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  1. I do hope that this was reported to the police. There seems to be an ever-growing number of people who not only think it is not a problem if their dogs are out of control, but that there are no consequences for their actions. Such people should not be permitted to keep dogs. If these things go unreported, the problem will only get worse.
  2. Defending yourself and attacking other people are not the same thing. And to be frank, if I am doing something that you think is wrong, I will take that as an accolade that I am doing something right. After all, I'm still here six years on, with the same boat and without having lost £4k. I don't have an expensive car, nor a boat that I cannot maintain. I am thinking you might not like the canals tbh if you get further than a few hours/miles of experience, there are a shitload of people on it that you don't think should be, and I do hope you let them all know that. Some of those people might have been really helpful and useful to know, so I think it only fair that you make your views clear to them first so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should be on the cut yourself....
  3. I'm not sure how you totally missed my point there, which was that you have no place telling anyone else that "boating is not for them" simply because they're not prepared or able to write off £4k and/or think differently to you. I hope that is clear enough. I made no assumption about how much money you have or how you feel about wasting money. I called you out on your comment that boating "is not for" any other person who cannot/will not do/think about boat-related things in the same way as you; particularly given how short a time you have been a boater and how that's gone for you so far. You have been fast enough to jump on other people whose opinions you don't agree with or who you think are speaking out of turn about your own situation and ethos; then you do the exact same thing. A huge number of people here have tried to help and advise you in various ways, some which you may like more than others, and that's fine. But if you start making statements about how not viewing things like you do makes someone else less of a boater from any angle-let alone one of as little experience and knowledge as you possess-you will get called out on it, probably by those of us who are "walking the walk" despite your opinion that boating "is not for us."
  4. In which case by your logic, boating is "not for" a lot of people on this forum, me included. The only asset I have is my boat, which is my home-a £4k loss or expense would cripple me. And yet somehow, I'm in my sixth year now on a boat that was and still is cheap, and it's never really struck me as "not for me" so far. For £4k you got intangibles and experiences-great if you can afford that, but don't preach to those who either can't or simply wouldn't choose to! For not much more than the cost of your learning experience, I got my home. Not being able to afford to piss £4k up the wall and have nothing to show for it doesn't make one "not cut out for boating," it makes them less well off than you and honestly, that's a really ignorant thing to say.
  5. You have locked a topic people were having a discussion in, pointed them here to discuss said issues instead, and then dictate what can be discussed in this thread, the exact thread you pointed us to after removing our ability to discuss in the other one. As I said, not every post and thread is designed for your personal use and direction. This is a discussion forum. Members get to discuss things.
  6. Other people are also involved in the discussion though, it is rude and bossy to declare "no more talking about this here" and locking a thread that was still in use and very active, and which had unanswered questions in it. A member started the thread, this being a discussion forum, it was not started just for you. I would have thought that asking people's views on merging the thread rather than locking it so that the content vanishes into obscurity would have been more in the spirit of the moderator "caretaking" duties than simply closing it and cutting the membership off mid-conversation whilst adding links to other threads as an explanation when they do not contain the same information. The requested explanation for the there then not there banner, for instance, was a valid one, my question was ignored until I asked again in the thread of your choosing.
  7. Seriously, the other thread locked mid-discussion!? Pointed to this thread with unanswered questions that were not covered there nor here. Again, the red banner telling the children to mind their manners, which mysteriously disappeared without comment nor response to my question? Have you got me on ignore or something because you didn't answer my other twice-repeated question either until other people chimed in, despite giving direct responses to other, later questions. Pretty sure the last time this modding style was tried out it fell flat on its face too.
  8. Never mind the green buttons, what's going on with the big shouty red banner!?
  9. Can I get a response to my question about seeing the people viewing a post disappearing?
  10. I think there is such a thing as providing too much choice, particularly when it makes the system overly convoluted for people with different levels of tech-savvy and willingness to play about with things. Most people just want a simple to use platform that is intuitive to use and works as it should. I totally get that things need fine-tuning on occasion, but implementing additions and changes just for the sake of it does not necessarily enhance the user experience and may have the opposite effect. In my personal view, seeing who votes a post up is a good idea, but I can also see why some folk may not like this-and/or may have given reputation previously under the assumption of the prior anonymity, which has now been removed. Has the ability to see who is viewing and/or in process of commenting on a thread that used to be in effect gone? It seems to have. Why?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Being as you are from the manor in which I spent a few years of my childhood, I suspect you also know your fair share of William Williams, David Davids, etc.
  13. A unicorn is the answer. Unicorn answer is a the. Answer the unicorn. Coffee, drinked lots of it I did. **Edit: From my NEW MUG.
  14. Puppy black toy falling axiom President Trump, bar rocking orange squash fields of trees onion sandwich? Blatantly goose diesel global warming! FFS, melting donkey, pallet fence Dulux? Yes.
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