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  1. hi all, can anyone tell me how to obtain a roamer licence from crt please,i cant seem to get any info on them,many thanks
  2. hi all, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a car hire company near lichfield off the coventry canal,got to get to a hospital appointment,many thanks
  3. hi all, i have 4 leisure and a starter battery on my nb,i also have 300watts of solar,i recently fitted a smart gauge to monitor state of charge. i have noticed that there seems to be 14volts going into the battery bank constantly from the solar panels even when the gauge shows 100% charged,is this ok,or will it fry my batteries,many thanks in advance...
  4. so are you saying,alternator to vsr from vsr to domestic bank as a priority then secondly to starter battery ?
  5. hi all,i`m going to take out my split charge relay soon(its packed up)and was wondering if i just connected the alternator charging cable direct to the leisure bank and took another cable from the alternator to the starter battery would this work ok,i only have a single alternator, many thanks
  6. hi all,now we are back in the marina for the winter months,and the boat will be left empty for long periods should i leave the shore line plugged in or disconnect it,we have a galvanic isolator and Solar power.our mooring is in a row of finger moorings with about ten narrowboats on it,all on power hook up,any advice please,many thanks
  7. hi guy,we are looking to buy a new sofa for the nb but are struggling to find one that is comfortable,has anyone got any recommendations for us,many thanks
  8. hi all,can anyone tell me if the five year rule still applies (being able to sell a boat without an RCD after five years)are there new regulations come in since 2017? many thanks
  9. hi all,a friend of mine is going to sell her 2018 widebeam, she fitted it out herself and is a live aboard,after having a word with the local broker she was told that before it can be sold it would have to be inspected and have an RCD certificate and the price of this is nearly three grand,does this sound right? many thanks
  10. Hi all,thanks to all the great advice I received from my last post I realise I need to,among ather things, replace my batteries that are not holding there charge,I've seen 130amp batteries on ebay for 70 odd quid,has anyone had any experience with these cheap batteries or is it false economy,any recommendations please,many thanks
  11. What do you recommend I should replace the diode with,tia
  12. No the alternator feeds straight to the relay then is distributed from there
  13. I would like to everyone for there response to my thread, I can add that I took a reading with my multimeter from the alternator and it was producing 14.6v,then a reading from the split charge relay and it showed only 13.6v,and also 13.6 at the batteries,
  14. Hi all,my alternator is the lucas 127, 75 amp on a v belt configuration, but it is only putting out 13.4 volts,witch is not charging the batteries much,I have two leisure one starter, is there anyway I can beef up my charging rate two hours tv of an evening and the batteries are flat,I also have 300watts of solar,many thanks
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