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caroline louise

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  1. caroline louise


    Hi all I have just bought a new boat off someone who only used it to cruise every summer. It has a 240v fridge on it, a 240v water pump and a webasto heating system. It has a good set of solar panels that charge up the batteries very quickly. So, when the sun is out, mid morning, I can run the heating no problem. However, with it not being summer - and there not being much sun right now - I find that if I put on the heating, (which requires the water pump to be on) when I get back from work and it's dark - it runs down the battery in no time at all and the heating goes off automatically. I am not bothered about the fridge, which just eats energy, so I switch that off. And I also don't watch TV. Its just the heating - that I would like in the evenings. I run the engine on tick over for a couple of hours but it doesn't help much at all. Would changing to a 12v water pump make a big difference and use much less energy, as I wouldn't have to put the inverter on? thanks, Caroline
  2. caroline louise

    Discoloured Diesel in engine

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of buying a boat. it's in a boatyard and they took the diesel out of the engine to polish it and said it's not worth polishing as it looks like this: does this suggest there is a serious problem with the engine? Should I look for another boat? thanks,

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