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  1. 6'6" wide narrowboats weren't uncommon in the 1980's -Coles Morton Marine for example built quite a few. I was told at the time by them that it was much cheaper to do this than 6'10" as standard steel plates were 6'6" wide.
  2. As others have said, the Montgomery is well worth doing, especially if you like peace and quiet. Just don't moor near the Queen's Head pub overnight though - you may be kept awake by the constant flow of lorries on the lane alongside (I was recently!)
  3. Video now online here: https://youtu.be/PzWvD3hY6_Q
  4. It's Wye Invader 2. They've just gone from Cardiff to Portishead. See their Facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/2901493546558691/
  5. A Yarwoods boat - though the ad doesn't say the name, the photo suggests it might be Gorse (ex Water Lupin) ? Can anyone confirm ? https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-57-traditional-for-sale/705077
  6. More information can be found here: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/coventryloopline.htm#foleshillrailway The line closed in 1972 -I just remember it in use. The line went along the street at the end of Smith Street where the rails are still in position - or at least were the last time I looked: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GHcYKjGcJ7EcVWVp7
  7. If you're planning to go on the Sleaford, you may find these Minimal List Youtube videos useful: https://youtu.be/PP3hrjcUuTg https://youtu.be/6jBOdJsSe6g
  8. Yes, in my experience your thoughts about sitting out on deck whilst going along are correct.
  9. I'd definitely recommend going above Northwich. It's a beautiful stretch of river.
  10. J&J Crook were very well regarded boatbuilders so my guess is that your boat was well built (and expensive) when it was new. However it's condition now will depend on how it's been looked after in the intervening years!
  11. Yes, 'The North' is the same boat as John Saxon's 'Lion', which I remember in the Coventry area in the 70's and '80's. And yes, it was blue when John owned it, but I wouldn't describe it as BW blue, it was a slightly darker blue that I remember.
  12. Just so that you are aware, the Nuneaton to Coventry train service (which stops at intermediate stations at Bermuda Park, Bedworth and Coventry Arena and goes on to Leamington) is a bit unreliable at the moment- they are still reporting staff shortages due to Covid. Nuneaton station will probably give you the best choice of trains.
  13. Their website says that vehicles have been produced at Ansty Park since 2017. Ansty Park is on the northern edge of Coventry. Going back to the original post - if the boat had a Commodore engine it would probably have been built in the 1960's - I'm fairly certain production of that engine ended in the very early '70's.
  14. I think you're doing yourself a disservice - I'd call you 'experienced' (for what it's worth). There are plenty of boat owners who haven't got as much experience as you. I think you were unlucky -in 45 years boating (many of those in hire boats) I've never come across an owner who claimed priority over a hire boat.
  15. The Rodney Weaver collection of photos can be viewed on the RCHS website -link here: Rodney Weaver collection Most of the photos are much earlier than the 1970's though.
  16. There's an Aqualine widebeam called 'Adventurer' moored at Kingswood at the moment.
  17. Yes, but the Wyken Arm is part of the Oxford Canal, not the Coventry !
  18. I suggest you look through the Herbert Dunkley collection of photos. https://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw197 Bert was actively involved with the CCS in the period you mention. To be pedantic, the Coventry Canal was never restored, as it has always been navigable, but the CCS have for a long time cleared rubbish from the section between Coventry Basin and Hawkesbury.
  19. When the river's in flood that mobile home becomes a boat ! - have you noticed the flotation tanks under it ? (at least I think that's what they are)
  20. Erebus Boats for sale UK, boats for sale, used boat sales, Narrow Boats For Sale A Historic Iron Hull 28ft Bill Brooks 2 berth Traditional Stern Ice Br - Apollo Duck
  21. Here is a still of Samanda from the film, at her launch. According to CanalPlanAC, she was built in 1958. And here she is in 2018, from Geograph. I also seem to remember seeing her at some IWA National Rallies in the '80's.
  22. And yet another lock cottage for sale, Salterhebble: https://www.pugh-auctions.com/property/25657
  23. Hi Julie. I think you will find he was not working for a council but the Warwick and Birmingham Canal Co.
  24. I work for one of the major housebuilders. None of our houses are built with a 'real' chimney, though about 5% have dummy chimneys installed, insisted upon by the local authority planning departments. Regarding gas lights, there are still a few properties in mid-Wales which aren't connected to electricity and use them, such as Dolgoch Youth Hostel https://www.elenydd-hostels.co.uk/en/our/dolgoch-hostel. Some of the traditional hardware shops in the area still stock the mantles.
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