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  1. This is exactly what I do on my Stocton 4 but when it was new 17 years ago the top air vent above the door was assembled incorrectly at the factory and it would not burn very well. The manufacturer sent out a man who assembled it correctly and problem solved.
  2. I have used Tanya 3 times over recent years and found them very good with next day delivery. They delivered direct to the boat then I fitted them. I have always used Varta which I found to be excellent batteries. I took my old 3 x 270 amp/hour batteries to the scrap yard and got £90 for them.
  3. Just bought some pump spares over the phone from LeSan and got 10% discount while the boat show is on. Suspect other companies are doing the same. Might save you a few quid. Tosher.
  4. I fitted my smartgauge about 12 years ago and only touched it once. It has always read what I expect it to read and to be honest the slight drop in volts after stopping charging is hardly noticeable. I fitted new batteries after 9 years and the smartgauge soon settled down on the new ones. I would buy again.
  5. Worried now. Last year when out for blacking the 4 hull anodes were about 50% worn and not wanting to throw them away but worried they might disappear before my next lift out I left them in place but fitted 4 additional ones as well. After lifting back in the water I noticed the indecator needle on my galvanic isolator had moved from it's usual pass zone position to half way between the pass and fail zone. I have measured the voltage between the incoming shore power earth lead and the boat earth and got 0.511 volts. Could this be due to too many anodes? Thanks.
  6. Thanks cuthound and nikorman for your replies. I managed to contact them via the links you posted and spoke to a very helpful chap. Unfortunately my faulty water tank level transmitter is obsolete and the replacement one is not the same fitting so not a straight forward swap as I'd hoped. Thanks again. tosher.
  7. Does anyone know if this company is still in business? I have a problem with my water tank level gauge and want to contact them. I have tried their phone number on tthe original documents but the answer is "wrong number dialled". Can't find a web site either. Has anyone got an alternative number please. Many thanks. tosher.
  8. Mine is West African iroko and cost £600 including toughened glass and about 9 years ago. A recent new cover cost £600. The wood has weathered very well and still in very good condition, it's varnished every year. tosher.
  9. Wonder why the visitor mooring signs are being changed from hours to days as in 48 hours changed to 2 days? How much will that exercise cost.
  10. If the first opens and last closes then piggy in the middle is the place to be -- no work. If the first opens and closes then rotates --- farer all round.
  11. I thought it nonsense as well, but just to be on the safe side when we changed our boat's name we carried out the time honoured procedure. Done with the boat out of the water etc etc. All went well for a couple of years then my wife slipped down the companion way steps and badly broke her ankle in two places and was hospitalised for 3 weeks. Not sure what to think now?...
  12. When I retired I was advised to start off gently and then slow down !!!!!!
  13. You are spot on there Tony. I learned this the hard way in the Bay of Biscay when delivering a 32 ft yacht and couldn't understand why the temporary 20 ltr tank I was using was emptying quite rapidly and the main fuel tank on the boat was filling quite rapidly. Most of the fuel supplied to the injectors is used for cooling them and then returned to the main tank. When using a temporary tank the injector return pipe must also be fed back to this same tank.
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