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  1. Thats good news...heading there in another month or so
  2. I would say most traffic on the canals is from private boats which will all be allowed out sooner than hire boats. It's still very quiet on the Eastern K&A, the anticipated rush of boats moving on the 23rd didn't happen. I wonder if there were heaps of boats moving on the Thames this weekend now it has also reopened (albeit just for day trips for most boaters)? Didn't hear about it being that busy if it was...
  3. Back to boating...just noticed in the latest CRT email it says boats that aren't liveaboard going out for their day trip have to return to their home mooring at the end of the day. Whilst this doesn't apply to me it did make me curious. Many non-liveaboard boats shuffle about on towpath moorings and are now presumably allowed to start doing this again. Canals are pretty quiet currently. What is the argument against allowing lesuire boats to go out the marina and moor on the towpath overnight (with no one on board) to allow for a different day trip on a subsequent day?
  4. I haven't seen any explanation for why the motorboat was trying to go through Sunbury either. Presumably either thought he could do what he wanted regardless of a shut lock or just didnt check online first. With regards to the discussion about buoys. I have seen a small raft with a navigation closed sign on it tied up in the channel at Kingston once...I think it was for a regatta or sailing race.
  5. Part of my job lately has actually involved planning how to make the place where I work safe for colleagues to return so I do have some idea of what the risks are, also I did study virology. Not that you would know that of course, on here I'm just a photo😂. I still don't see what the risk is to say a cruise within a reach using no locks. And as Simon said above, localised advice would be welcome. Some lock houses are well removed from the lock site. Handwashing really would eliminate all risk from shared touching of surfaces like control panels. The EA have given a revised update which was much more encouraging giving more detail. Apparently some of the delay in reopening has more to do with a need to check the river is safe from flood related obstructions. They hope to be open before June
  6. Yeah...as do the other navigation authorities. The lock keepers wouldn't be on duty to assist. The lock houses are well separated from the locks and all have public footpaths running right past them anyway...which are still open for people so I really don't see why boats using the lock would put staff at extra risk? The maintenance backlog on the closed locks is different I agree but many locks could be opened with social distancing in place.
  7. Broads Authority statement 13 May: Government confirms that private boats can use Broads waterways The Broads Authority has today received confirmation from Defra that privately owned powered boats can be used on the Broads for day trips as long as other guidance on social distancing is followed. This follows guidance issued earlier this week that allowed sailing and paddle boating (including canoes, kayaks and paddle boards) to resume. Whilst other inland waterways face a delay in the return of powered private boats, the Broads is able to welcome boaters back because maintenance of the waterways has continued throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. Whilst the public are advised to stay at home as much as possible, from today (13 May) you are now able to leave your home and travel to exercise or spend time outdoors from today. As well as the relaxation of boating restrictions, owners may also visit their boats for leisure or to do maintenance but are not able to stay overnight away from their usual residence (so day trips only). The Authority urges people to take care to follow guidelines and respect social distancing and to bear in mind that many businesses associated with boating may not yet be able to open. It is also essential that boaters contact marinas where their vessels are moored directly to see if they are able to access them as some businesses may not be open or able to facilitate safe access. The revised guidance on returning to work (if you are not able to do so from home) may also mean that some businesses may be able to re-open whilst others cannot. As well as restrictions business owners will have to judge whether it is safe to re-open and if they can apply social distancing/precautionary measures to protect staff and customers. Whilst we are all pleased that we can access the Broads again, the threat of Coronavirus is still very real. It is up to all of us to ensure the guidelines are followed to help save lives and protect our NHS. Read the full statement on our website: https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19/
  8. An excellent response to the gov't clarification that motor boats can be used from today from the Broads Authority, including a not so subtle dig at the EA for having done no maintenance during lockdown. Seems the EA haven't caught up yet though but I'm not sure what right they have to stop navigation given the gov't have said it's ok and there is a prn?
