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  1. PaulG

    Europe’s Most Important River Is Running Dry

    Usual "climate change" hype to describe effects of weather. Historical extreme highs and lows of the Rhine: River Situation From To Rhine Low water 1947-10-01 1947-11-20 Rhine High water 1993-12-01 1994-01-15 Rhine Low water 1971-09-04 1971-11-30 Rhine Low water 2003-07-02 2003-09-02
  2. PaulG

    Maker for chimney?

    Thanks very much for the replies, Guys!
  3. PaulG

    Maker for chimney?

    Any recommendations for somebody to make a double-skin chimney for my boat? Off-the-shelf ones don't fit properly, as the flue comes up at an angle, so the exit is off centre in the deck collar. Boat is in Tewkesbury marina. Thanks Paul
  4. PaulG

    Facebook Reaching Its Expiry Date ?

    You don't need to use the Facebook app to access FB on your smartphone. If you are ultra-paranoid you can use a high-privacy browser like Firefox Focus, which works just fine. Facebook are not the only organisation that collects geo data and IP addresses, so the chances are that your information is in the public domain already. For example, I expect your ISP tracks your geographic information. If you stay signed into a Google account, they will track you as well (it's turned on by default, so many people don't realise that they are being tracked). If you have an Android phone it's very difficult NOT to use a Google account to access Google "services". Most of these privacy issues are down to the expectation of "free" software and services. No such thing as a free lunch and all that. Someone has to pay, and in this case it's the advertisers and marketers, who pay a lot of money for all this information.
  5. PaulG

    Where have all the kingfishers gone?

    Travelled the Severn from Tewkesbury to Worcester and back over the Bank Holiday weekend, and saw quite a few. I was lucky enough to see one dive down from an overhanging branch and return with a fish in it's beak.
  6. Increasing the concentration of antifreeze will raise the boiling point of the coolant...
  7. PaulG

    Fly control

    I recommend spray-on starch. Very effective at reducing buzzing. Larger flies just glide out of the window.
  8. PaulG

    EU Strikes again ...again!

    Is it not the case that a stove on a boat qualifies as a "portable furnace" (or similar), and is not subject to the Clean Air Act?
  9. PaulG

    Passing Sailing Boats on the Severn

    However, the Lower Avon Navigation Trust by-laws *used* to define the river as a narrow channel, and specifically required small sailing craft to keep clear of power driven vessels. Whether this is still the case since the amalgamation of the two Trusts is difficult to know as the link to the by laws on the ANT website doesn't work.
  10. It always has been... ;-)
  11. PaulG

    Outboard Fuel Consumption

    The old "rule of thumb" for 2-stroke outboards was a pint per horsepower per hour. Does depend on whether you are pottering or hooning around, and also the type of hull it is driving. Maybe 4-stroke outboards are a bit more efficient these days as well. I've also heard of a litre per 10 HP per hour being used as another way of estimating consumption.
  12. PaulG

    Passing Sailing Boats on the Severn

    The club that you passed was Avon Sailing Club. You probably noticed that is was on the Severn. To find Severn Sailing Club, you need to look on the Avon. When you meet sailing dinghies with a narrowboat, it's best to ignore the colregs and take a pragmatic approach. Firstly, if they are racing, collisions with narrowboats do nothing to improve speed, and can damage the dinghy. Secondly, a sailing dinghy is several levels of magnitude more manoeuvrable than a narrrowboat. By zig-zagging around, you are actually making it harder for the dinghy sailors, not easier. By far the best approach is to move over as far as possible to the right, and just motor though slowly at a constant speed.
  13. PaulG

    New cratch / Woodskin varnish

    Thanks for your input guys!

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