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  1. Ok, I didn't realise this would cause so much comment. Admin have asked me about it too. Here is the explanation I sent to them. Quote I posted asking about freight on the GU (those on my mooring are being consulted about a local development and the local land dwellers have suggested using the canal instead of HGVs. I wasn't sure how possible that was as I don't see anything like it near me (and I've walked the canal for decades before moving onto it). So, before writing any response to the general consultation I checked on here - the answer seems to be it would be possible to a fairly limited extent, but definitely not to replace all the HGVs - still something I'm happy to put pen to paper in support of though). But the majority of the posts on the thread were having a go at me. Some on topic, others just like a gang of school bullies. I've posted enough on here to be personally identifiable to people who know me in real life. I don't want them to see that kind of interaction with me in a public place. So, I decided to stop posting on here and make a GDPR request for personal info to be deleted. The only bit I can DIY is the name. So, I made it look as close as possible to a deleted/anonymous account. End Quote
  2. Perhaps one of the veterans can explain any available user ignore thing? Being hounded for actually trying to do something pro-canal is too much and I'm done with that kind of nonsense.
  3. Thank you, that is actually useful! The land dwellers have had several aspects of the development plans changed (lots of letter writing/local media involvement etc) so if there are viable alternatives it isn't impossible they could get this one through with some boaters in favour also... Edited to add: they've already got it to the point where the developers had to write some form of response saying 'too expensive & difficult/not doing' but the published bits don't specify how much too expensive & difficult (e.g. 'need to buy barges and learn to operate them ourselves as noon else has the capacity/suitable boats & operators in the vicinity' is a bit different to 'cost a couple of pence/tonne more to get rid'). Aside: I'm really tired of the functionally illiterate having a go at me for stuff I haven't said on here. I'm entirely capable of being flipping offensive and annoying when properly understood! @zenataomm I quite like horses and ice for my G&T though. So, would be delighted to welcome your horse drawn haulage, of the ice you're importing from Norway for domestic consumption, (not the original, but at least a rather older use of it) to the basin.
  4. No need to be an ******** about it. If the idea is feasible I'm considering supporting it - I'm asking the question here because the local land dwellers (who don't want HGVs on their roads) haven't been able to suggest any companies who might provide the service to the developers.
  5. Yes - that is the kind of thing I visualised when they said it... and then coudn't think of any (presumably bit smaller ones) around locally that don't look to be CRT's...
  6. The lovely chap in my local tool place pointed out that his litter pickers are both quite pricey and likely to rust in places (specifically the pins) if used in a canal... So, looking for an alternative. What do people think of these giant aluminium tongs ? Or perhaps there are plastic/other water-friendly material other options? Purpose is fishing horrid stuff out of canal for proper disposal. Have boat hook already but looking for something for smaller/less hook-able items. Also have fishing magnet, although am somewhat cautious about what I might find... the most likely item, I suspect, being the side of my boat!
  7. Are there (m)any companies offering haulage (of demolition waste) on the southern bits of the GU? Local land residents want a development to be forced to use this as a condition of the planning being granted. Now, I suspect this would result in a bunch of noisy tugs winding in my lovely quiet basin which is closer to the development site than any official winding spaces but the principle of canal freight seems like a fairly decent thing to support if it is a feasible option.
  8. What rotten luck* - glad you have a sense of humour about it though! *where luck is an unidentifed cause, a known unknown, for the pedants
  9. There is a cost to certification/regulation. It makes the product more expensive. I'm not entirely sure what youve managed to find to disagree with.
  10. Obviously things change. But they dont usually change dramatically enough for surprise changes - @Keeping Up's experience is not that common. Moving ones boat around a lot would tend to help with a smoother rate... If, e.g. it had been off grid for 20years touring the cannals and one intends to do likewise no given local conditions are going to have time to do much to change the average over the next 20yrs. Obviously if it goes from being off grid to on shore power/being more or less permanently in one marina to another or something that isn't goi g to hold, no, I agree
  11. @Captain Pegg's boat is most likely to sink under the weight of the chip on his shoulder... No, no one has claimed to calculate such a thing... Just the rough idea that nothing has happened at an alarming rate over the last few decades and so it should be good for a few more. Exactly the kind if useful translation for the lay person you'd hope for. Light conversation to explain to a novice, not something you right in a report! What is interesting about @Keeping Up's situation is that it was fine for decades and then suddenly the rate changed very dramatically. Do you mind me asking (appreciate this might not be favourite topic in the circs!) what kind of galvanic protection (isolator? annodes? ) you had at the time.
  12. Did you come up with any reason for the acceleration in deterioration? I know surveyors sonetimes do a rough estimate of the rate of corrosion based on original and current thicknesses with a view to how it is likely to continue to rust but that assumes a more or less constant rate of deterioration...
  13. This is one of my favourite rust links https://www.sea.museum/2019/01/08/rusticles-and-wrecks As you can see you can get some pretty rust with just steel (no mixed metals) and no coating. They've sped the process up a lot with applying the current intentionally. But is certainly shows why you'd want to be doing something about galvanic isolation for stray current. (And, to my mind, given the facilities and funds to do so, probably coat the bottom of the boat too - there was no aeration of that tank). You can always get them to put a few extra coats at the water line (which I think is where the boat in this thread but obvs in general many) suffer most. Edited to add: there are few posters on here who can tell you abt the most suitable coatings and how to get them applied.
  14. I said 'can'... as in 'it is possible'. I didn't say 'always'. Be careful with misreading. It can be very misleading 🙂 I can assure you that I own the copyright of some, but not all, of the photography i have commissioned over the last 20+ years.
  15. You can pay for a photographer and not get copyright on the images (unless you pay extra). A report would be analogous.
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