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  1. What do you mean when you say more likely than the promise of a new RN sometime. Maybe ?
  2. Must be very upsetting when someone owes you money but won't pay.
  3. We know of at least 10 boats running single cylinder RN's
  4. No they're not Not many common parts unfortunately
  5. Every two years - two coats. More is not necessarily better and four coats not twice as good as two!
  6. Hi inverter efficiency dependant upon make but probably 80% as a guide Watts are watts voltage irrelevant So 2 x 20 watts @240v = 0.2 amps if left on for one hour = 0.2 ah ( watts / volts = amps) 2 x 20 watts @12 v = 3.3amps one hours use = 3.3ah. If 80% efficient then 3.3 x 1.2 = 3.96 - say 4 amps GBBS
  7. Hi I can make these pipes all I need is either your old pipes or the fittings from the ends and the length of the pipe. I have the easiest way to measure the length is to thread a thin copper wire into the pipe from end to end then pull it out and measure it, the pipe I use is 6mm x2mm steel injector pipe Dave 07812 039110
  8. Bottom & sides including counter etc £140/ foot just sides £70/ foot Dave
  9. Hi website is now back up! Service provider cockup now remedied Www.russellnewbery.com Dave
  10. Lots of dealings never a problem, have you called them ?
  11. 1517 built 1991 for Stoke on Trent boatbuilders. One of the last of 169 engines built by vero engineering in Southampton.
  12. Ok here goes, We have built and sold 4 new engines and refurbished (totally) 4 more. We are currently building one new engine and one refurb, all DM2's. We are also re building a DM3 for a customer. And have a further DM2 in stock awaiting refurbishment and a new DM1 single cylinder in stock complete and ready to go. We have parts on hand for many more brand new engines and all parts including gaskets, are available for spares for all D series engines and virtually all parts for the national D series. We do have a national D3 that needs a home. All our new builds are just that, all brand new parts. Our factory overhauled engines are completely overhauled with all parts checked and replaced with new as necessary, as a minimum we fit all new bearings, pistons, liners and valves and guides. No 'paintbrush' restorations here Sarsons! New cost including new prm260 is £18995.00 with 5 year guarantee. Overhauled engines are typically £10,000to £15,000 with 3 year guarantee No one else can offer this level of warranty nor is anyone else able provide the spares backup of new spares from stock other than the modern high revving engine suppliers. Weight of a DM2 complete with PRM 260 is 13 cwt £(1456 lbs) Always happy to discuss customers needs directly on 07812 039110 or answer questions about all things RN. We have a very extensive archive of information on all RN's back to at least the early fifties and all of the original drawings and build sheets for the same. We also have lots of info on where engines currently are, none of this info is computerised(yet) but is searchable by engine number. We are building a boat with a DM2 in it which will be in our hire fleet when complete. The shell is from Simon Wain and the fit out will be to match this exceptional shell Think that's everything for now!?
  13. Mike, call Bim if you are interested in the dorman. It's available.
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