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  1. If the first opens and last closes then piggy in the middle is the place to be -- no work. If the first opens and closes then rotates --- farer all round.
  2. I thought it nonsense as well, but just to be on the safe side when we changed our boat's name we carried out the time honoured procedure. Done with the boat out of the water etc etc. All went well for a couple of years then my wife slipped down the companion way steps and badly broke her ankle in two places and was hospitalised for 3 weeks. Not sure what to think now?...
  3. When I retired I was advised to start off gently and then slow down !!!!!!
  4. You are spot on there Tony. I learned this the hard way in the Bay of Biscay when delivering a 32 ft yacht and couldn't understand why the temporary 20 ltr tank I was using was emptying quite rapidly and the main fuel tank on the boat was filling quite rapidly. Most of the fuel supplied to the injectors is used for cooling them and then returned to the main tank. When using a temporary tank the injector return pipe must also be fed back to this same tank.
  5. I have 2 X 125 watt of these tubular heaters and before using them on the boat I emailed my insurers (Newton Crum) with details of them including pictures. They replied they are fine to use as long as they are installed to the manufacturers instructions ie. screwed down. Been using them for several years now with no problems.
  6. Back in the winter of 2008 when I was a novice at this canal boating lark I was totally unprepared for what damage could be caused by frost. All I did by way of precautions was to switch everything off and lock up the boat. Big mistake as when I returned to the boat a month later and switched everything back on I wondered why the water pump didn't cut out, then I heard running water!!!!!! To cut a long story short the bath/shower mixer tap was split in half, the bathroom sink cold water tap was split in halve and four pipes had burst in the calorifier cupboard all at right angle joints. I managed to fix everything myself at a cost nearly £200. Some time later I learned that most freezing happens between the water line and gunnel height which is exactly what happened to me.
  7. I heard they were now owned by "Eurocarparts" ?
  8. As a sailing instructor for 10 years I came across many students who suffered from sea sickness. To try and keep moral up we used to have a competition amongst those affected. The "competitors were judged on three things. (1)---- colour content. (2)----- distance thrown. (3)-----artistic impression. The winner received a coveted tattoo of an anchor & bucket on the fore arm. (pen & ink not a real one). I was amazed how those suffering really entered into the spirit of it and tried their best to win.
  9. I saw exactly the same thing on moorings on the Shroppie last week. Bloke gets off his boat with his dog, walks 20 feet till dog craps, he then picks it up in a plastic bag and throws it into the hedge. Not being a dog owner this set me wondering ---- what do all you boating dog owners do with the crap you pick up from your dogs??
  10. Very interesting. I bought 3 x 270ah Elecsols in 2006 which must have been the earlier models as they remained in service till 20.19 without any problems at all. I took them to a scrap yard and got £80 for them.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Worst they have ever been in my 13 years on the canals. Lock failures, breaches, water shortages, overgrown vegitation, unsafe towpaths etc, etc. tosher.
  13. My 2007 Isuzu 42 engine key is identical to the top one in your picture as is the instrument panel.
  14. You couldn't they would not let you into 10 Downing Street for 6 hours having just left your wife with caronavirus symptoms.
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