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  1. Or maybe the "restrictions" are no longer water related but vollie availability restricted, as if the locks were open normal summer hours they would need nearly double the volunteers. I have never seen so much water coming down Braunston locks as last Sunday! Just my opinion!!
  2. The duck seems to have a friend!
  3. Thank you Kathy & Matty for inviting us, we had a lovely evening. Kathy you looked beautiful & you both look so happy, wishing you both all the very best, Ali & John
  4. To clarify, we had moved upwards from one lock to another and I had closed both paddles, the gates then would not close behind the boat due to the obstruction, I closed one but the volunteer then opened the closed gate, so both gates were fully open. The volunteers then fully opened the white paddle on the lock below, which drains the lock into the side pound, due to the gates being open this pulled the boat backwards. There was no flushing just emptyingband no communication!
  5. But we weren't decending we were ascending! Thanks Alan we will take your advice.
  6. Agree with Tiggs, do a divert into Nottingham, well worth the trip and with Adam if you have the time, go through Birmingham, Hatton isn't as bad as you think!
  7. The elsan at Braunston has a notice on it asking people not to put dog poo bags down it, so it looks like that's one problem, the dog poo bin is at least 100yards away!
  8. We have used Post Restante all over, we usually just ring said PO and check its ok. Never had a problem, but last month couldn't get through on phone number, was diverting to a fax, so rang PO 0345 and explained situation, we were told that all PO should offer the service, so took the chance and had it delivered and it was fine. They did apologise as they had a problem with their phone line it was only working as a fax.
  9. We have seen them on the Watford flight, Hillmorton, Middlewich, a couple when we went up the Wigan flight, one on the Bingley three rise, and on another 3 rise on the L&L but can't remember which one, Two in Middlewich on Wednesday, one on the Middlewich arm on Thursday, in the last 8 weeks so they are out there.
  10. We moored outside the pub at Dover Lock and it was fine. We have also moored outside the CRT office in Wigan, you are behind a CRT locked fence on the non-towpath side, that was also fine. We did Dover lock to just after Dean lock, its rural about 1/4 - 1/2 mile after the lock just before Fishers Swing Bridge. Another vote for the Windmill in Parbold as well, not the cheapest, but food and beer good!
  11. We have painted t&g above the gunnel in a light grey. Have a look here http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1hnTkG2JWVw/Teql1Mj4bzI/AAAAAAAAASY/61rKbwfMK3U/s1600/IMG_1193.jpg Ali
  12. AliG

    Where to go?

    Foxton might be worth the diversion.
  13. John (Mck) and I really sympathise with you, we went through a similar event with our dog, although you have had much better support from the veterinary professionals than we did. Needles to say from a very sick dog that was given not much chance at nearly four years old, we had another six great years. Our best wishes to you all.
  14. We have some friends who moor at Trinity, who normally visit the marina every day, I have sent them a message with a link to this post.
  15. Voted for Burnley Janet, I also entered for tickets as well, If I win, they are yours!
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