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  1. Just watched the "Celebrity 5 barging." Excruciating - sorry. Good advert for The Caldon Canal though.
  2. This book has some colour photo's of Leeds & Liverpool Boats: By "Pluto" of this parish.
  3. Does OBD = Obsessive Boat Disorder?
  4. Could you mount the engine brackets on some oak beams instead of the "feet"?
  5. PRESS RELEASE RECORD NUMBER OF WATERWAYS ACHIEVE GREEN FLAG STATUS Over 300 miles of Canal & River Trust waterways have achieved Green Flag status. The Erewash Canal, Grand Union Canal at Hanwell, River Lee at Stonebridge Lock in Tottenham, and 41 miles of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Yorkshire have, for the first time, joined the likes of the Kennet & Avon, Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals which have retained the quality mark. Green Flags are awarded to the highest quality parks and green spaces in 18 countries around the world, and this award once again recognises that canals and their towpaths also offer great places to relax, take some exercise, escape for a while and get close to nature. It also confirms that these waterways have the highest possible environmental standards, are well maintained, and play an important role in the local community. Julie Sharman, chief operating officer at the Canal & River Trust, comments: “We know that attractive, well-maintained canals are valued by local people and visitors as well as boaters, with research showing that regular visits can make us happier and healthier. “A Green Flag Award comes after a lot of hard work and I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone who works or volunteers with the Trust, including everyone out on the network who does their bit to make them such special places - picking up the odd piece of litter or making a donation to the work we do. Credit for these Green Flags really goes to them as well.” International Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd adds: “It’s fantastic that we have more Green Flag Awards in the UK than ever before, joined this year by 131 International winners. “Each flag honours the thousands of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award. We congratulate each and every winner on their fantastic achievement.” Green Flags awarded directly to the Canal & River Trust Chesterfield Canal - 44 miles Erewash Canal - 11 miles (first time award) Grand Union Canal - Hanwell Flight – 1 mile (first time award) Regent’s Canal – Mile End - 1 mile River Lee - Waltham Lock – Cheshunt - 4 miles River Lee - Stonebridge Lock – 1 mile (first time award) Shropshire Union Canal (Middlewich to Audlem) - 22 miles Lancaster Canal (Bilsborrow to the Lune Aqueduct) - 19 miles Macclesfield Canal - 26 miles Peak Forest Canal - 12 miles Bridgwater and Taunton Canal - 14 ½ miles Kennet & Avon Canal - 87 miles Montgomery Canal - 8 miles Leeds & Liverpool Canal (Yorkshire) - 41 miles (first time award) Pocklington Canal - 9 ½ miles Ripon Canal - 2 ½ miles ENDS For further information please contact: Jonathan Ludford on 07747 897783 or email [email protected]
  6. A red one with white spots per chance? Many moons ago just after we bought the boat, we had a spill rail fracture near the banjo connection, dumped a load of fuel into the bilge. The cause, the fuel filter bracket had worked loose and caused a fatigue fracture.
  7. From the CRT Archive: http://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw192.
  8. Baldock never looked like that when Chris owned her.
  9. Between the Wigram's 3, to give them their "proper" name and Napton Junction.
  10. While we are at Napton area can we have this bridge back please? Plus these gates and paddle gear.
  11. Why aye pet, ‘‘tis the “Toon.”
  12. Be afraid, very afraid if a Scots man gets his Sgian-dubh out.
  13. As per title, he / she hasn't posted for a while.
  14. Wasn't PROGRESS tiller steered? Pictures from this thread:
  15. Ah! I see the age of customer care has not passed by.
  16. Rochdale, from Sowerby Bridge to Summit. "Done" it 4 times and each occasion was different. The only canal I have fallen in.
