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  1. Yep, I was right about the bleed bolt as per https://betamarine.co.uk/resources/Operators_Manuals/10-115T-KC-OM/#page=36
  2. These pumps are usually connected by a hose to the bottom of the sump, so even if it's mounted next to the gearbox it might still be connected to the engine sump (probably is). Also, re: the fuel filter - apologies if this is a stupid question but did you undo the bolt in the middle of your first photo when you pressed the manual priming button? I suspect (would check the manual though) that this is probably the bleed screw that you're supposed to vent the air out of when you press the priming button. When you stop getting air and get mostly fuel out of this hole then you're good to go.
  3. Can't really see hydrogen on boats being viable tbh. Some combination of batteries, solar, with charging points and synfuel generators as backup seems to be more likely.
  4. Indeed. If you can't see CRT/others installing electric charging points all over the canals then you have to wonder who's going to install all the hydrogen transportation/filling infrastructure.
  5. I happened across this video the other day while taking apart one of these pumps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM4F7jbFh-I Apparently there's a dampener in the pump which you can change which may improve this if this is what you're seeing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd5aePEB-4g&t=34s
  6. Gate valves are a pain. I have to say I hate gate valves even more. They tend to stick after a while if you're not very careful of them, and they seem quite leaky even from new (maybe I've been unlucky). Would rather have a decent ball valve such at this type - https://www.screwfix.com/p/lever-ball-valve-red-15mm/67744 , or indeed one like MP suggested above if space is at a premuim - I find the lever ones easier to operate if there's space though
  7. I'm not sure I'd go as far as "prettily"... surprised they didn't paint the air filter too
  8. Or indeed they never bothered to start the engine after filling the oil, thus avoiding noticing the stalling problem.
  9. To be fair to them, they have been full time boaters for 2.5 years now, and have previously owned another boat before this one, and are pitching their videos at the 'uninformed' more than seasoned boaters, so are bound to come off with a bit of a "know it all attitude" to people who have been doing this for decades. That said, I don't really understand the opposition to the boat so much - sure, it's way overpriced, and doesn't have much in the way of 'heritage' value, but apart from that it's a far nicer boat than some of the ones we've seen for sale. At the end of the day if they can get top dollar for their old boat due to their profile & following and thus have more to spend on their new one, well who can blame them for that?
  10. I have a feeling it was like this from new - it may be that it was blacked on top of an epoxy primer? https://youtu.be/BfqQA2lzW1Q?t=17 About 2 mins in you can see it being jet washed.
  11. Nice, thanks, didn't know about the new connectors, makes sense! Reading more about them, should be online by 2027. They also have some new forms of inertia coming online in the next few years to manage the frequency and voltage better, so by 2025 they recon they'll be able to turn off all the gas if there's enough wind/solar around - at the moment they need to pay wind farms to shut down instead. Hopefully will make the bills a bit cheaper 😉
  12. Frankly a lot of builders seem to have multi-year waiting lists right now, so why would you build something that you think will be hideous? Not exactly a great advert for your business floating around. However having seen the interior I don't think the exterior looks so bad now by comparison! But hey, as long as they're happy and they're not smashing up bridges / tunnels and they don't plan on having a high resale value....
  13. Out of interest, is there still someone seemingly permanently moored on the water point below lock 46? He kindly did his best to drain the pound we were moored in to refloat his boat over the summer, despite CRT's assurances that they were running more water down from the summit and he'd be afloat by morning.
  14. It did seem like there were a couple of 'drinking' tables in front of the bar, I went in for a pint a couple of times and never had a problem. Red Lion in Cropredy is a decent local drinking hole, a bit rough round the edges but everyone seemed friendly enough and beer was decent. The Brasenose feels a bit 'sterile' inside these days, and there was quite a limited beer selection from what I remember. I'd probably go there in preference if I wanted to eat though.
  15. The Folly was really bad when I was there in July (might have been June) - found plastic disposable pint glasses quite offensive, same for the polystyrene food containers but the worst thing was the food... I was quite sick the next day. It sounded like the staff were really fed up with the chef, who was very uncooperative. On the other hand, I heard from someone who went there a couple of days ago that you can now get your beer in an actual glass, and the food was quite decent, albeit still in polystyrene containers. I suspect they've replaced the chef. I personally won't be going back until we're allowed back inside the pub itself, and can have food on actual plates, but it does sound like it might have improved recently.
  16. That looks like a boat that needs repainting, not one that's just been done!
  17. Also, Napoleon was left handed, hence why the French drive on the other side. (ok, this may not be true, but it's a nice story!)
  18. It has occurred to me in the past that canal boats passing on the right would require horses to pass on the left (i.e. same as on roads) in order to not get the ropes tangled 🤔
  19. But that would mean at least an hour of charging at once - in an ideal world you'd be able to fill up with electricity while filling the water tank (since I guess many people would require both on comparable timescales), which would mean sub-30 minute charges to minimise inconvenence - or to put it another way the faster the chargers are the fewer you need to install
  20. You can get wet systems in approx 20mm height these days. But that's without any significant insulation, so you'll be losing a load of heat to the canal. I don't think I'd bother personally. Plus it's another pump to run off the electricity, and the manifold takes up space.
  21. One issue here is that the sort of battery packs people are putting in their boats might not take too well to 50kw+ Rapid charging we see in the vehicle world, so it's an overnight job I'd guess at the moment. Unless we need to get an extra skin tank welded in to cool the batteries 🤔
  22. That’s a good point - and interesting in the context of series/parallel hybrids. A parallel hybrid can still cruise if either the engine/gearbox or motor/controller fail (although you’d need to find an alternate power source in case of an engine failure, but cheap suitcase generator would do in an emergency), where as a diesel boat or series hybrid is a bit stuck if you lose either of these. That said, 5-10 years down the line can you guarantee you’ll be able to get a new motor/engine that’s compatible with your existing parallel hybrid setup in case of failure? Would think it’ll probably be easier to plug&play new motors etc into a series setup if need be, and probably more ‘future proofed’ if you want to go fully electric in future
  23. I think it probably depends on your usage pattern at the end of the day. If you're cruising most days then putting the dishwasher on after breakfast with last night's dishes still inside as you set off isn't going to be too much of a strain. If you like mooring in the peace and quiet of the countryside for days at a time then it might get annoying to have to keep running your engine to do the dishes. And you've probably got plenty of time for washing up as well. Also if you have space for it - what do you have to give up to dedicate that space to a dishwasher?
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