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  1. What about the Leeds and Liverpool that is a wide canal in the North West last time I looked
  2. Can anyone tell me are the HGV, farm tractors , mobile cranes , railways, sea going ships etc all going to be electric powered..? I don't think so
  3. Will it just be us in the UK or are the rest of the world doing the same thing..? Can't see it happening in the USA or China for that matter.
  4. Strange that they did not go up the locks breasted up together rather than single file for every lock.
  5. More wide beams on the Leeds & Liverpool
  6. A Dutch barge on the Leeds & Liverpool
  7. Kept mine down on the Leeds & Liverpool canal all the time.
  8. The bow of a war ship, merchant ships fly the pilot jack ie a white flag with the union flag in the centre.
  9. It was built as a live aboard for use on the Leeds & Liverpool and other Northern waterways.
  10. Another fine wide beam on the Leeds and Liverpool
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