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  1. I saw exactly the same thing on moorings on the Shroppie last week. Bloke gets off his boat with his dog, walks 20 feet till dog craps, he then picks it up in a plastic bag and throws it into the hedge. Not being a dog owner this set me wondering ---- what do all you boating dog owners do with the crap you pick up from your dogs??
  2. Very interesting. I bought 3 x 270ah Elecsols in 2006 which must have been the earlier models as they remained in service till 20.19 without any problems at all. I took them to a scrap yard and got £80 for them.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Worst they have ever been in my 13 years on the canals. Lock failures, breaches, water shortages, overgrown vegitation, unsafe towpaths etc, etc. tosher.
  5. My 2007 Isuzu 42 engine key is identical to the top one in your picture as is the instrument panel.
  6. You couldn't they would not let you into 10 Downing Street for 6 hours having just left your wife with caronavirus symptoms.
  7. This seems like a good idea to me but will it have any implications with the BSS like needing a second Pressure test with the new access hole plate in position ???????
  8. Mnnn. Sorry but don't know the answer to that. Mine was bought about a year ago and is milky
  9. I sent an email complete with a photo and details of the green house type heaters I would be using to my insurers and they confirmed they are safe to use would not invalidate my policy.
  10. Thanks chaps for all your informative comments, much appreciated. When my boat was lifted just over two years ago I was surprised and disappointed by the amount of galvanic activity on the hull, I replaced the anodes and re blacked it myself doing a thorough job with three coats of Rylards Rytex. I mentioned this to the staff when I returned to my marina and they carried out a check of the shore side wiring and said everything was ok. When my boat was lifted again last month I found the hull was showing the same signs of galvanic activity as before. I do have a galvanic isolator fitted as do the other boats on adjacent pontoons. I have previously left the boat plugged in to the marina supply over winter so this winter I want to try something different hence my OP. The heaters I want to use are earthed and I sent details and a photo of them to my insurance company and they said it's fine to leave them switched on with the boat unattended over winter as long as they are firmly secured (as suggested in post 6). Thanks again for your advice.
  11. Hi all. I want to leave 2 x 120 watt tubular heaters (green house type) on my boat over winter but to avoid any possibility of galvanic corrosion I don't want to connect the boat to the marina shore power in the normal way. So I am thinking of plugging a lead into the shore power bollard and taking it direct into the boat, fitting two 13amp sockets on the end of it and plugging the heaters into these sockets. This will keep the boat electrics completely isolated from the marina system. This sounds ok but are there any down sides to doing this??? The boat will not be occupied over winter. Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Mine have been bolted on for 13 years, no problems at all. Easy to replace with no labour costs. Work just as well as welded on ones.
  13. If anyone is interested --- I have two engine driven alternators 110A & 75A charging my 3 x Elecsol 270AH batteries via a Sterling Alternator-to-Battery charger. All fitted when the boat was built 12 years ago. We are out in the boat for about 4 or 5 months throughout the year and normally cruise for about 3 or 4 hours per day moving most days with the occasional day off. The batteries usually fall to about to 90% after an overnight stop and maybe down to 80% after a day without running the engine. These values have reduced considerably in recent months and the volts drop under load as the batteries die. Most days when cruising the batteries are recharged to 100%. When we are not cruising the boat is left unattended in a marina with all electrics switched off. In the summer months I leave the shore power lead unplugged to prevent any chance of galvanic corrosion but in the winter months I plug in the shore power and leave a battery charger on. I have a Smart Gauge which I think is the main reason for my batteries lasting so long as it gives a very good indication of the state of charge of the batteries. I always try to keep them as near to 100% charged as possible but other than that I just keep them clean, well watered with the odd bit of maintenance. At present the engine running hours are approaching 5000hrs. Sorry if I have bored you!!!! +
  14. Thanks for all your replies and the answer to my question, I feel more comfortable about the Varta batteries now and will probably go down that route. Thanks again.
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