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  1. Credit where it is due, the Fradley volunteer lock keepers, at lock Nos 18 & 19 yesterday, were Cheerful, friendly & helpful.
  2. Take both boats out, then you have a tow home available. 😃
  3. From "A Canal People" Longden/ Rolt
  4. Horse boaters occasionally used a short length of rope from the bow T stud to the mast towing line to pull the line down to aid getting round bridges at junctions or tight bends. Got a photo somewhere....
  5. It is William Humphris in the photo I posted on NB JOHN, previously JACK, which was a horse drawn boat at the time of the photoghraph. Slipping the rope took some of the strain off the horse when moving off. William didn't like motors, he was a "horse" man. Although he did steer a motor in later days when required.
  6. Not strictly mooring. On horse drawn boats or butties towed from the mast and running blocks, I'd love to see how the OP would make a cleat work here. Does the OP know the reason for this set up? There is also the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I have sailed extensively offshore as well as canal boating and its "horses for courses."
  7. Didn't some poor chap get his head trapped in one in collision with a bridge?
  8. I don't know it this statement refers to South American weevil - "Over sexed, over paid and over here?"
  9. Dispensed with grease guns and fitted greasers to the prop shaft and Plummer Block.
  10. Narrowboat Simulator (google.com) https://sites.google.com/view/narrowboat-simulator/downloads It is quite good actually, one can even "cill" a boat!
  11. If this is so, how did all these boats get to Ellesmere Port this Easter? If you want to be pedantic modern narrow boats are built to 6' 10" beam.
  12. Said boat, Cobbett at Audlem June 2021 after being sold to new owners.
  13. Dave, something to sooth the furrowed brow.
  14. Not on this occasion, it was about 3 years ago before we moved the boat to the T & M.
  15. Yes, but we had an awkward cuss at Brownsover, on the north Oxford, who refused to move his boat 2 meters to allow us into a gap, because he had just set his satellite aerial up.
  16. Willow Wren at Nelson's Wharf, GU. https://www.willowwrentraining.co.uk/
  17. Got my dates wrong, so deleted.
  18. Pressed Steel also had a factory in Mile Lane Coventry. Taxi production is now in China.
  19. DVD on ebay: The Golden Age of Canals DVD (2014) cert E Highly Rated eBay Seller Great Prices 5055298049564 | eBay
  20. Don't know if this would count? I suppose you could argue it "lifts"* boats from one level to another, although push would be more accurate. Tarn et Garonne, Montech sloping waterway, boat lift on the Canal Lateral to the river Garonne * lifted as it isn't operational now.
  21. Rose & Joe Skinner had a dog named Scruff too.
  22. Brown water in the tank Tra, la-la, la-la There's brown water in the tank Tra, la, la, la, la, la Brown water in the tank Tra, la-la, la-la looks like rust in the tank Tank, tank. Apologies to Boney M.
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