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  1. notts_alan

    Lockgate diesal squirrel stove valve

    Yes it dragged a load in ,. Fuel pipe has been blown through with a pump , valve removed and cleaned out , the filter in the valve is missing but I have a inline filter which was also blown through , it's a glass bowl filter and looks clean. At least for now it's keeping us warm , when my o ring arrives next week for the webasto and I get it up and running I will adjust the fire. I don't want to mess the fire up without a heat back up running.
  2. notts_alan

    Lockgate diesal squirrel stove valve

    It just seems to be a bit weaker now , before on setting 3 it would warm all the radiators up , now they don't get as warm , the flame on full looks like it used to do on setting 2 , it's nice and blue but not very high . I think it needs turning up a bit. I wish I never ran out of diesal now , lol , it all started playing up after that.
  3. notts_alan

    Lockgate diesal squirrel stove valve

    Cheers mate , I will have a look through when my brain is in gear , gave it a clean out and working in a fashion now , I think it just needs tweeking a little bit now.
  4. notts_alan

    Lockgate diesal squirrel stove valve

    Hello all , can anybody help me with a diagram of the lockgate valve shown in photos. And set up instructions. Thanks a lot. Alan.
  5. notts_alan

    Insurance for liveaboards

    I am with curtis marine , reasonable cost with contents cover as well.
  6. notts_alan

    Research for Living Aboard from 2020 - My Plans.

    now and again you might find a chalet for sale up past beeston marina on the left. if you have enough cash then plan a is sorted.
  7. notts_alan

    Ultramax Lithium batteries

    Watch yourself using Alibaba , last time I lost over 2 thousand pounds dealing with a trusted gold seller , nothing at all I could do about it , only half what I ordered was sent and even then the quality was very poor , I have never been back.
  8. notts_alan

    WOC Number and Alternator Paralleling.

    Would the sterling alternator to battery chargers be any good ? You can connect both alternators to it and have outputs to starter battery and domestic bank , it boosts the domestic bank channel . Maybe worth a read up on their website.
  9. notts_alan

    Sky TV on board

    If you have Internet access then iptv could b a option , I have iptv on a amazon firestick and tether it from mobile phone. You can get a lot more channels and a lot cheaper , some iptv servers on ebay from as little as £25 a year.
  10. notts_alan

    Mains charger

    I have a few good chargers for sale in the for sale section of forum.
  11. notts_alan

    Isuzu Engine Code Location

    Try looking under the coolant tank , I think it's on that side , it's also stamped into the block when you take the head off you will see it. I will look later when I get in the engine bay.
  12. notts_alan

    Ultramax Lithium batteries

    Sterling make suitable chargers , either shore powered or alternator controlled , when the prices drop I would not hesitate to move to lithium.
  13. notts_alan

    Growlights aboard?

    https://m.alibaba.com/product/60478634966/Professional-12-volt-led-grow-lights.html?spm=a2706.7843667.1998817009.16.4dWSqd Still looks like the cheapo version , better with Cree led like what nasa uses.
  14. notts_alan

    Growlights aboard?

    Have a Google and I am sure you will find some , my Internet is a bit slow and a pain to search , the led lights would be more economical to use and hardly any heat given from them so you can get them real close to your chillies .
  15. notts_alan

    Growlights aboard?

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/High-Power-Plant-Light-Panel/dp/B00RAZ7HKE There are 12 volt growlights avaliable , this one is just a crappie panel version but would still do the job. You can get a decent one for around £500 that would be more than enough for your needs.

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