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  1. Don't panic Mr Mannering. Good article here explaining how it will work. Will prohibit sale of 'bad' fuels eg wet wood, extend smokeless zones to the whole country and only permit use of DEFRA approved stoves. Unfortunately the popular Morso Squiggle 1410 (like what I've got) is *not* DEFRA approved. Strangely the 1412 wood burning version *is* approved - So, will they ban the use of unapproved stoves, meaning I have to replace my stove - or will the ban just be on new stoves?
  2. Thanks. Yes a lovely canal but it's great to be moving again. Boats are meant to navigate not be tied up for long. Several places available for a lift out but that would have cost ££. Would have been OK as a last resort though.
  3. Just to close this thread - we've just escaped after 6 months being stuck on the Basingstoke. We (Nbs Ceilidh and Legend) came on at the at the end of May, each with a month's licence. A few days later Lock 18 gates were damaged and required replacing. This took 2 months, by which time we were in the middle of the drought. There was insufficient water to fill the pounds that had been drained to enable the repair, a situation that got worse as first the Hampshire pound then the Surrey pound were closed to Navigation. It looked like we were going to be entombed on the Basingstoke until April - 10 months. Lovely though the Basingstoke is - we feel we've 'done' it now, so were pleased to hear the Deepcut flight was re-opening last week. We have just made good our escape up to the K&A after a bit of a Thames cruise to try and get some use from our (unrefundable) gold licences. - Phew!
  4. Thanks Tim, good spot. I'll let the chaps know the answer lies within their own journal! To clarify it's age - sometime in the late 90s probably as it is controlled by some Mitsubishi computer chips.
  5. I have just come across two volunteers from the Basingstoke Canal Society restoring the magnificent working model of a lock in the foyer of Mytchett Canal Centre. They have no details as to who built it and donated it - or any plans as to how the electronics work. They would very much like to identify the builder(s) so they can be properly credited. From the electronics it looks around 20 years old and probably post-dates the canal re-opening in 1991. Might anybody know?
  6. Update from the BCA the wood for the new gate has been delivered from France and is now with the gate builder. However manufacture and fitting will still be several more weeks ? Just a thought - we are stuck the wrong side of the closure until the gate is fixed, just poodling between Mytchett and Odiham kicking our heels. If anyone was booked onto the Basingstoke and is close enough and would like to sample the delights if this beautiful and under-used canal (certainly now!) you are welcome to join Annie and I on Ceilidh for a day's cruise - perhaps cross it off your bucket list. Just pm me......
  7. Had this on my engine covers - we christened the engine bay "Igor's Crypt" because of the noise the made opening. Solved it by drilling a 3mm hole in each hinge to allow oiling. No grease nipple needed. But take care to identify the cup side of the hinge, not the pin holder side.
  8. The Basingstoke Canal Authority are managing to get everyone who needs to off the canal today and next Monday by roping them through the damaged lock 18 with crews off just incase the gates give.
  9. KenM

    Padworth lock K&A

    Lock re- opened this afternooon. There might have been an underlying fault with the collar, but the boat was GRP and the whole shooting match, beam 'n all ended up on the bottom.
  10. KenM

    Padworth lock K&A

    Yup ABC yard have cctv and believed it to be a plastic broads type cruiser ie.not one of their hirers (which Saints forgive me, was my first thought)
  11. KenM

    Padworth lock K&A

    I offered to go and get my Sea Searcher magnet! Offer was declined.
  12. KenM

    Padworth lock K&A

    26th Mar ufn. A disappointment to anyone heading out to the Thames now that Blakes lock is open - one of the top gates went AWOL yesterday. CRT on site are aiming for the weekend to reopen but - dont hold them to it. If they can fish the gate out tomorrow perhaps Thursday some time. Note that Aldermaston lock has been temporarily padlocked denying access to the water point and elsan below. If anyone needing water walks down to see the lads at Padworth they can provide the lock combination.
  13. The Devizes to Westminster race portage around the locks anyway so it wont effect the race. More the point though - I wanted to be off the K&A before the race ( 30th March) Speeding kayaks going past continuously for 24 hours is no joke. Spectators tend to regard moored boats as grand stands too :-p
  14. Update. I took a walk up to Blakes lock yesterday to see if it was nearly finished - er no its not! The EA are going to have be busy to get this open in the next month! Currently de-gated both ends and brick lining all removed.
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