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  1. Goes to show how wrong you can be. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/61659/Man-seen-falling-from-Worcester-bridge
  2. Many thanks Ditchdabbler. I don't have a glowplug light on my panel. I think I'll follow your example and fit one so that at least I can see what is going on.
  3. Hi Ditchdabbler I may have a similar problem on my LPWS3. The preheat seems to have packed up resulting in difficult cold starting and a lot of smoke from unburnt fuel. I've not had a chance to investigate properly yet, but when I turn the key to the preheat position, I can hear the usual loud click as the relay engages, and, less than a second later, a fainter click which I suspect is the same relay disengaging. Does this sound familar at all?
  4. Together with another narrowboat, we located the body floating downstream just below Kempsey yesterday morning. We alerted the authorities and guided them to the location of the body, which had eventually become snagged in an overhanging tree and so was stationary. I thought the actions of the Police in closing the navigation for two whole days by calling it a "crime scene" (despite the fact that the local newspaper report stated that no foul play was suspected) was heavy handed and show little understanding of the situation that they were dealing with. The fact that the body was located *within an hour* by the first two private boats that they allowed to go downstream suggests that what they really needed was eyes on the water to save wasting the time of the search and rescue teams. Apart from the time that a diver was actually in the water on Saturday afternoon, there was no need to close the river at all. They would have been better off if they had leafletted boaters as they passed though with details of the person that they were looking for, and details of who to contact if found. I also love the way that the press reports (which are usually press releases more or less verbatim) are worded to give the impression that it was the Police and Fire Service that found the body, without actually saying so, of course.
  5. Many thanks Ray, Much appreciated!
  6. I'm sure that you're right, Richard. If only I knew where to find it! I had a quick look at the weekend and there were to be a lot of screws, many of which appeared to be the threaded variety. Any chance you could be a bit more specific so that an ignoramus like me can adjust the right one (for a change)? ?
  7. The tickover is a bit slow on my Lister Petter LPWS3, and it stalls occasionally when going into neutral. It's a standard Morse control for revs and gears. Not sure whether I should be adjusting the Morse cable or the governor. Can anyone tell be how to adjust it? Thanks in advance. PAul
  8. PaulG

    Remote oil filter

    My word, doesn't time fly... 4 years on I've finally got round to buying the bits that I need. Before I do the install, there are a few things that the engine gurus might be able to comment on. The remote filter mount will be significantly higher up than the mount point on the engine. If possible, I don't intend to mount it any higher than the valve covers. I'm assuming that I will need to fit a brand of filter that has a built-in anti-drainback valve? Ideally I'd like to mount the filter in a vertical position (i.e hanging down from the mount) as it seems to me to involve less oil spillage when changing filters. Of course, the mount on the engine is horizontal, so is the change in orientation likely to cause any issues? Lastly, it should be possible to fit a longer/bigger filter than the current one (Coopers Z121 or similar). Good idea or not? As always, any help or advice is much appreciated...
  9. Usual "climate change" hype to describe effects of weather. Historical extreme highs and lows of the Rhine: River Situation From To Rhine Low water 1947-10-01 1947-11-20 Rhine High water 1993-12-01 1994-01-15 Rhine Low water 1971-09-04 1971-11-30 Rhine Low water 2003-07-02 2003-09-02
  10. I hate German Sausage jokes. They're the wurst...
  11. PaulG

    Maker for chimney?

    Thanks very much for the replies, Guys!
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