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  1. hi all,can anyone tell me if the five year rule still applies (being able to sell a boat without an RCD after five years)are there new regulations come in since 2017? many thanks
  2. hi all,a friend of mine is going to sell her 2018 widebeam, she fitted it out herself and is a live aboard,after having a word with the local broker she was told that before it can be sold it would have to be inspected and have an RCD certificate and the price of this is nearly three grand,does this sound right? many thanks
  3. Hi all,thanks to all the great advice I received from my last post I realise I need to,among ather things, replace my batteries that are not holding there charge,I've seen 130amp batteries on ebay for 70 odd quid,has anyone had any experience with these cheap batteries or is it false economy,any recommendations please,many thanks
  4. What do you recommend I should replace the diode with,tia
  5. No the alternator feeds straight to the relay then is distributed from there
  6. I would like to everyone for there response to my thread, I can add that I took a reading with my multimeter from the alternator and it was producing 14.6v,then a reading from the split charge relay and it showed only 13.6v,and also 13.6 at the batteries,
  7. Hi all,my alternator is the lucas 127, 75 amp on a v belt configuration, but it is only putting out 13.4 volts,witch is not charging the batteries much,I have two leisure one starter, is there anyway I can beef up my charging rate two hours tv of an evening and the batteries are flat,I also have 300watts of solar,many thanks
  8. Hi all,can anyone tell me if my current alternator (75 amp)would be capable of charging 4 leasure and a starter battery,many thanks. I'm looking at upgrading for the new season next year and don't no weather to go with three or four 130 amp with a smart meter,at the moment I have two leasure and a starter,led acid,I don't want to add to them I want to replace all with new ones,
  9. hi all,i have a epever n series mppt controller on my nb coupled to a 200 watt solar panel,the led screen is showing 100% charge,batteries full, but the watts are only showing between 40 and 50 watts from the panel, is this normal ? many thanks
  10. hi all, i have added another solar panel to my existing panel, and before they are connected to the mppt controller i`ve run them through an isolating fuse box ,which is fine , when i get back to my home mooring and plug into the landline my vitron battery charger come manager takes over the charging and managing the battery bank,so my question is should i turn off my solar panels at the isolating switch and let the victron do its job alone when on landline?many thanks
  11. Hi all,has anyone got any recommendations for a radio on board a narrow boat, I,m looking to see if there are any radio,s with a plug in external aerial so it can be mounted outside for better reception, many thanks,sorry I should of said the radio is for music like,radio 2,gold,smooth, that sort of thing,at the moment I have to put inverter on then the wi fi then a tablet then a Bluetooth speaker a right faff, TIA
  12. hi all,has anyone got any experience with reflex diesel heater by lockgate stoves,i`ve just installed one and yet to get it to light,has anyone got some lighting tips for me please,many thanks
  13. hi all,i`m looking at fitting a reflek diesel heater in my 57ft nb,and just wondering what KW power i would need, i`ve got the chance of a 1.6kw at the right money but not sure its man enough !, i would appreciate your thoughts,many thanks,
  14. hi guys,i`ll be blacking the nb this year and i`m just looking at some bitcho,i`ve come across black jack seems a good price and i was wondering if anyone has used it or could recommend an alternative,many thanks
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