  9. Just hope the EA follow suit so I can escape to the Thames on the bank holiday wkend😁
  10. Latest update, enjoy your day out! Coronavirus & boating update, 13 May 2020 When we were in touch yesterday we said that, along with other navigation authorities, we would review when navigation might re-open in light of the new Government advice. Government have issued clarification this morning, 13 May. We are now able to set out our approach to opening our navigation to private boating in England. Please remember that social distancing continues to be maintained, with only members of your household able to go aboard your boat until further notice. From today, Weds 13 May 2020 You may undertake short boating trips only from today – avoiding use of locks and any staff-operated structures if possible – providing, as per current government guidance, you do not stay away from home overnight and return to your home mooring (where you have one). From Saturday, 23 May: Mooring exemptions will come to an end and our guidance for continuous cruisers comes back in to force. This doesn’t mean that every boat without a home mooring needs to move on this day, just that we’d expect you to move off your current mooring within 14 days (i.e. by 6 June). If you are in a high-risk group, and need to continue to shield or self-isolate, then special arrangements can be agreed with your licence support officer if you haven’t already told us. From Monday, 1 June: On this date, we anticipate that our navigations will re-open in full, subject to some exceptions*, and you will be able to undertake longer journeys. According to current Government guidance, those who do not liveaboard should not stay overnight. We will seek further clarification as to whether overnight stays will be permissible once full navigation resumes. *Please bear in mind that it will take time to get the entire network fully operational, and booking for some passages and services will be required. Some sections may be closed for a further period. Our website will be updated with the details closer to the time. Wales: If you or your boat is on a Welsh canal please follow the latest advice which may be different from above. Please stay safe and stay alert at all times. Damian Kemp, Boating communications manager, Canal & River Trust
  11. It is accepted that the risk of transmission from outside surfaces is quite low. Some increased personal hygiene (gloves/extra hand washing) would be all that is required to mitigate the small risk from touching lock infrastructure. Ropes and locks were unhygenic before covid19. Canals would still be pretty quiet as the hire boat industry would not start and many people would choose to stay away.
  12. Interesting point. Possibly with resident lock keepers at each it was never felt that security and vandalism was a likely problem on the Thames? None of the Nene locks ever had resident keepers did they? I'm not that familiar with the G Ouse.
  13. Sandford is still available for transit I heard...But by prior booking only as handwind can't be used. It was just the handwind part that was vandalised there.
  14. Latest from CRT is that visiting boats is fine (provided mooring provider let's you) but no navigation other than what is already allowed for liveaboards. Seems ridiculous they won't allow day trip cruises on powered boats but will allow kayaks/canoes/angling. I can't see a reason for this. Touching lock surfaces is a weak argument considering people are sat on them picnicking now! And you can now drive anywhere you want.
  15. Exactly! Hopefully increasing pressure to address the obvious discrepancy between allowing canoes etc but not day trips on narrowboats or other powered boats will force them to permit more navigation. Especially on the Thames day trips are easily possible and satisfy current rules if you don't stay overnight. Regarding the damage, I heard that someone vandalised the handwind control wheel at Sandford so it is available for use with the power on but not for handwind. Abingdon gates were rammed damaging the walkway but expected to be fixed next week.
  16. On a slight tangent. The sabotaged locks at Abingdon and Sandford demonstrate the stupidity of some individuals but also how unwise it was of the EA to try and take enforcement of the covid19 laws into their own hands by making locks hand wind. (aside from the other point that making boats on necessary essential journeys spend longer at the lockside and touch more surfaces is counterproductive). They should simply have said essential journeys only and that boaters obviously contravening this would be reported etc rather than making lockies have to prevent idiots from moving themselves and taking on an enforcement role. The vandalised locks were an obvious product of this approach.
  17. Multiple closures on the Thames at the moment, including 2 locks apparently vandalised by a boater wanting passage. But saw this image on Facebook of a boat that had to be rescued by the fire brigade after becoming stuck on the sunken widebeam above Sunbury Lock! Words fail me. What they were doing there is anyone's guess!?
  18. Apparently Marple and Bosley locks are now closed indefinitely as Coombs reservoir feeder has failed leaving no/too little water supply for the Macc/Peak Forest summit...
  19. Thanks for sharing this. Although I doubt I'll be boating the Wey again for a while I used to walk there every week when I lived in Guildford. Nice to have some good news
  20. Anyone else quietly optimistic that boating (with just members of your household) will be included in the outdoor activities that look to be amongst the first things that might be permitted when lockdown is eased? Other countries in the EU have permitted travel to second homes as part of lockdown easements.
  21. I did read a report in the news a while back that crime was much reduced. As are many other things like A&E admissions
  22. We have moored several times around sideways farm near the Amazon warehouse and football stadium, although this was a 4 or 5 years back when it was less built up and felt rural. But it felt completely safe.
  23. Glad this had a happy ending. Worse areas to be in lockdown than Cropredy. The fuel boats here seem to be carrying on so possibly fuel boat Dusty will be too and will be coming through Cropredy at some point to save you needing to move for diesel.
  24. I know the spot! It is lovely there, I was last there during the 2nd 'mini' beast from the east
  25. I suppose this 'could' become useful information if we have periods of relaxation of the rules and periods of lockdown going on through the summer and autumn. I know some people move onto their boats for several months over the summer.
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