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  1. tosher

    Angling contests on the Shroppie

    Well said mayalld I agree entirely. I always slow down for fishermen and try to engage with them but sadly most just totally blank me. If they do not acknowledge me (just a nod would be nice) by the time I am level with them then it's full throttle and up yours I'm afraid.
  2. tosher

    Bow Thruster has no Thrust!

    Yes indeed. These things draw around 350 amps so anything less than a fully charged healthy battery will cause problems.
  3. tosher

    Bow Thruster has no Thrust!

    You should be able to put your hand on the motor coupling, it should turn quite easily in both directions. This is a good indication the prop is not fouled.
  4. tosher


    Thanks Mike & WotEver. Mine stabilse at about 12 amps. They were 810a/h when new but I recon they are down to about 400a/h now so the tail current is in the right ball park.
  5. tosher


    A quick question please --- Am I right in thinking that the tail current of a fully charged battery should be approx 1 to 2 percent of the current capacity of the battery and not the capacity of the battery when new??
  6. tosher

    2017 boating plans!

    Giving that trip some thought myself, sounds interesting.
  7. tosher

    Corrosion inhibitor

    Recently after 9 years in service I thought it about time I did something with the antifreeze in my engine and central heating. I decided to replace the lot with like for like blue glycol. I drained 30 Ltrs from the engine cooling system and 12 Ltrs central heating. Having mixed the new antifreeze to refill the systems I compared it with the old I had removed and could not tell the slightest difference between them. The colour and clarity were just the same. The old mixture had passed the freezer test earlier with no problem so I think next time I will just add new inhibitor & save a lot of work.
  8. tosher

    Repositioning of Stern Tube Greaser

    Moved mine 9 years ago to the above deck locker exactly as you describe. Used one piece of plastic pipe the whole length. Never been a minutes bother summer or winter.
  9. tosher

    Emergency - Carbon Monoxide

    A friend had the same problem with CO alarm going off a couple of months ago. Found two of his bank of four services batteries very hot, casings split and leaking acid. Replaced all four and no more alarms.
  10. tosher

    Alternator over charging.

    Sorry, had a senoir moment and slipped one too many zero's in. Should of course be 3600 hours. I was hoping someone with an Izusu 42 with a 110amp Alternator might check theirs and give me a clue. Thanks for all your help anyway. Cheers.
  11. tosher

    Alternator over charging.

    Help please. one of the two alternators (70amp &110amp) on my Izusu 42 engine is overcharging up to 15.3 volts causing the Alternator to Battery charger to trip out on "High input Voltage" . I have removed the 110 amp alternator and everything works ok with normal voltages. I want to change the regulator (or fit a new alternator) on this one but cannot find any manufacturer or model details on it to be able to source a new one. Could anyone help with identification or an alternative 110amp alternator that fits. The alternators came new with the engine 10 years and 36000 hours ago.
  12. tosher

    Bridgewater Gestapo Tactics

    Wonder where Peel Holdings get the water from for the Bridgewater canal? Plenty of cart water flows into it, maybe they should for it.
  13. tosher

    Bridgewater Gestapo Tactics

    We were moored at Dunham Massey on the Bridgewater last week when we were approached by the said Sonny Smith who said he was the "enforcement officer of the Bridgewater canal". He knocked on the side of our boat and informed us he was taking our details and went on to give us a long speel about the time we could spend on the Bridgewater and payments after our allotted time was up. No photo's were involved as far as I am aware. He was reasonably polite but quite forceful and very definately anti CART boats. He had a chip on his shoulder the size of a football which seemed to match his ego. Prior to arriving on the Bridgewater we moored on Billinge Green flash next to a Bridgewater boat who told me about this chap and he said he was the manager of Preston Brook Marina where he kept his boat. His opion was that he was doing a really good job!!!!!

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