  17. PRESS BRIEFING Notes of the C&RT Press Briefing at Hatton 11th June 2019-06-20 General Update The Trust’s finances have operated in 18/19 with a small surplus achieved. Income is over £210m; with Waterway spend up to nearly £140m. This represents an increase on 2017/18 figures of circa 2%. Volunteer numbers have increased, achieving over 670,000 hours plus over 250 adoptions. Friends of The Trust are up to nearly 29,000. With newsletter sign-ups and active social media contact the current estimate of supporters is in the region of 400k. Safety figures are a cause of concern as the internal accident frequency is worse than 2017/18. This is being addressed internally. The Trust’s Annual report will be published in July. The Annual Public meeting will be on the 19th September in Birmingham. The new Regional structures are now mostly in place which include, Regional Operations Manager, Boating & Customer Service Manager, Community Engagement Manager, Partnerships & External relations Manager, Strategic Programmes Delivery Manager, and Heritage & Environment Manager. The directors being: London & S E, Ros Daniels. East Midlands, Phil Mulligan. Yorkshire & the N E, Sean McGinley. West Midlands, Adnan Saif. Wales & S W, Jon Horsfall – interim director. North West, Daniel Greehalgh. Regional Advisory Board managers are: North West, Prof. Nigel Weatherill, West Midlands, John Hudson OBE, South West David Hagg, Yorkshire & NE Caroline Schwaller MBE, East Midlands, Anil Majitha and London & SE Sir William Atkinson. Major Projects 2019/20 A budget of over £28m is available for over 100 projects consisting of: £5m for water management including reservoirs. £6m for embankments and culverts. £2m for locks and £8m allocated for dredging. Third party funded works will include: Unlocking the Severn fish passes. Titford Polls improvement, clearance of contaminants. Multiple towpath improvements Work on the Stainton Aqueduct on the Lancaster Canal Refurbishment of the Roundhouse in Birmingham. Main Priority Projects for 2019/2 Lune Embankments, Lancaster Canal - £1.5m Palmerston & Lower Peak Embankment, Macclesfield Canal - £1m Upper & Lower Peak Forest dredging - £1m Hurleston Lock No 4, Llangollen Canal - £900k Islington Tunnel & Portals, Regents Canal - £750k Leeds & Liverpool leak reduction project - £750k Floudes culvert replacement K & A canal - £700k Marple Lock No 11 restoration is now complete and it was reopened on 24th May. Finsley Embankment Leeds & Liverpool canal. Lining works complete and a clay cut off trench is being constructed across the canal bed. The work is on schedule to be completed by 18th June. In house team work. The total value of the work is in the region of £16.3m. 661 work packages have been planned and are being delivered. 115 lock gate leaves are pritorised for replacement with 103 lock gates to be realigned to improve water management. Lock repairs and gate replacement will cost circa £7m. Chelsea Flower Show. The Yorkshire Canal Garden created much interest. The lock gates were donated by The Trust and came from the Huddersfield Canal. The garden won a “Gold Award” and the “People’s Choice” prize. The garden also attracted much media attention featuring in the local BBC and ITV regional news. Based on the theme “Life’s better by water” The Trust also had a garden inspired by and featuring Curdworth Volunteer Lock Keepers at The Gardeners’ World Live show at the NEC, where it was awarded a Silver Merit Royal Horticultural Society medal. The Trust have launched a “Plastics Challenge” calling on people to act to stop the UK’s rivers and canals becoming “Plastics highways.” There was fantastic coverage in the media raising awareness of the problem in The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Independent, the Sun and the Daily Mirror and raising The Trust’s profile. This was also covered by the BBC News programmes across the Country. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct safety review. Following the fall of a member of public from the Aqueduct the Inquest concluded the Aqueduct is “safe for normal use” but raised two “Issues of concern.” The Trust is to review the size of the gaps in the railings, which are part of the 200-year old design but exceed modern safety standards. Designs are being formulated but these will need to be followed by a public consultation to guide and design, which will need the consent of Cadw, the historic environment service of the Welsh Government. New warning signs have been erected at the ends of the Aqueduct. Boating update The Trust’s key Priorities. Improvement of customer service facilities. Ensure Boaters feel valued, looking at turning them into advocates for the Trust. Address customers’ complaints procedure. Better communications with regard to water resource. Maintain an ageing infrastructure. Manage compliance, licence terms and conditions. Foster understanding / respect between differing groups of boaters. Develop business opportunities, working with partnerships to address social issues. Encourage the broadest range of users and increase unpowered craft use. Develop tourism on the waterways. Improving Boater safety The National Fire Chiefs Council has agreed to: Produce and disseminate best practice for promoting boat safety to all fire and rescue services. Promote best practice to fire and rescue teams sharing boat