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  1. If you cancel then you will lose your deposit and other monies as per the contract terms and conditions. If the hire company cancels then the situation is more complicated and the terms and conditions on cancellation will apply as well as UK law. This advice from Martin Lewis is pretty good. I guess you booked direct and, if so, you can ignore the package holiday section and scroll down to the section about holiday cottages which is appropriate in this instance.
  2. From the local paper Northampton Chronicles Report
  3. Shardlow to Stoke on BBC East Mids, Sowerby to Manchester on BBC N West
  4. My apologies, I jumped the gun by a day I think. It is indeed a return to summer hours. Foxton will still be locked overnight, Watford will be left unlocked.
  5. I have been informed that restrictions have been lifted and flights at Foxton and Watford will no longer be locked (until the next drought). I believe restrictions at Buckby and Braunston may also have been lifted.
  6. To answer your second question. The GDPR apply to businesses and organisations not to private individuals.
  7. At staircase locks it is one way traffic. Simplistically, assuming a passage is 20 minutes through the staircase if you did 1 up 1 down 1 up it would take 60 minutes. 3 boats down would take 20 minutes +10 +10 ( 10 minutes for each additional boat in same direction) = 40 minutes thus saving 20 minutes. Multiply that throughout a day and it adds up.
  8. Hi all, I’m one of the Monday VLK team at Watford and we share your frustration of waiting and queues however 2 hours + isn’t unusual at this time of year. Part of the current problem is that boats are ‘locked out’ of the flight from the previous day which means a queue from the start which has to be cleared first. There’s no policy on the number of boats up/down which is generally based on the time of arriving at the top/bottom. For example, on Monday we started the day with 4 going down and then 7 going up (using the pounds between locks 1 and 3 to ‘stack’ two boats). Luckily few boats wer
  9. I had the same issue and found that you can move some apps to the sd card via settings/apps. You have to open each app using the settings gear wheel on the main screen and then select storage to see if it is possible. Click on change if that button is available and select sd card to move the app. Some can’t be moved. Files can be moved by opening files and selecting docs/images etc. Press and hold (don’t open) a file from the list then touch the vertical ... which will give an option to move the file to the sd card. Ive used the ES File Explorer app to move things aro
  10. Update on 14/06/2019: The tree has now been removed and the navigation has reopened.
  11. Notice Alert Grand Union Canal Location: Blisworth Tunnel Friday 14 June 2019 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Information Original message: There is a currently a very large tree which has fallen near the North West Portal of Blisworth Tunnel and as a result of this, the tree is now blocking the whole navigation, meaning boaters can not currently pass. Our contractors have been made aware and are currently on their way to site. This tree should be cleared by the end of today. If you require any further info
  12. Wow, thanks for the positive feedback. I was one of the lockies on today and we started with a queue waiting for us when we unlocked a little before 10am. Three boats arrived between 3 and 3.20 and we got all through by 4 and were pleased to help even after being out in the rain all day. ETA: 25 boats through in total today
  13. Opening times for canal are 8am to 6pm. [last entry on the flight 5.15pm] From Date: 13th August 2018 To Date:until further notice Type:Navigation Restriction Reason:Water resources Notice updates:03/08/2018 @ 17:34 Due to exceptionally dry weather during the last three months some of our canal feeding reservoirs are lower than we would normally expect for this time of year. The recent rainfall has not significantly changed this situation. As the dry weather is set to continue into the autumn, we are taking steps now to reduce water usage by c
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I work as a VLK at Watford and over the last 2 years, when the flight hasn't been locked overnight, I'm not aware of any significant issues arising 'out of hours'. One of the main tasks of the VLKs at both Watford and Foxton during the busy times is to manage the flow of boats up and down so that waiting is fair and kept at a minimum. This generally works well and, at the height of the summer, by the time my shift ends at 6.30 ish the queue at Watford, at least, is down to a couple of boats and that is manageable by those waiting. I guess time will tell if the same works at Foxton. Ther
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