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  1. Thank you! At last a well informed intelligent perspective on wood in narrowboat construction. "Vegetable bottoms'.....honestly!
  2. I'm very glad to learn that his legacy is being archived and scrutinised by those who understand its importance. I'm sure many of us would love to see the best bits and the photos, must be a book in it...'the dairy files' He came for a trip on Hood with my Dad and I across the Tring summit we dropped him off at the train station after a fifty point turn at Cowroast. I took photos of us all with his camera which unfortunately he left it on the train so I never got copies but I can see his beaming face now he was great company.
  3. I'll look forward to Chris M Jones's insight as it seems I'm easily caught out Honestly fleet number changes....of course forgot that.
  4. Thanks for clarifying this Pete what an epic knowledge you have. I am really grateful for all the information. Nick
  5. Thanks Chris, So this record refers not to my boat but the other earlier Hood built by Nursers in 1936. Interesting that it may also have been fitted with a Parsons maranised Armstrong. Why refitted from spares? Had they broken it already? What are your records Chris?
  6. Pre war cars and motorcycles are still a good investment going up and up Maybe theres simply a lot more restored narrowboats around FMC joshers 10 a penny.
  7. I think you could be right I had read that article before but it was good to read it again and make all the connections. Thanks for the oak picture. I'm learning loads on this forum don't know why I didn't go on it years ago you people have do much knowledge.
  8. I was kidding about 'cheap' it must be the bolinder? I thought 45k for Ibex was quite reasonable....no? They look very finished. Wasn't Owl 80k or was that just a rumour? She had a very basic conversion lovely though. Has anyone mentioned wooden BCN tug Progress? on Ebay 30k that would be a fun boat. So many working boats for sale amazing!
  9. Weren't boats like this 80k 18 months ago or am I missing something? it feels like joshers are going cheap all over the place.
  10. Great link thanks for filling that gap in my knowledge
  11. Thanks Nick I'll try and get myself in there. Cheers
  12. What's the history of Oak? I don't know this boat doesn't look like a normal working boat?
  13. Thanks Nick for even more detail amazing!
  14. My word that is fascinating! is it in the back cabin? I can't make out a forward/reverse either. Can anyone go to the warehouse? Thanks for posting it
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