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Ray T

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  1. Ray T

    My latest acquisition

    When I next go to the boat I will photograph a small eye windlass and this one together.
  2. Ray T

    My latest acquisition

    Dave, from what I knew of Harry he was a very self effacing gentleman. He certainly didn't glory in his achievements. Because of this I think those achievements have largely gone unnoticed by many, only really those with an interest in canal history. At the CRT press briefings he kept up with the times as well as the past and always gave a balanced well thought out point of view.
  3. Ray T

    My latest acquisition

    Rather than start another thread. Is the bottom falling out of the boat artifacts market? What with ribbon plates worth next to nothing at the moment. I recently purchased this from eBay for £21 with only two bidders. It looks like a Laurence Hogg Boatman's Cabin one to me. It has a large eye to fit GU "Candlesticks."
  4. Ray T

    Harry Arnold

    Dave, I was stuck outside of the crem and couldn't hear half of what was being said. I could hear the Vicar as he had the ability to project his voice. It is a shame as I missed much of the ceremony.
  5. A picture from CRT Facebook site.
  6. Ray T

    Good luck everyone......

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. LT-Col John McCrae
  7. I have asked the mods to delete my first picture.
  8. Ray T

    What have you read lately

    Started reading "Narrow Dog to Carcasson" about 8 years ago. I can only read one sentence at a time before I get annoyed with Terry Darlington's writing style and give up.
  9. I fitted an additional poly tank in the front cratch locker of our boat and fitted something similar to this. It can be left open to vent or shut off. https://plumbing4home.com/12-bsp-automatic-air-vent-auto-cut-off-self-bleeding-radiator-valve
  10. Ray T

    Protecting natural fibre rope fenders

    I don't dispose of it. I keep it in the garden shed at the bottom of the garden. I usually soak the fenders when the boat is winterised. Our local refuse disposal centre has a waste oil recycling facility for when I dispose of any surplus oil after an engine service.
  11. "Herr" Rieu is actually Dutch. I think he speaks 4 or 5 different languages fluently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André_Rieu
  12. Ray T

    Protecting natural fibre rope fenders

    I mix Creocote with used engine oil, about 70% Creocote and 30% oil with success. As Dave says I leave them to drip for a couple of weeks.
  13. CRT Press Release 7 November 2018 BOAT LICENCE FEES FOR 2019-20 The Canal & River Trust is today confirming that headline private and business boat licence fees will be frozen for 2019 and will remain at current prices until 1 April 2020. As previously announced, following the Trust’s national boat licence consultation, which concluded in March, several changes will be taking place over five years starting from 1 April 2019. The prompt payment discount will be retained but reduced to 5% from 1 April 2019. This is the only change made to licence fees for 2019. From 2020, part of this discount (2.5%) will apply for those who manage their payments online (for example by credit/debit card or by direct debit). This means that boaters who may not be able to afford to pay the licence fee in one lump sum will also be able to benefit from a discount. In addition to length-based pricing, from April 2020 two additional pricing bands for boat widths over 2.16 to 3.24m (7ft 1” to 10ft 7¾”) and those over 3.24m width (10ft 7¾”) will be introduced. Jon Horsfall, head of customer service support at Canal & River Trust, said: “Income from boat licences accounted for around 10% of our annual income last year, and helps ensure that we can carry out the vast amount of work needed to keep the waterways available to boaters. “The changes we’re making to boat licensing are intended to ensure the financial contribution made by boaters towards the cost of looking after the waterways is spread fairly across the boating community. We’re staggering the changes we announced in March over a five-year period so there’s no sudden impact on any boaters, and we’re keeping headline licence fees frozen for the next year which will help offset the reduction in the prompt payment discount from 10% to 5% for those who pay their full licence fee upfront.” More information on boat licences is available here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/buy-your-boat-licence/choosing-and-buying-your-licence -ends- For further media requests please contact: Fran Read, Canal & River Trust m 07796 610427 e [email protected] ETA didn't see it had already been posted. I will leave it up as I have linked it to another boating site.
  14. Ray T

    Boat licence fees for 2019-20

    Yes, I have put an addendum at the bottom of my entry. I have left it on the forum as I have already linked my entry to another boating site.
  15. CRT Press Release 6 November 2018 Canal & River Trust begins consultation to move greater resource into regional customer-focussed roles As part of its waterways and wellbeing strategy, to improve customer service and to engage with local communities, the Trust has today (6th November 2018) announced some further proposed changes. The announcement will see resource from the Trust’s centrally based roles moved into its six customer-facing regional teams, and operational management roles adapted to meet the requirements of the new regions. The changes affect approximately 240 colleagues who have been briefed at a series of sessions across the network, and whose existing roles are now ‘at risk’. Those affected include professional, supervisory and management roles. Waterway operatives, team leaders and volunteer leaders are not affected by the changes. During the consultation period with our trade unions, which will commence next week, those affected will have the opportunity to discuss their aspirations and preferred outcomes. Richard Parry, chief executive, comments: “The Trust has been repositioning as a charity for the waterways and wellbeing, with a new structure that has seen us move from ten waterways to six larger regions, with some activities previously managed centrally now devolved to these regional teams, and a reduction in senior manager numbers overall. “The intention is to re-design roles to meet what the Trust needs for the future rather than to remove these posts from the organisation entirely. Operations roles will be focussed on how to deliver great customer service for boaters, towpath users and visitors to our numerous attractions, and there will be greater capacity to react and respond to the needs of the local waterway and surrounding communities.” ENDS For further media requests please contact: Jonathan Ludford, national communications manager, Canal & River Trust m 07747 897783 e [email protected]
  16. Lovely. Some purists mock Andre Rieu but I reckon he does much to popularise classical music.
  17. Something different - tow ball hitches.
  18. No I don't think the 6" difference story is a myth. I'm just going on what Mike H "my" historic NarrowBoat captain told me. The route of the Oxford and Coventry Canals side by side to the original junction at Longford Bridge.
  19. The stop lock at Sutton's was built for toll collection and to stop The Coventry Canal from getting too much of the OCC's water. I have a map showing the two canals running paralell on my PC but I am on the tablet at the moment.
  20. Ray T

    Titivate The Cratch

    I also bought some car soft top colour restorer. http://www.renovointernational.com/car-care/soft-top-reviver.php

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