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    Canals and Industrial Archaeology (any archaeology really), Astronomy, Linguistics and learning languages I'm never going to be able to use. Nature and the passing of seasons - particularly when seen from the canal. Reading (mostly non-fiction). When time allows researching my family history.

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  1. This is my favourite picture of me in a long time Cheshire~Rose.
  2. One of the sons is tall and has red gold hair, which he used to keep very short. At Caernarvon Castle I was surprised when a woman standing a couple of feet from him started to shout and point, "Look, this bloke looks just like Prince Harry!". Being quite shy he was fairly mortified by this unwanted attention. Then, when he was in the Army Cadets he was often called "Wales" by the sergeant. He came back from a weekend camp with the labels on his equipment changed to "HRH Wales". Not surprisingly, he now has long hair.
  3. I deliberately took a day release secretarial course while doing my A levels at evening class. People couldn't understand why someone doing A levels needed to be able to type. The A levels got me to university and on to teacher training, the typing made my work as a teacher of ICT and computing much easier - and I still sometimes take notes in meetings in shorthand - but I did Teeline, no soft or hard writing.
  4. Despite this being a much choppier ride than the one we did six weeks before, we didn't come close to colliding with anything. The previous one did have one tense moment as we were heading for a raft of anchored Thames barges... Incidentally, the Thames lifeboat can be seen in a very few frames at one point (doubtless David could say where), those things don't half move!
  5. We are now home. Pizza was ready for us (thanks to son being advised of our arrival) and WINE!!! Alan finally got enough of the rewiring done to be able to hand it over to Dave, the engineer, who will need to do various magical and arcane things to get the engine fully installed. Today was absolutely FOUL. Cold, pouring rain coming into the engine room, and almost pitch dark inside. Alan stuck at it again until he had completed it, despite all kinds of difficulties and setbacks. I spent a lot of time balanced and trying to hold lamps so that Alan could see well enough to do what was needed. Then a long drive home. But, little by little the boat is being transformed...
  6. Yes, me too. I didn't do typing either, although years later I took day release to take a shorthand, typing and office practice course. People didn't understand why I would be doing something like that - being a fairly educated woman and this was before the first PCs. However, when I became a teacher it was enormously useful - being able to touch type as an ICT and computing teacher was quite unusual. I would love to learn Latin, though.
  7. I've been getting on inside the boat - mostly cleaning and clearing - as the inside of Flamingo is a bit of a building site at the moment. And, walking the dogs, of course. Many years ago we divided some of the tasks, just to make life easier. Alan already had good electrical skills, I took over cooking, because if I hadn't we would probably have been poisoned. I took over painting and decorating, Alan got checking and balancing the accounts. Most other tasks are shared. It's not that I don't think that I can do it, it's just that Alan is so much better, there is little point in me spending time in doing it. I have been able to do electrical things in the past, but whatever skills I had are long since fallen into abeyance. Doubtless he will update you on his progress. Edit: I don't do plumbing either - for the same reason.
  8. He's just finished for the day, now sorting through things and putting everything away. Tomorrow, he's starts again.
  9. Catrin


    Well done to Hawkmoth, that is one of the finer features of the forum - the willingness to help others.
  10. Fascinated to know how anyone can define one language as older than another. All languages trace back to earlier roots.
  11. I haven't used libraries for years - they tend to want the books back sometime. Despite that, I am a strong supporter. For many years I have bought my books - I like to use them for reference and prefer to keep them on the shelves. For me, electronic books have been a revolution. I can carry around a whole library, and it has saved metres of shelving.
  12. Many years ago when I was a programmer, I was writing test data for my program, and decided that one of the properties that I was inventing should be a pub. I duly named it 'the Mastodon and Teapot'. My boyfriend at the time - who worked in the same office - saw this and decided that it was indecent. Under pressure from him I changed it (wouldn't happen now). I never understood why it was indecent. Or even why it mattered.
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