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  1. press release 21 September WINNERS OF THE ‘OSCARS OF THE WATERWAYS’ ANNOUNCED The winners of Canal & River Trust’s 2018 Living Waterways Awards were announced at a gala ceremony in Birmingham last night (20 September 2018). The Living Waterways Awards, sponsored by Kier, Amco Geffen, Arcadis, CPC Civils, Fountains, Land & Water and Vinci, seek to recognise the most exciting and inspiring waterway-based projects across the UK which are transforming where we live and enriching our lives. Sue Wilkinson, Canal & River Trust trustee and chair of the Awards assessment panel, said: “Our inland waterways have been part of our history for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That they are still being used and enjoyed today, making our lives richer and happier is down to a lot of effort by many unsung heroes and these awards exist to celebrate their efforts. “This is the fifteenth year of the Awards and, as ever, the assessment panel faced a tremendous challenge in selecting which projects to recognise; we congratulate all finalists.” A rigorous assessment process saw the expert judges travel across the country from Powys to Glasgow and from London to Burnley before selecting the finalists for the 2018 Living Waterways Awards. From inspirational education programmes and innovative construction projects, to exciting community-binding environmental initiatives, the winners of these prestigious awards are: Art, Culture & Events: Winner: Burnley Canal Festival, Lancashire Runner-up: Hereford River Carnival, Herefordshire Commended: The Idle Women: Recreating the Journey, national Built Environment: Winner: Merchant Square Floating Pocket Garden, London Joint Runner-up: Knostrop Weir foot & cycle bridge, Yorkshire; and Somers Town Bridge, London Engaging the Community – large scale: Winner: Woodside, Firhill & Hamiltonhill Development Framework, Glasgow Runner-up: Waterspace Bath, Somerset Engaging the Community – small scale: Winner: Nowka Bais, Birmingham Joint Runner-up: The Wanderer Community Workboat, Worcestershire; and Idle Women, Lancashire Heritage & Conservation: Winner: Hetty’s Tea Room, Stoke on Trent Runner-up: Restoration of Church Bridge & Pocklington Canal Bicentenary, Yorkshire Commended: New Mills Marina, Derbyshire Learning & Skills: Winner: Rivertime Boat Trust, Berkshire Runner-up: Leicester Young Ecology Adventurers, Leicestershire Natural Environment: Winner: Mon & Brec Green Infrastructure Improvement Programme, Powys Runner-up: Lower Misbourne Enhancements, Buckinghamshire; Commended: Bringing Back the Bulbourne, Hertfordshire Outstanding Achievement Award: Roger Hanbury Further details of the 2018 Living Waterways Awards can be found at www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/living-waterways-awards-2018 ENDS
  2. Ray T

    Narrowboat colours

    A tug, from the Thomas William King collection: https://livingmemory.live/
  3. Ray T

    Historic Boats for sale online

  4. Ray T

    A warning to others...

    Knock knock, Who's there? Avon calling your bells bust.
  5. Ray T

    March of the Widebeams

    The boats used were motor Progress and butty Eagle. In addition to Alan's sucinct explanation, when traversing the locks Eagle had to be bow hauled through the locks as a narrow butty would have been. Comparison of Progress and a narrow boat.
  6. Ray T

    Narrowboat colours

    Just as interesting on the inside. Picture from the sales brochure.
  7. Ray T

    Wind speed.

  8. Ray T

    Wind speed.

    Wimps. Entry for June 2nd to June 10th, middle entry. St Malo to St Peter Port. Only my second offshore cruise.
  9. Ray T

    Narrowboat colours

    When in that livery if I recall correctly the name was sported on the front cabin.
  10. Ray T

    March of the Widebeams

    Anything to do with this song?
  11. Ray T

    Narrowboat colours

    Picture from t' web.
  12. Ray T

    Narrowboat colours

    From Colours of the Cut, Edward Paget-Tomlinson. Both BCN tugs.
  13. Ray T

    Bleeding calorifier

    With ours open the hot bath tap as this closest to the calorifier and wait until the water runs at a steady pace. i.e. not accompanied with any air.
  14. These also: Not my photo, one wot I found on t' net.
  15. Ray T

    Etruria last Saturday

    'cause it won't fit in a rucksack Probably run on compressed air.
  16. When I sailed offshore, sometimes had a tender behind.
  17. Ray T

    Cadbury Boats

    Bridget from CRT Archive:
  18. An important accessory is a decent Cratch cover. Our is by A J Canopies and has let very little water into the cratch over the years.
  19. Ray T

    A proper boat engine.

    If you notice the operator puts his hand above each cylinder. Perhaps to check compression / fuel is reaching all cylinders? Das boot has a similar sequence where the engineer open a valve on each cylinder on the diesel engines and flames shoot out
  20. Ray T

    Historic Boats for sale online

    If you "click" on the picture it takes you here: Did you post the pictures on this thread ? If so, "Naj" has probably lifted them and put copies on his pin board. The picture doesn't appear on the thread any more. If I had realised it was your picture I wouldn't have used it without credit / permission.
  21. Ray T

    Gas locker paint.

    Earlier this year when I blacked my gas locker as an experiment I plastered the base with black Waxoyl. I then played a heat gun over it so it would soak in well. The sides I covered with normal blacking. Yet to see how this has worked.
  22. Ray T

    Historic Boats for sale online

    From Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/66498531973020242/
  23. We use an IKEA BEKVÄM step stool. On the lockers we have a caravan plastic stool which like the steps we can swap from side to side. The plastic stool is secured to the locker lids using wingnut bolts through the holes in the stool feet and into counter sunk nuts.

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