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  1. About same size as me , around 30 tonne fitted out .
  2. I prefer IPTV to setting up the satellite , you do need unlimited net though. For me now it's IPTV , firestick , normal TV then satellite as a last resort if I can't get any other signal.
  3. I can't see the mppt operating correctly with that set up and no negative to PV input , maybe it will still get a charge with all negatives after mppt but mppt won't be working as it should. It would have been as easy if not easier to just wire as mppt manual states.
  4. Don't bother phoning him , just buy a bag of mc4 connectors and do it yourself , it's fairly easy . What has he used to connect as a negative to mppt panel input ? Surely not a link to hull.
  5. No I was too busy with a kebab in one hand and bag of chips in the other , lol ,
  6. At Trent bridge Nottingham a couple of weeks ago I witnessed the boat rage from hell , two posh cruisers , one rammed into the other one and a bloke jumped over and battered the crap out of the other driver , blood flying everywhere , he had Mrs and two young kids on board who were crying and screaming as their dad got hammered , people on the banks were shouting for him to stop and that kids are there but it did not matter to him , he was also twice the size of the other bloke. Then he jumped back to his boat and drove off , hopefully the police got him.
  7. Looks like it does a good job stripping , I am going to wait until paint arrives before stripping back , I tried a spot with the sander and it did not seems to bad a job , maybe just a extra 4 or 5 days work.
  8. Yes I am going with the Jotun range primer / topcoat . It's worth the extra work to get a decent finish , 5 days and I should be back to steel again , I thought the vibrating hands and numb fingers had finished for now but never mind.
  9. The red oxide was the no nonsense Screwfix one. The final painting will be sprayed , I have just put the oxide on with a roller for protection , was this a mistake if using 2 pak ?
  10. At the moment I am doing a full repaint , I have been back to bare metal , vactan treated in a few places and covered with two coats of red oxide. I am looking at paint choices now but there is so many . I would welcome any knowledgeable opinions , epoxy 2 pak ? Polyurethane 2 pak? I am looking for a shiny gloss finish , cream on the roof and black everywhere else , planning on adding aggregate for anti slip areas. Back deck has a bit of pitting(would epoxy fill pitting in ?) but besides that steel is pretty good.
  11. No it was because of idiot boat owner , it was not safe to be used , it was rotten with holes in it . He was told it was unsafe and took no notice .
  12. This is the pontoon before the lock , the 48 hour moorings are just past the lock.
  13. Yes meadow lane lock. On approach landing stage coming off the Trent .
  14. Be wary on approach to lock , you will have to moor alongside waterways work boat.
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