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  1. Some are no longer available, unless you can find them on eBay or the like. The Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port is one and the Summit Pass from The Rochdale Canal another.
  2. All hail this grand day: All Hail this Grand Day (waterwaysongs.info) All Hail This Grand Day(Croydon Canal)As recorded by Pumpkin Pie "All hail this grand day when with gay colours flying,The barges are seen on the current to glide,When with fond emulation all parties are vying,To make our canal of Old England the pride. Chorus :Long down its fair stream may the rich vessel glide, And the Croydon Canal be of England the pride."
  3. This is the steps down on our boat. Obviously one cover is removed to get at the coolant header. All floor panels are removable. Our late JRT decided to have an inspection. The box with the non-slip tread is also removable.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. May be of interest to the modelers here?
  6. Keith and Jo Lodge had HADAR built as a Grand Union Replica used for trading.
  7. Stokie was built as a working boat by Pinder a good while ago now. Now trading as Crafted Boats: Specialist Boat Building & Repairs, Boat Building Services | Crafted Boats "Crafted Boats is a fourth-generation family business with roots tracing back to 1953, when J.L. Pinder and Son was established. We combine decades of time-honoured boatbuilding expertise with a passion for innovation." No idea of the cost now though. Watweways World November 1991.
  8. Mike always referred to him as "Basher Blagrove." 😁
  9. @Derek R. If it was the lock keeper at Sutton's it may have been Mike? His last job before retirement was lock keeper there. The "chip frier" comment sounds like one of his, he always referred to Armstrong engines as "Battery chargers."
  10. Due to Tempus Fugit many of the last of the "proper" working boaters are no longer with us. In the past few years we have lost Ron and Brenda Withey, Joe Chattin, George Wain, Alice Lapworth, John Barret, John Saxon, Cecil Jackson, John Best and Mike Humphris to my knowledge. I don't know if they attended this year but I heard Maurice Peaseland and Jim Hambridge are not in the best of health. Were Eddie Hambridge, Ron Higgins and Janet Barret in attendance this year? When I took Mike, it was always wonderful to listen to the above relating their experience of working the boats, this I miss. Mike opened the door to an almost secret world for me, this I cherish. Braunston 2016
  11. I believe two of the organizing stalwarts from previous years were not involved this year. These two did a brilliant job, perhaps their skills were missed? Also both these gents were critical of the £20.00 parking fee levied by Mr. Coughlan, but their observations fell on deaf ears. There were a few reasons I was unable to attend this year but the parking fee and the general decline of the event over the years the £20.00 parking fee has been charged was also a factor. ETA. I also thought there was lack of advertising of this year's event in the media, certainly nothing I could find on the Braunston Marina web site. CRT had an advert on their site.
  12. Thank you for the photo's, John. For the first time in many years I was unable to attend this year. Looking forward to Alvecote in August.
  13. Historic boat show celebrates 20th year in Northamptonshire - BBC News
  14. The boat Jack was a horse boat. The running line went from the T stud through running blocks and the mast to the horse. The running line was released slowly when the horse started the tow so to ease the strain of starting from stationary. The T stud was removable. Another picture.
  15. Photo from a book. William Humphris (1906-1968) on the butty John. what initially looks like a neckerchief appears to be a scarf as it is tucked into his waistcoat
  16. Anything as long as they don’t play “Cornel Bogey.” 😑 There was a boat called “Firkham Hall” had this and it sounded redeculous.
  17. Another photo of the Toll House. No idea where I got it, not my photo. I thought I'd clarify the fact before the self-styled copyright police feel my collar.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Matty, to quote one Mr. McEnroe, “You cannot be serious.” 😁
  20. Thank you, Ian. I have fitted 2 more hinges to the centre tank. I have also lengthened the centre tank cover on the model.
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