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  1. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    Bingley 5 rise and Grindley Brook I think are still full time lock keepers
  2. Skipton

    Try the Pie & Mash cafe on the wharf. alll the pies are home made,and they do frozen take away ones too.
  3. Photos of your boat.

    Puffin on the Weaver
  4. Canal dredging action

    How do you post photos now?
  5. Canal dredging action

    Dredger on the canal
  6. Insurance covering use on tidal waters

    I use lNavigators & General which cover the boat for non tidal waters of the UK but include inter- connecting tidal stretches for direct access to Inland Navigation systems. By the way can I ask where is your new boat..?
  7. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Yes no problem there just keep clear of the mooring for the swing bridge,better still go the other side of the bridge.
  8. Swans attack

    Pull your pins and take you your baot and the dog away from the nesting swans not hard is it..!!!!!!
  9. Skipton

    I think you wiĺ find the local council are not responsible for the tow path comes under CART..
  10. Peg Feeding Tube

    Thanks for your message but it's not a support group that I am looking for but more first hand info from fellow boaters.
  11. Peg Feeding Tube

    I take it you still go boating..how do you find it..?
  12. Peg Feeding Tube

    After getting over throat cancer some years I find that I can no longer swallow food and have just been fitted with a peg tube to feed directly into my stomach. Do any of our members have the same thing..and if so how does it effect your boating..?