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  1. No not yet, I'm currently blaming the oil I used, normally I have the Golden Film Classic SAE30 but it was a bit hard to order this time so I used Castrol classic XL SAE 30. Before I pull the engine apart for the thirty time I wanna change the oil first to the Golden Film. I could order it now but it will take till the first week of december to get here.
  2. This engine has been running without greasers for over 10 years, there seams to be no wear and tear on the rocker shafts. Are you sure this is necessary?
  3. I've made a little film today, so you can see the problem. There is not much smoke coming from the exhaust.
  4. I think the smoke is coming from the top of the cylinder heads. I'll try and make a picture or film it, this week.
  5. The valves have been taken out and polished and should be ok. But it makes sense what you are saying.
  6. Hi guys, I have replaced the 3 pistons with new ones with pre-installed piston rings. Further more I had to replace one liner. The first time the engine started quick and sounded good, but after some time running it started to give light coloured smoke form the cylinders heads. When switching it off and starting it a couple of times, it starts much worse every time. It looks like there might be to much compression or something. Has anyone got a clue? regards Danny
  7. Well I've got it out. Wood wasn't working so I had two metal plates made. Underneath the top of the liner there is a small, thin ring, I guess that's there to adjust the height of the liner?
  8. Thx for the info I'm gonna try it next week with two 20 mm threaded bars and wood. The motor has been overhauled before and I'm hoping this liner hasn't been in the motor all of it's life. If that doesn't work I'll go ahead and make some steel plates. Or perhaps I can borrow yours if you still have it. I'll pay all the costs for sending it over. Regards Danny
  9. The injectors are new but thanks for the heads up.
  10. Thx for the advice all. In the first cilinder I placed the same new piston rings and in the third, a new pistons with rings. Both seem fine. just to be sure I want to put in new pistons with rings in nr 1 and nr 2 so all are the same. But first I've to get the liner out. I saw the drawings of pullers here on the site. First I wanna try it just with some pieces of wood, maybe it isn't that stuck. Btw the rings weren't broken but just scraped the liner. Especially the top one has a lot of scratches on it. I'll make a picture of it today to post later.
  11. Hi there, I recently had to replace a big end bearing shell, one piston and all the piston rings on my JP3 Blackstone. Unfortunately something went wrong after just 2 hours of running. The pistin rings in cilinder nr 2 have made big scratches in the cilinder lining and has to be replaced. Not sure what went wrong tho. I do have a spare liner available but now I need to pull the old one. Is there anyone here who can lent or sell me a puller of some sort? My location is in the Netherlands and I'm happy to pay the shipping costs. With regards Danny
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