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  1. Craftinsure are great . My rudder was broke off by a submerged object on the Soar . I did not even think of insurance and purchased a new one for £800 , when it was being fitted the bloke mentioned insurance. I sent them a picture of the broken rudder and a picture of the new one with receipt and a pic of it being fitted. They paid out without question.
  2. I would not personally connect the inverter to the mppt , I would connect it directly to battery.
  3. 383706244301. E bay item number . I can do cheaper for cash price.
  4. Sorry for late reply , phone broke , the interior wood is in good condition , the panels are fine , it's the Mrs who wants to change the look , it's a 3 bedroom at the moment and we are going to remove one room and have a larger main bedroom ,change shower room to a wet room , new kitchen . I suppose painting might keep her happy and would be nice and easy compared to panelling , I just prefer no paint , lol.
  5. Plenty of large windows , with the deeper window recesses made me think of possible double glazing , there would be more depth for the frames .
  6. Cheers Blackrose , definitely have to think about that . Yes it's a widebeam narrow boat. I will have a look when I get a decent internet signal.
  7. https://www.idsurfaces.co.uk/applications/marine/ This place has a massive selection and different colours , just it's trade only . I will have a look through Atlantic timber.
  8. As the title suggests I'm looking for suppliers for interior panelling , I have found a couple with a great selection but you need to be trade to register. I'm thinking of modernising the look , the old panels are still solid , do you think I would need to strip it all out or just go over ? I was thinking maybe 25 mm battens then secure new boards to that , also put a layer of kingspan in between for extra insulation , it's a widebeam so losing a couple of inch is no problem , even headroom is plenty. Any thoughts , ideas welcome.
  9. Never had to pay a deposit to view any boat , think I would laugh if asked. Once boat is viewed then i don't mind leaving a deposit subject to boat survey .
  10. 07860 568271. Tom Just done 5 of us on Nottingham/Beeston canal.
  11. I just used mole grips on any I could not get out , luckily did not have to drill any.
  12. About same size as me , around 30 tonne fitted out .
  13. I prefer IPTV to setting up the satellite , you do need unlimited net though. For me now it's IPTV , firestick , normal TV then satellite as a last resort if I can't get any other signal.
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