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  1. In the ad for Fir it says that it is tax exempt but what does that mean? No VAT on the sale price or something else?
  2. I've never seen this picture before, where is it from?
  3. Only have 1 small porthole so not really a goer. Thanks
  4. I have talked to them but it's not for sale.
  5. I'll looking for a magnetic aerial for a Ruark r1 radio with a F type fitting. I want to put the aerial on the roof, cable through the mushroom vent and plug in the back of the radio. What are your thoughts on where to buy and what to buy? Cheers.
  6. Ruark R1 MKIII is a great sounding radio both DAB and FM + the battery pack to make it truly portable. Has F type aerial. Runs on mains as well. We use one on our boat - charge the battery pack when boating and run off the battery pack when moored.
  7. On the news this morning. CV can only live for a few minutes on copper but up to three days on steel, plastic and stainless. Brass and bronze have high copper content!
  8. And I am dyslectic or is that dyslexic? Virus must be bigger than an electron but viruses come in different sizes and an electron has no measurable size...? I think.
  9. Ooooohh! Electricons. Next it will be charms and quarks. D.N.A. Douglas Noel Adams
  10. A microbe , “is small. Really small. You just won't believe how tiny, winy, mindbogglingly small it is. I mean, you may think an Aintree Beetle is small, but that's colossal compared to the size of a microbe. Miss quoted from D.N.A.
  11. It's just something very very small, I mean really small, mindbogglingly small.
  12. You can wear what you like on the cut, we are quite a broad church. This might be of some use during the next BCN challenge.
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