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  1. So we have to leave the boat to its own devices for some considerable time and we're plugged in. Our marina said that they would keep an eye on things but we're still a little concerned about this power thing. i know folk have said things should be ok but we would appreciate any further electrickery and/or battery tips please. We have a Victron Multiplus 3000 on charger only. Thanks in advance and please watch out.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Hahaha great stuff! Passed the tutorial! However the laptop is getting warm.
  4. jeanb


  5. VIDEO-2020-03-19-10-06-17.mp4
  6. Thanks for the info. Just installed and looks good. (If it's ok with everyone) I'll update the Forum if things go awry.
  7. jeanb


    There is an updated CRT video of the lock 4 rebuild on youtube. Sorry but we don't have the nous to put it on here.
  8. Dined there twice last year for an evening meal. Three of us, thought it good but pretentious, and rather expensive compared to other establishments. The bitter, can't remember the name was excellent.
  9. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work, including the mods. We intend to continue our support.
  10. That's a nice pic Matty40s, looks like heading into Brinklow Marina, mentioned lately on the Forum.
  11. jeanb

    Boat rage

    "Debacle" to quote Caelmiri - it certainly is. The film does not show appear to narrow boaters in a good light.
  12. Our previous narrowboat had a freestanding cooker. Our current narrowboat has built-in waist-level oven with eye-level grill, and we have a separate three burner hob. It's great for our ageing backs that we no longer have to bend down to use the oven.
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