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  1. LOL thats a whole different kinda video if im gonna be wearin that guys ? so is anyone interested in atcually helpin?!?! ?
  2. WOW u guys have WAAAY 2 much time on your hands. thats really funny but kinda cute ? so we prob need to do some of the video in feb but doesnt have to be the whole thing. might need a 2nd afternoon in april when the weather is better to do some of the outdoor work. there will prob be 4 or 5 of us all doing bits of filming and presenting on the boat. we would need u to steer the boat dont wanna crash it!! ? if u wanna be on the film thats cool but dont have to if u dont want to. we dont have any costumes!! maybe u guys can suggest some LOL ? 1 of us would be in a full
  3. ye thanx for that smart guy ?

  4. hey guys in the west midlands canals ideally but we can go further if we have to. its a eco-documentary thing for college. will prob end up on youtube. 1 person might be in the canal for a bit (hopefully not me!! )
  5. hiya :) does anyone have a boat they could let a bunch of students on for a afternoon to make a short video?? maybe 2 or 3 hours n better if the boat is moving on the canal kate xx
  6. Kate17


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