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nb Innisfree

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  1. nb Innisfree

    Which toilet to get?

    Was it plucked?
  2. nb Innisfree

    Wetherspoons To Stop Selling Champagne And Prosecco

    What the missus and I like about WS is the absence of bullshit, ordinary meals cooked well on time and on a proper plate.
  3. nb Innisfree

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    Many years ago a late friend of mine ran into the back of a car and she was convinced that the responsibility for keeping a safe distance lay with the car in front, no amount of logic from me and her husband could convince her, lol! She was lovely all the same. .
  4. nb Innisfree

    So when were the 'good old days'?

    Depends on the liquid in each person's glass, half full or half empty, like most things in life it consists of ups and downs but with an upward trend.
  5. nb Innisfree

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    I had a puncture a month ago. Out with the jack and wound it up, forgot to chock the wheels so had to struggle to stop the car rolling off the jack. Out with the emergency spare and pump, wait while it pumped up the collapsible tyre, off with the wheel and on with the spare (trying to do this while holding a brolly in pissing rain) In my haste I forgot to use the special short spare wheel bolts and screwed the long ones past the end of the thread and damaged the handbrake linkage then spent 15 mins coaxing the bolts back onto their thread. If I didn't carry a spare I would have retired immediately to the cafe and had a full English while the recovery person did the dirty work + I wouldn't have had to drive the car with a wet back and arse. Spare wheels? A pain in the tailpipe. .
  6. nb Innisfree

    Mi Fi WHY!!!

    We've recently moved from Talktalk mobile and broadband to Vodafone, reliable 4g - didn't know Talktalk only piggyback 3g off Vodafone - £8pm for 3gb data, unlimited calls and texts. Also 76Mbps broadband with a guaranteed 56Mbps minimum.
  7. nb Innisfree

    Buying a Diesel Car

    Two out of our three kids have moved out of London, third is moving soon. Then it will be no more London for us for the foreseeable future. Great! 😊
  8. nb Innisfree

    Buying An Electric Car

  9. nb Innisfree

    Buying An Electric Car

    3+ kW I believe, already in use in London. Intended for overnight charging.
  10. nb Innisfree

    Buying An Electric Car

    Hopefully roll out of street lamp chargers will speed up soon.
  11. nb Innisfree

    Inverter charger

    Yes, very dodgy wearing a necklace near batteries.
  12. nb Innisfree

    Vetus Dripless Stern Gland Dripping :(

    After fitting a Pythondrive to Innisfree I started to worry that their was no drip from the conventional stern gland. I readjusted it a few times before I realised it was OK and just didn't drip or need adjusting. It remained drip and trouble free for several thousand hours before I sold the boat, prob still OK.
  13. nb Innisfree

    Misaligned engine

    Python recommend a small radial offset, that is both shafts need to be parallel, this ensures lubricant reaches all bits of the cv joints.I assume Aquadrive is similar. Maybe the engine/gearbox could be slid further forward to make room?
  14. nb Innisfree

    Buying An Electric Car

    It's only Jockland so covering it with SPs won't matter! While we're at it we can channel their water down here to make up our shortfall.
  15. nb Innisfree

    Buying An Electric Car

    Big enough solar array with batt storage for rainy days. Voting a different govt. In won't work because it will have the same agenda dressed up to look different. You don't really believe voters get what they want do you?

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