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  1. thanks for the reply,the hatch is steel that will be in contact with the runners
  2. hi all,i`m looking at fitting some running strips on the sliding back hatch of my nb,i`ve priced up some brass strips but they are very expensive,so i`m looking for alternatives,i found in my shed left over from another project some aluminium strips that are bob on size wise, so my question is, has anyone used aluminium for the runners and how do they perform,many thanks
  3. hi all ,im going to be painting my nb soon and have been looking into different paints,my first choice is dacrylate paints mainly because i work near their plant in kirkby in ashfield,so my question is what does the forum think about dacrylate paints,TIA
  4. hi all,i`m looking to upgrade my alternator fromm the 55amp one fitted at the moment to something a bit more powerfull above 70amp,its going on my bmc 1800,many thanks
  5. hi all,just an update,after trying all the advice given i found out that both my alternators where duds,whats the chances,one was a new one!so i bought another one and it works fine now charging as it should, i`ve also bought a volt and amp meter to keep an eye on things,but it came with no cables,so could anyone let me no the cable sizing for the meter,its a d85 digital meter with shunt,TIA
  6. i took the blue wire and touched to metal and the light stayed on,the blue wire disappears into the engine so i`m not sure how to trace it back,also i think your right about the light being wired up wrong but not sure how to find out
  7. the thin black wire is an earth wire i put on,no thick black wires hanging,the charging light was on all the time,the only time it went off was when i turned the panel board lights off on the toggle switch,the only wires hanging about is the old connector that has two meaty brown wires going to it ?
  8. hi all,ive got an update on my charging problems,i went to my nb this weekend and tried the tests that tony brooks recommended,(many thanks tony)with no joy,i,ll try and upload a few photos and see if any body has any ideas,
  9. i,m hoping to do the tests that you gave next weekend,also the rev counter has never worked?
  10. the wiring is a right mess really and i think thats the problem,i was thinking of buying a new loom and starting from scratch, ?
  11. The exciter current is via the warning lamp, no bulb, no excitement just boring. Bulb needs to be a filament not an LED unless a resistor is also fitted How did the lack of charge first show up? Was the lamp lit all the time? Did it come on with the ignition switch? TD' its an old engine fitted in a new boat,tight budget,and has never charged,rcr had a play with it said they fixed it but its not charging at all,i changed the warning light i could of put led in,i,ll check
  12. hi all,i,m having problems with my alternator not charging,and i,m not sure what to look for in fixing this,i thought the alternator was broke so i bought a new one off ebay and this one did,nt charge either,someone suggested the alternator was,nt getting excited but i,m not sure how to check this,the alternator is fitted to a BMC 1800,any advice greatly appreciated, many thanks
  13. everything suggested on here i have already tried, i had a good hour playing with it i think the gas would of come through by then,i think ill try tapping the reset button next time i`m down,i`ve nothing to lose lose by resorting to the big hammer!
  14. hi all having gone down to our nb after the lockdown we found no gas comming through the pipes,the bottle is full,the cooker is the only appliance on boardthe only thing i can think of that can go wrong is the pigtail swap over valve,has anyone got this set up on there boat,is there anything i should be looking at,many thanks
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