
  10. nb Innisfree

    FAO LadyG/all moderators/admin.

    I would love a do gooder's medal of modesty.
  11. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    Hopefully the powers that be will build on the fact that voting apathy reduced during the referendum, the worst scenario is everyone losing interest in voting. No.
  12. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I think we will be as good as other countries.
  13. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    I've seen scales falling from eyes for decades now but people kept thinking they could get rid of the incompetence by voting in another govt, but it wasn't really a change just more of the same but a different colour. The left in power gradually moved further extreme left while the opposition moved slowly unseen towards the sensible centre, all change and the opposite slowly repeated, left right left right, a deliberate modus operandi, what a con, still happening. As for a reasonable deal I never expected that to come about, I've always wanted us to walk away without one and stand on our own feet and face the world.
  14. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    Remainers never lie, such a saintly lot.
  15. nb Innisfree

    Brexit 2019

    But we won't know if they're telling the truth until two years later. Good luck with that!

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