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  1. So is this boat conway the one I have the first second or third conway i was told it was built 1910 and its conway 19 and CRT have it down as that
  2. You got that right I and like a magpie looking for timber
  3. Yes I need all side cloths done traditional way
  4. Front of conway after new deck and top beams Started to rip old rotten stern apart
  5. Hopefully no more leaks want to get all above water line done and new cabin built and new tarp done b4 Christmas looking to get out of water some time next year to redo bottom
  6. Had about 5 on bottom and I up front but managed to recork from inside just rain water now getting in through temp tarp
  7. Hi up date on conway the old wooden boat front end fully restored all leaks on hull sorted. Started to removed all rotten wood on stern and replace new cabin . I did put it on Ebay to what intrest ther was in it but usuall full of idiots dont intend to sell her just trying to get some history of her so many different story's about
  8. Hi I am glynn new owner of conway got here watertight now and engine up and running sales her from brauston to lydiate were its mooring is in the mmbc club I am still trying to sort out history of just who built her but so much different story's about can any one help with the history thanks glynn 07732732854
  9. 20200503_124143.mp4 20200503_124143.mp4 Well up date on conway managed to sort all leaks out got temporarily cover on and painted and repaired one side of hull and finally got engine running for short time
  10. One of my dreams to have a old wooden work boat had steel and fiber so I will get it sorted I keep posting pictures
  11. I am hoping to get her ok to sail I am going to take it to preston brook on Bridgewater canal I can get a dry dock there
  12. No dident get mooring guy I got boat of keeping mooring for new boat but I can stay on mooring till I get conway sailable it's going to liverpool
  13. I thinks it was built in 1910 according to guy I got it of as a butty for carrying oil for thomas clayton but sold to a chemical company who shortend it and put the engine in it that's all I know I have got here floating and painted one side of hull that's not to bad but front and rear deck require replacing and stern above water not to good few taking ballast out at the moment to clean the bottom got water out of engine put fresh oil in and got it turning bu hand but haven't tryed to start it yet
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