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  1. Further thanks all. Sorry, should have said Farmers Bridge Junction.
  2. Thanks very much for replies. The Black Country Festival looks interesting, however we intend heading to Kinver via Farmers Bridge, Netherton tunnel, and Stourton Junction. Thence northwards to the T&M. ps I couldn't find Netherton tunnel roving bridge on my map.
  3. Thanks very much MP: understood. We're not fans of Farmers Bridge/Curdwoth. We like the miniature railway at Kinver and if we get our finger out we'll have time so we could be heading to Stourton Junction but don't want to upset C&RT due to their biological controls. Does anyone recommend overnight moorings near Merry Hill?
  4. Bit of a spanner in the works for us so we are seeking advice please. We are currently in Alvechurch and were hoping to get to Worcester thence Stourport to return to the T&M via Kinver by mid Septemberish. Wolverley Lock is shut until 28th Sept so our plan is not feasible. The latest stoppage notice asks that we do not travel through Dudley for about 7 weeks so our plan there is also not feasible. It looks like our only option is Farmers Bridge locks (not keen) or via Wolverhampton. We would be very grateful for any advices. Thanks.
  5. We experienced a similar problem which required a new accumulation as the bladder had split. What we would like to know please is how do we know when a prv is knackered? i.e. (i) does it leak all the time or (ii) not leak at all and the calorifier goes boom. Thanks for any replies. (With apologies for piggybacking on another post).
  6. Where were you (approx) when you saw the red squirrel please?
  7. This. We agree; just passed through twice recently (up+down) quite busy and queueing.
  8. The relief/non return valve on our Sigmar BO 40 used to discharge some water most days into the engine space bilge. Recently it has stopped functioning and despite wiggling it daily it appears seized. We have the manual and would like a new prv but our searches online have drawn a blank; there seems to be plenty available but none specific for our boiler. Which one should we use? Grateful thanks for any replies.
  9. We are very grateful for all your replies and advice.
  10. Thank you rusty, only the inverter and 240v fridge on and no solar. So I appear to be worried about nothing.
  11. We would appreciate some comments/advice please. We’ve noticed the last couple of days that both our starter battery and our domestic bank seem to be reading higher than usual following our daily cruise, as measured by meter. We tied up an hour ago and have 13.01v on starter battery and 12.82v on main batteries. The installed multimeter is reading a tad higher. As we’re only used to observing about 12.6v we’re wondering if our 4 year old batteries that have been on trickle charge all winter are on the way out. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
  12. Upper Heyford has been our blackspot these last few years.
  13. Similar here, been with 3 for about 10 years and we also use their mifi.
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