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  1. Very many thanks for replies.
  2. We would have liked to stop at New Mills the other day on the Peak Forest canal on the way to Whaley Bridge but couldn't find a spot. (Not a complaint but a chap in the marina shouted across to us on the towpath "You can't stop there" when we paused in the rain). We would be very grateful if anybody could advise if it's possible to moor at New Mills so we can look around the town etc. Thanks
  3. Not seen 502 this evening.
  4. jeanb

    A new cat

    We're assuming that as Arthur is a lovely rescue cat then he's been chipped. We think Ginger (Tom) should be chipped also, so a trip to the vet may be called for, and they love worming cats, for a small fee that is.
  5. Amazon UK has a Kidde CO alarm as deal of the day today, boat and caravan compliant for a tenner.
  6. jeanb

    TV sets

    Our 4 year-old 240v TV has an integral vertical DVD player which we've found handy if the reception goes a bit pants.
  7. We've installed a CO alarm, suitable for boats, on our narrowboat in our sleeping quarters at bunk height. We're not due a BSS examination for a while yet so we're wondering if we've got the right location. Should we speak to a surveyor or can somebody on here kindly advise us what the BSS regs will require with regard to siting onboard, or where we can find the info. Thanks
  8. We started boating in 1972 and think this post is spot on. Thanks.
  9. We don't know what the catch is but we've been using the free photos app for a year now and found them very good.
  10. Just a heads up really. Wouldn't really have believed it but after Marmite chocolate etc - it's been reported Iceland are selling Marmite sprouts for Christmas!
  11. We enjoyed this, and it reminded us of our visit last summer.
  12. jeanb

    Brexit 2019

    We're still hoping to get our blue passports back, that won't say european community on the front, or inside.
  13. We've had two MCC boats, the first was six years old, our second was a newbuild. We're not experts but both boats are fine and the local BSS surveyor concurred.
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