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  1. hi all,we have just had a nice weekend down on our nb until it came to shutting down the boat before leaving it for a few weeks,i went to turn off the electrics ie 12 volt and mains,i noticed a warning light on my galvanic isolater it indicated that the dc current was leaking,the light only went off when i pulled out the shore line,also i dont no if its linked to it but my tv aerial has packed up too,any ideas what or where i should be looking to rectify the problem, many thanks in advance.
  2. dreadnought

    fuel leak part 2

    hi all,shanks for the reply to my last post(tony brooks)much appreciated ,it looks like my leak is coming from the shut of shaft,so i`m going to change the o ring on the shaft and while i`m down there i`ll change the o ring on the throttle shaft,is there any does and donts, or any tips please,the engine is an 1800 bmc many thanks in advance
  3. hi all,is it ok to leave the inverter on over night while using the slow cooker,thanks
  4. dreadnought

    fuel leak

    hi,ive had a fuel leak from the linkage at the side of the fuel pump for a little while, now it seems to be getting worse,i loose about a tablespoon full an hour,the engine is the bmc 1800, my question is has anyone got an idea of what i need to do to fix this, many thanks in advance
  5. dreadnought


    hi all, i have a bmc 1800 in my nb, the instrument panel is very old and i`m not sure if the temperature gauge is very accurate, its reading around the 87 degree mark on average, does this seem about right, many thanks
  6. dreadnought

    leaking fuel ?

    hi all,we just got back from a weekend away and while sorting out the stern tube greaser i noticed a puddle of oil under the engine BMC 1800 so i checked the oil level when the engine cooled down and there was no drop in level,so that left water or diesel,i dipped my finger in to find it was diesel,i then ran my hand under the fuel pump and it came back with diesel on it,so my question is, is there something or somewhere i should check first ? many thanks in advance
  7. hi,i`m looking to buy some solar panels and was thinking of getting the flexible one,has anyone any experience with this type of panel and could you recommend one type,failing that what would be a decent solid type, many thanks in advance
  8. hi,can anyone recommend someone in the notts/derby area who con fit me a morco instantaneous water heater,many thanks
  9. this happened yesterday (Sunday) i wanted to retro fit a double power socket on the 240 v system on my nb, a socket with the usb chargers on,my plan was to locate the cable and cut it at the site for the socket,simples,so i turned off the power at the mains, the consumer unit, then to make sure there was no power i tried a couple of sockets to make sure they were dead no probs,then i got my snips and cut through the cable, a big bang followed and a puff of smoke, i was still in one piece but well surprised, any body no why this would happen with the power off,?? many thanks
  10. hi all,i`m looking for some kind of plastic bucket come container that will fit under the stern tube in that little triangular section,that way i can keep the bilge pump in there and everything will be a bit neater,i was wondering if anyone has something that they have used and proved ideal,many thanks in advance
  11. compartment under the floor/deck semi trad,i thought soundproofing was soundproofing ?
  12. hi all, i`m looking for some good soundproofing for my engine room on my nb, any suggestions/recommendations please, many thanks
  13. i`ve got vision plus status 335, less than a year old with new coax cable to the signal booster box then on to tv
  14. i moor at shardlow in derbyshire,and once we left there to cruise to the llangollen basin we could`nt get a signal at anytime,so no tv for three weeks,i did`nt miss it but the mrs`s did
  15. hi all, just got back from a three week trip on my nb, couldn't get any service on my tv anywhere so going to have to upgrade my aerial so could i get some suggestions on what kind of aerial i should be looking at buying, many thanks
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