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  1. I am going to install calcium silicate fire heat protecting board behind my solid fuel stove with an air gap. What's the best way to finish the surface of the board. Tiles seem the most popular. Anyone with experience of using anything else? Thank you
  2. A near miss

  3. Ting ting...

    Like a lot of people with poor hearing it's the high frequencies that I can't hear so something with a range of frequencies would be better - provided it's not a klaxon.
  4. Stern greaser too stiff to turn

    Thank you for your prompt replies. The Bizzard treatment worked.
  5. Stern greaser too stiff to turn

    I have adjusted the stern gland so I get about a drip a minute when the shaft is turning and a very infrequent drip when it is stopped. I have filled the greaser with fresh grease but when I turn it it is very stiff and eventually grease oozes out of the threads at the bottom of the greaser. Is there a way of clearing this without removing and replacing the packing? Thank you
  6. Drive belt - toothed or smooth

    Thank you all for your excellent and pertinent advice. Yes, its an A217 type and I'll check the size of the cable from the alternator
  7. Drive belt - toothed or smooth

    Thank you. Pulley on new alternator is smaller
  8. Drive belt - toothed or smooth

    I have a BMC 1500 Tempest. I have replaced the original 35 amp alternator with a 55 amp one and have run out of adjustment for the drive belt and will buy a shorter one. The one that is fitted has teeth, is this usual? The pulleys are a smooth V profile
  9. The external part of the heater exhaust for my Rinnai 58E is 24 inches. The manual says nothing about flue length. Can I replace it with a 12 inch cowl which I've seen in the chandlers? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  10. Volunteers Required For Forum/website Testing

    Happy to help
  11. I want to use this as a cover for the engine hole on my cruiser stern narrowboat I have previously used exterior grade 18mm ply. Although I have seen hexagrip used for engine covers and for seating and steps the manufactures don't recommend it for external use. Have you used it and have you found it to be weatherproof? Thanks in advance
  12. Volunteers Required For Forum/website Testing

    I'm happy to volunteer
  13. Making a level

    In the topic "Piper narrowboat ramming a lock gate" mayalid made the very good comment that there are reasonable ways to get a level. As a newcomer I would welcome advice on how people have dealt with this problem.
  14. Gulper pump on/off switch suggestions

    I am replacing my Rule "sump pump in a leaky lunch box" with a whale gulper. The power cables are difficult to access so I'm looking for a switch that can be operated with a wet hand or foot rather than a ceiling cord pull type. What have you used or can recommend?
  15. BMC engines, good or bad? Engine inside boat, good or bad?

    Tony Brooks in post #29 referred to a "hidden oil strainer and jet" on BMC engines. Whereabouts on the engine is it?