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  1. Jay4424

    List of Woolwich built GUCC Boats

    Incorrect photos and old information when you open up the pages for specific boats
  2. Jay4424


  3. Jay4424

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Ooo and Antony (the front half anyway) (wooden bottom still)
  4. Jay4424

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Sorry for being late to the party, and sorry more if its already been said... small motors with wooden bottoms... small Woolwich Mercury I beleave still elm bottomed.
  5. Brillant idea! Thanky ou for sharing. Only thing is, keep an eye on the threads as PTFE and diesel dont mix... ive seen it used on many an application and within a year they've failed/started failing (weeping).
  6. Jay4424

    Bollington Wharf under new ownership

    Yes that post on FB was correct, the 6th person is not on here so didnt get mentioned as no one would know her! Still offering signwriting here at the wharf, but she can come to our boat to paint just as easy as your boat coming here for her to paint! ...but then is a lovely canal so why not take the opertunity to travel along it ;-) Winded here often are loaded GU towns, a unloaded GU star and a unloaded GU star butty ...all with fenders on... surly that must make them 72' long or longer?!? ;-p
  7. Jay4424

    What was this boat?

    Yes 4/5 years ago now! ... I did half the return leg, Mac did half the outwards and Tom did the middle bits with I think Phil doing a day or two... with Mr West completing the entire journey! In all, I think every Spey owner had a part to play on that trip, either as a captain or crew, was a good doo, and a steep learning curve fro those of us who hadn't towed before.. and good training for my later life on board! C2 was fine until (mostly) we got to Warde lock on the new cut, she had to be pulled in some way to get through... we knew shed never get through hurlestone! ...our involvement stopped when she get to Chester, all movements since have been with a different motor. Jay
  8. Jay4424

    What was this boat?

    from the inside evidence I would have said Chance 2 was decked in its working life, not open... that's not to say it got a deck added later in its working life, but the cut outs are there for the deck supports
  9. Jay4424

    What was this boat?

    another option could be that it was "Chance 2" you were looking at... all wood, ex TCO (so we think) cabind top, petrol engine (horizontal twin driving a "hochkiss cone" proplution unit.
  10. I wont bother starting then! :-) ...you doing H & W too?
  11. Jay4424

    Historic Boats for sale online

    By converted i mean its now a motor boat... just to be clear!
  12. Jay4424

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I heard that too
  13. Jay4424

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Via FB (narrowboats for sale uk) I believe ex FMC "Spain" to be for sale (Fender Phil's boat) a converted butty, but retains much of the original shape under water, plus a wooden bottom so I'm told. sorry I don't know more.
  14. Jay4424

    Aunty Wainwright's Everything Must Go Sale

    Oops! (Still happy to donate £20, but dont require thingy!)
  15. Jay4424

    Bridgewater Closed 13th Feb till 24th May

    I hear that it may not now be closed untill Febuary... dont know more info sorry

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