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  1. Given the rise in urban foxes, if the ban is relaxed, surely we can look forward to packs of hounds and riders on horseback galloping through our city centres for active pest control.......
  2. It does seem to be a very odd development - I just cannot imagine there is the need for this. Who is David Young??
  3. I wonder if they managed to speak to the errant crew?
  4. I have never had a problem going up Wigan apart from being knackered at the end!
  5. I could be wrong but if you look carefully at the box paddle on the left hand side of the vid on the same side as the chap on the bank it looks like the white indicator line is not present in the middle (between the 2 painted lines) If this is the case, it would indicate that the numnut has left the ground paddle open hence why the lock maybe didn't match correctly.
  6. I have sent a note to the Waterway Manager with a copy of the link.
  7. It is Office Lock and the gates I recall were new last year. A-hole. Can't wait to see him if he comes up our way. It is a shame there is no obvious name or number on the boat.
  8. Some great spots on this route Particular favourites are: Uppermill Marsden Linthwaite (for the superb Sair Inn) Cooper Bridge (nice pause as you leave the Broad and onto the C&H Most of the stretch from Kirklees Lock to Sowerby Bridge is nice - with a very handy Sainsburys next to the canal in Brighouse if you fancy a diversion Stanley Ferry - good mooring, pub not brilliant. Broad Cut between the Upper and Lower Locks Castleford is handy for Aldi etc Woodlesford is nice with Bird Hides Leeds - Granary basin great I would start early from Leeds and make your next mooring Rodley where there is a fab Indian takeaway From here to Barrowford is perfectly good to moor. Good pubs at Bradley (Slaters Arms), Skipton (loads) and Barnoldswick Have fun
  9. You may laugh but early on in my boating life, we tried the Broads. In the top quality 10 minute handover, no one told us there was any rise and fall......we nearly came a cropper like these people.
  10. Salterforth Road Bridge just west of Lower Park is handy for this - someone even screwed some mooring rings in a couple of years ago but I think they have gone now
  11. Puffer have gone. LPM only have blacking. Pennine have bits. If you mail order, LPM will generally be happy to take receipt for you if you call them first and then perhaps buy diesel etc from them as a gesture. If it is just primer, then Merritt and Fryers in Skipton sell Manor Coatings primer which is good stuff.
  12. Enterprise all the way for me - used them weekly on a contract a couple of years ago and cannot fault.
  13. Outside the lockhouse to p*ss off the people who bought it and don't like boats. Alternatively, opposite the newish houses, just before the winding hole on the top side of the locks and say hi if you do. I would dare to say on Kennets mooring too depending on the schedule but Pluto might be grumpy with me!!
  14. Not having a centre line is crazy if it is a 2 berth boat - and in my opinion ropes present more of a hazard in locks (unless single handing of course)
  15. RichardH

    L&L closure

    I saw the thread and thought - Blimey is the canal closing again. Those were the days that nearly finished us off...... Not missing hiring boats one single little bit.
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