related incident information with the Boat Safety Scheme and Navigation Authorities. Introduce a new National Fire Chiefs Council Lead for boat safety to act as a contact point for the Boat Safety Scheme and other authorities. Wide-beam boats: The Trust has updated the Boater’s Handbook indicating with a new map which shows which canals are suitable for wide beam craft. Inconsiderate Mooring The Trust has the power to move boats: Which are moored or otherwise on the waterways in such a manner which will cause danger. (Sec. 8(5) British Waterways Act 1983). When a vessel is moored in a way which will not cause danger, but may cause a nuisance to other waterway users, which could result in actions that cause danger. The Trust will seek to take action in cases where boaters persistently moor inappropriately. If behaviours are not corrected Licences may be revoked. London Mooring Strategy Nearly half a kilometre of new mooring rings have been provided at Yiewsley (outside TESCO), Limehouse Cut, Sweetwater (Lee Navigation), and Nash Mills on the GU. New or improved canal-side bin stores have been provided on the River Lee at Feilds Weir and Stonebridge. Additional water points at Atlip Rd (GU), Sturt’s Lock (Regent’s Canal), Bow Lock (River Lee) with relocation of taps at Paddington and Sweetwater. Pre-bookable moorings are now available for visitors at Paddington Basin Pontoon. Crick Boat Show. Over 4,000 people visited the Trust’s marquee, 160 new “friends” were signed up with 68 Trust staff and 32 volunteers attending. Waterways Ombudsman As the current incumbent, Andrew Walker will be stepping down in June the post will be filled by Sarah Daniel Water Resource Update. For most recent information please visit the Trust’s web page as below. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/specialist-teams/managing-our-water/reservoir-watch As ever I will not take part in any discussion regarding the contents of this brief. Any questions please refer them to C&RT, Thank you.
  18. A wide boat in its natural environment.
  19. Apparently Stella McCartney has been saying we should wash our clothes less often to save the planet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-48908413
  20. PRESS RELEASE 8 July 2019 PEOPLE AND PROJECTS MAKING LIFE BETTER BY WATER The Canal & River Trust has celebrated some of the fantastic work carried out by its teams and volunteers over the past year with the presentation of its annual Waterways Alive Awards in Birmingham. The awards are open to teams and volunteers from across the charity and the winners showcase the depth and breadth of the work the Trust carries out. All the finalists were recognised for their particular achievements. Chief executive Richard Parry announced the winners alongside an award for Apprentice of the Year. Best Community Project: 4Life – putting in place a package of wellbeing volunteering schemes in one of our most deprived communities. Best Wellbeing Project: Let’s Fish! – which enabled 4,000 children across the country to try fishing for the first time. Best Construction, Heritage, Engineering or Environment Project: Stanthorne Repair – a £2.8m repair of a major breach on the Shropshire Union Canal at Middlewich, bringing the canal back into use for boaters. Best Customer Service or Visitor Experience Improvement: Waterways Experiences: Offside Improvements Grand Union Canal – helping a small charity that provides boat trips for the disadvantaged to help the Trust by clearing offside vegetation. Best Innovation or Productivity Improvement: Wigan Flight – took advantage of last summer’s drought closure on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by carrying out a comprehensive programme of improvements that minimised future disruption to boaters. Values Team of the Year: Tees Barrage Operatives. Apprentice of the Year: Jonathan Ward. Canal & River Trust chief executive, Richard Parry, said: “Our Waterways Alive Awards covered some great projects, initiatives and activities. The winning projects and teams were all exceptional and reflect the wide variety of activities the Trust carries out. "Our Values winners – the Tees Barrage Operatives – exemplify our positive spirit; despite their location being remote from the rest of our network, they are using the barrage and the river to create a wide range of opportunities to engage and involve people with the Trust, always friendly, enthusiastic and accommodating, whilst also managing a very significant engineering structure – you’ll always find a smile and a warm welcome on the Tees! We also recognised our Apprentice of the Year, Jonathan Ward, an engineering trainee in the bridges team, who’s impressed all his colleagues with his attitude and approach. “I would like to thank everyone who entered the awards – it was a tough job choosing between the 58 entries – and congratulate all the finalists for their achievements." More information about the Waterways Alive Awards winners is available on request. ENDS For further media requests please contact: Fran Read, national press officer, Canal & River Trust m 07796 610 427 e [email protected]
  21. Found several photo's with "Transport." e.g. but none with "Board."
  22. Missed you by a day, I was there on Wednesday. Actually I am there most Wednesday lunchtimes - part of my routine.
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