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  1. You don't need to worry. You can moor in the middle of nowhere and there will be soon some muppet following along who thinks it's ok to moor right next to you despite there being loads of space. Seriously. The bottom line is you can move away if you don't like your neighbour and there will be times you have to like your own company as suggested. Canal boaters are generally pretty good eggs who will rush to help/give you space/share time. The super affluent ponces you tend to see on the Thames with their gin palaces complete with matching fender socks can be the opposite imo. I learned many times a life lesson. Those with the least often are those that help you most naturally if in need.
  2. And he is thinking...... "Kentucky Fried Flying Rat".
  3. St Thomas Hospital, I think, is a leader in respiratory problems. Some health pro's may validate. Anecdotally there is a higher proportion of Asian/ African and male.
  4. Police notice round here is the thieves have switched to commercial prems etc. Cos generally empty.
  5. Remove flaking paint, degrease, wirebrush, wire wool degrease again and slap it on. (Proper engine paint, exhaust paint for exhaust header). bilge paint for bilge and raddle on undercoat for floor. Red hammerite for the tarty highlights. Hot, sweaty, fiddly, backaching, skinned knuckles and sweary. And that's with an engine in an engine room. Painted starter and alternator too.
  6. I caught one just past midnight at that huge lake you see from the M3 in Shepperton. Huge great thing. I weighed it at 5lb 1 oz. As you say - a scary thing but was so astounded by it's size I had to weigh it rather than do what I wanted to do - run away.
  7. Your fixated "agenda" shows no limit to its depth of nastyness it can decend into.
  8. Sounds likely. Fry as in juvenille fish.
  9. These lot should have access to NHS taken away from them. BBC "Police have made two arrests after two men were seen on CCTV licking their hands and wiping them over vegetables, meat and fridge handles in a supermarket. The men walked into the Sainsbury's store in Lancaster Road, Morecambe, on Saturday afternoon. Staff were forced to thoroughly disinfect the store and destroy products, Lancashire Police said."
  10. It does not help that there is a wide spread or gulf of advice from the Gov. From "do not go out" to "if you cannot work from home you go to work"! Now we are in a "key workers industry" working on some designated key projects - as in hospitals - but we cannot maintain 2 m seperation during some manual tricky tasks - it's bloody hard to sort that out morally and sensibly. You cannot get the PPE gear or cannot work in the gear. We are not working on projects what are not key/strategic designation at the mo.
  11. Peter I went into a "pound shop" today in Epsom and there were dozens and dozens of toilet rolls. I think that shortage is over down here cos seen them in supermarkets too.
  12. mark99


    I never buy full cream bread. Toast, peanut butter - then beanz.
  13. mark99


    So...... what do you promise yourself after all this immediate Covid19 malarky is over?
  14. Agree re impeller. Change one per annum. Easy to do. Keep a spare. Our raw water intake blocked once in 7 years. On a very under used canal infested with blanket weed.
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