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  1. Its a lot cheaper at Toolstation. It used to say it was suitable for potable water tanks. I don't suppose the recipe has changed just not 'certified' anymore
  2. Does the fishing licence increase with the length of you rod??
  3. and just to add to the misery, when the Garrison route reopens at the end of July, they block Ashted locks for most of August so to get to Brum via the GU means a trip via Salford Junction. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/10492/ashted-lock-4
  4. Agreed it is a prettier route but to get to Drayton Manor it would add a lot of time even diverting via Aston when you add on the Farmers Briidge flight to the equation.
  5. Hate to say this but ....... Catherine de Barnes to Drayton Manor is do-able in a fairly long day but did you know that Garrison Locks are closed by one of C&RTs Summer stoppages? https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/10486/garrison-flight-lock-1-lock-3-lock-4-and-lock-5 It means diverting via the Aston Flight giving a longer journey + 12 extra locks which would make it doubtful. Suggest it could be done by carrying on to the Facilities block by Tyseley Top Lock and overnighting there. Not the prettiest of spots but is behind a secure C&RT fence Geoff
  6. Try Tom Keeling, he did a survey for me earlier this year - very good. He lives in Alcester so not too far away Geoff
  7. Done it a few times there, no problems except for the couple of "know it alls" who didn't like me going in the bottom lock whilst they were entering the top ! Geoff
  8. http://www.toolstation.com/shop/Painting+%26+Decorating/d150/Decorators+Brushes/sd2997/Striker+Paintbrush/p41382
  9. Thats what I thought but if you click the links, both say it on the info ! Maybe a phone call on Monday
  10. Off I went to get my usual 2 cans of Rylards Blacking, but I was told they didn't have any in stock as they were transferring to this stuff http://www.symphonynarrowboatpaint.co.uk/hull-coating.html. They had the 2 types as shown but no labels giving the details / differences between them and looking on the website they look the same to me apart from the name. Anybody used them ? and whats the difference? Geoff
  11. Geoff


  12. Geoff


    Final Flights of the Vulcan http://www.vulcantothesky.org/news/710/82/Latest-on-National-Tour.html
  13. Geoff

    online certs

    I'm sure when the BSS tests last went up in price it was partly because the price of Certificates was being put up to the Examiners.(£30 +) If no proper certificates are now issued I assume the price will be reduced ????????
  14. It's not owned by the RAF, these people run it. I think it's a charity http://www.vulcantothesky.org/
  15. Its the olive option I've used sucessfully, but instead of squeezing the olive and struggling to cut the nut off the pipe, I just soldered it on
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