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  1. One thing with the referendum, it revealed the deep seated division that exists in the UK instead of the illusion of harmony. Similar to the Civil War, a war that shaped today's political structure and a division that simmered for centuries, and still does. Brexit will simmer for many years
  2. Well it's looking increasingly like we'll be staying in the EU, I suppose one positive outcome of the referendum result being ignored is that people will realise that our democracy is a sham and your vote counts for nothing.
  3. When I moved south from Sheffield in the mid 60s I was very disappointed with the fish and chips along with poor beer, but Smithsons or was it Southeys? in Pokesdown, Bournemouth offered first class uncompromised service and fish and chips, I haven't been there for years now but they were as good as anything up north. Back in the mid 90s I nipped across the road to them from work to get 5 lots of fish & chips for everyone. The woman serving me wrapped my order then realised there would be a 5 minute delay for the last lot of chips to be cooked she apologised and chucked my order in the bin! I would have been happy to with those I said, she answered "We only serve freshly cooked fish and chips" - Couldn't you have sold them at a reduced price? - "No" - why? - "We only serve freshly cooked fish and chips" No answer to that.
  4. So called 'democracy' is a big con anyway, Hobsons choice really, the vote is either Labour or Conservative then we unwittingly bend over and take what has been decided for us, never realising we've been brainwashed by the Establishment controlled media to vote in one of 2 ways to fit in with the agenda, thinking we have control over events. Baa, baa!
  5. She's either thick as 2 short planks, incredibly naive or playing a strategic game involving some sort of hidden agenda. I can't decide which!
  6. I've just watched that and it's different to my memory of it, especially the end and I don't recall him wearing a high viz vest, and he actually stated 50mpg, at the time I was amazed he got that mpg from a petrol Jag. Either that or I dreamt it, or false memory!
  7. Crowthers successfully reduced ours from 14" down to 12", though they did say if it had not been one of their props it might not have been successful
  8. I feel that gearing down is the way to go, toothed belts? They are more efficient than gearboxes.
  9. Twin filler caps yes but I think they connected to the same tank? Still did 50mpg though! Goes to show that a lage torquey engine with high ratio gearing can be quite economical.
  10. I remember an economy drive contest from somewhere in Europe to the presenters homes on a single tank of petrol. Clarkson was the only one who made it home in a Jag XJ6 with 50mpg, and that was driving at the speed limit.
  11. https://www.flowflex.com/spb Can be used near a tap if desired e.g under the kitchen sink
  12. I was going to convert ours but for any overpressure it required a tun dish which would have entailed routing a drainpipe under the floorboards to the outside, instead I installed a small booster pump on the cylinder outlet which cures the low pressure hot water tap prob in the upstairs bathroom basin.
  13. One careless move and you could be cut off in your prime 😳
  14. Regarding fresh glasses and beer with a head. In '63 when I was 16 and still living in Sheffield I started drinking bitter, two pints was enough to get me swaying and staggering. At that time I used to occasionally visit my brother who had moved to Poole, Dorset. What a contrast, the beer was flat and I could manage 5 pints to get to the same state I was with 2 in Sheffield (I felt quite manly!) Also the same glasses were refilled, that never happened in Sheffield, always a fresh glass. It was many years later on a brewery visit I found the local brew (Hall & Woodhouse nicknamed Hall & Shithouse at the time 😊) drank on the premises was just as good as northern stuff, clear, sparkling and with a good head, turned out it just wasn't looked after properly by the landlords.
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