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  1. Thanks for the responses! As I reading this shouldn't be a problem. I order a PRM260D2 and a loop type E R&D drive plate 180 lbft and also an R&D Flexible Coupling for between the coupling and propeller shaft to be sure.
  2. For the PRM 1000 I have found an upgraded oil pump for slow speed engines. However, not to be found for the smaller models, and a PRM 1000 is really OverkillIndeed 🤓
  3. Indeed, I found pictures of them and contacted them 👍
  4. Thanks. The manual of the 280 prescribes the same pressure, but I don't know if this is feasible with a speed of 365 rpm
  5. Thanks for your replay. I did indeed send PRM an email with the question, but haven't received an answer yet... When I look at pictures of Lister engines on the internet, I sometimes see a PRM gearbox mounted. however, the supplier of my shipyard believes that the idle speed is too low and does not want to provide a guarantee. Ideal would be if someone has a similar setup with an oil pressure gauge on the gearbox. If the oil pressure at low speed is already 20 bar, it doesn't seem to be a problem to me.
  6. Hello, Anyone experience with a hydraulic PRM (150/260/280/500) gearbox on a Lister JP/JK engine or another engine with a low idle speed (365 RPM)? I am looking for a suitable gearbox for my 73 feet long Dutch barge with a 26R24 propeller. However, I am afraid that due to the low RPM there would be insufficient oil pressure and the plates would slip ... In the PRM 280 manual I found a maximum RPM, but no minimum RPM. Thanks
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