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  1. This boat has been for sale on and off for over 12 months. It did move around a bit in the early days on the Bridgewater Canal as it was based in Castlefield.
  2. Owned by Ben Frost, masquerading on here as @Mr Lister
  3. I've been racking my brain to think of the previous owners name, and it has finally come to me. Ron Long. I have no pictures of the boat unfortunately, I've had a quick Google online and nothing relevant is showing up. Just out of interest, do you have a recent picture of the boat? It would be nice to see it again.
  4. The boat Joe was owned by a guy named Ron who was a fender maker and was based at the BMBC (Bridgewater Motor Boat Club) in Runcorn. Unfortunately after Ron passed away the boat passed to a family member who started to commence a refit and for one reason or another never finished. The boat was located under the Waterloo Bridge (known locally as Top Locks) for a couple of years, looking rather abandoned and sorry for itself, covered in pigeon muck and other assorted gunge. By this point the boat was offered for sale at a very high price being quite clearly a project, but eventually did sell and was lifted from the water and relocated elsewhere by road. In the "glory" days, Ron practically lived on the boat, or at least used it extensively and was usually found up and down the Bridgewater of a weekend etc. To my knowledge since Ron's passing to the point of Sale it wasn't docked at all, and although not an originally thick hull, was for from being in good condition. It will probably need plating work sooner rather than later.
  5. And apparently Aqua Vista customers are getting an identically worded email, but obviously from Aqua Vista rather than Castle Marinas.
  6. It is very different in the winter. I've lost track about how many people have told me they'd love my job in July, but come February they will only talk to me through their window as I drop their coal off when the canals frozen and it's blowing a strong wind.
  7. Tadworth, paired with Bordesley I reckon @AndrewGVT may be in the know.
  8. Liam

    Coal Price

    Not available anymore. It has been outlawed since the regulation changes in April.
  9. I was told by my Rep the other day that Calor is increasing their price again from 1st November. But it looks like it won't effect me cos they hardly bloody deliver anyway!
  10. A couple of more orders down the line and supply is still good with 24hr/48hr deliveries. However the price has unfortunately sky rocketed. It's about 30p a litre more than it was earlier in the year. Ouch
  11. Touch wood, no problems here... Phoned up on Monday to book a delivery for Wednesday and on Tuesday I got a call asking if I could take it then. Will be placing an other order on Monday so hope it's trouble free.
  12. Bridgewater Marina have never directly offered boats for hire but there have been both day and longer term hire boats available in the past by other operators based there, but no longer operate from there. There are still the 2 trip boats operating under the name of Bridgewater Canal Cruises.
  13. Thorn Marine are the only self steer boat hire operator on the Bridgewater Canal so I'd definitely start with them.
  14. Having used foam before, no matter how dense the retailer or manufacturer claims it to be, I've always found it rather uncomfortable for continuous use. For comfort over practicality, I went with 3 separate custom made proper sprung mattresses. Not as expensive as it sounds and really is rather comfortable. I say comfort over practicality as during the day the mattresses can't obviously be rolled up and pushed into the bed hole, but the bottom and middle sections have to be placed on end and stood up. It's probably a better way of doing it to be honest as it allows better air movement/circulation during the day. If your bedding isn't too thick you manage to tuck away a duvet and a couple of pillows too.
  15. It's the end of an era... Or alternatively the chance to start a new one. Copied from a Facebook post... This is to let people know that our beautiful 152 year old Pauline is for sale. It's time for her to have new owners that love her as much as we do. She is a 57’long, 14’ wide ‘Calder and Hebble' Keel, an iron British Barge built in 1869 in Goole, Yorkshire, for the Aire and Calder Navigation Company. She is on the national historic ships register. She fits the northern waterways and wide canals of great Britain. She was bought by the Lorenz family in 1976 and converted into our home. The Lorenz family have lived aboard since 1989. Pauline’s diesel tank hold 100 gallons and is full. Engine make and model: “Parsons Pike”, based on ford 4D, Completely overhauled by Paul. She has a Vetus M205 6KW generator a 600 gallon water tank and 50 gallon header tank. She comes as a fully equipped liveaboard. You can read about our family’s journey to Europe on Pauline in ’Snail’s Pace’ by Gabrielle Lorenz PM me for details For those of you not on Facebook, drop me a message and I'll PM you a phone number for those interested.
  16. Thanks all for your kind words now that both sides have been voiced. Look forward to giving updates as and when with progress!
  17. Previously owned by @DRP and before that, Ken Farr who unfortunately is no longer with us.
  18. If you're talking about the integral box section type handrails, you'll find that they're actually hollow and by removing a section for drainage you're causing further problems. I have seen a sort of scupper welded to the cabin top before now to divert some of the water over the stern most (and lower) drainage channel. I've tried to find a picture online, but can't at the mo. Its basically maybe half inch bar welded as to divert the water running back.
  19. The boat used to be based at Bedford Basin but was sold a few years ago and is now based on the River Weaver. Earlier in the year the AS3 engine was replaced with a Lister HA3 and has been recently advertised for sale.
  20. Excellent suggestion, thanks, didn't think of that.
  21. Thanks, it's my parents boat so no financial gain, I'll probably even have to make my own brew! When I say capped off I mean removal of the pipe back upto the T which runs off to the cooker and cap it there.
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