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  1. It has been written into legislation for decades now that where a price for goods or services is displayed or quoted to consumers then the price displayed/quoted must include VAT. In a business to business transaction stating plus the appropriate rate of VAT is allowed and is standard practice.
  2. A few boats managed to get through today, Friday. Fully open again on Saturday 5th as planned. March hours are open at 9.30; last boat 14.45. Flight locked at 15.30. Arrive well before 14.45 if you need to get through on the same day
  3. All seems to be on time for the Saturday 5th opening. I’ll be up there on Friday and will update the @WatfordLocks Twitter account first if it is likely to change.
  4. The worst case scenario at this time of year, if you were unlucky to arrive at the bottom just as the direction swaps in the staircase with a boat going up, the wait would be circa 60 - 90 minutes. Having said that few boats are moving in Feb compared to Easter onwards so any wait is likely to be a lot less. There could be extra traffic on the 26th Feb as the flight reopens after a winter stoppage. Stoppage notice
  5. Update 27/10/2021 16:33 Emergency works are required to repair the excessive wear to the bottom gate heel post at Lock 14. The navigation will on be closed on the 3rd of November, to allow the affected gate to be removed and repaired off site. The navigation will remain closed until the 10th of November when the gates will be re-installed. During lifting operations, the towpath may need to be closed temporarily for safety. Please follow the instructions of the on-site personnel. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  6. Reopened with assisted passage. Update on 19/10/2021: Please note the lock flight is only open to narrowboats as only one gate is operational. Please see details below. Widebeam passage will not be available until a permanent fix to the other gate. Update on 19/10/2021: UPDATE The lock flight at Stoke Bruerne is open from 10am todaymanaged by our team of volunteers. Please be patient as operations will be slower than normal to protect the temporary arrangement for the lower gates. Please follow the guidance from the Lock keeping team, helping to keep the flight operational. Update on 18/10/2021: UPDATE The gate has now been secured in a closed position, which means with care the lock is now functional for narrowboats until a more permanent repair can be implemented. To protect the gate the lock will be manned 10am-3pm to facilitate passage. Customers ascending the flight will need to be past lock 15 before 2.45pm. The lock remains under review as safety for all is paramount.
  7. Update on 16/10/2021: We have attempted an assisted passage through the lock with a trade boat known to the Trust this morning with a view of assessing whether or not it would be safe to continue offering assisted passage through the rest of the weekend but unfortunately it has been deemed not safe to do so. The condition of the heel post has deteriorated to the point where the water turbulence coming through the gate makes passage to dangerous. Our engineers are looking for a temporary fix solution and we expect a further update during Monday 25th October.
  8. Due to a failure (excessive wear on the heel behind the collar on the lower gates at the Top Lock 14) the Stoke Bruerne flight has been closed ufn. CRT Notice here
  9. There are a number of stoppages scheduled for the Leicester Line starting 8th November which could have a bearing on your decision. Foxton and Watford are currently open between 10am and 4pm (last boat entry at 3.15)
  10. The chargeback facility, as I posted above, is much simpler and free.
  11. Adventurer, As the broker has in effect cancelled the agreement and no longer wishes to deal with you then IMO you are entitled to a refund of your deposit. If the broker is unwilling to do this then I suggest you contact your debit card issuer and ask them to commence a chargeback for the transaction. This facility is time limited so best to start it ASAP if you’re unable to get the refund direct from the broker. Chargeback info link
  12. Sounds like The Folly can be hit or miss. Pre COVID I enjoyed going there. Visited twice this month. Beer and service was good but I found the food poor and portions small for the price. I wasn’t impressed with the ‘take away’ box and plastic cutlery either. Unless you can get inside the marquee it can get cold in the evenings this time of year. By contrast my two visits to The Wharf at Fenny were better than expected based on past reports I have read. The hand pumped beers were well kept and good quality food served on plates! I think the Folly needs to up its game.
  13. An inflatable mattress is likely to be cold when the ambient temperature falls. A better solution for comfort is a good quality self inflating sleeping mat, at least 5cm thick. I have used an Alpkit one for 5+ years when camping and no longer get cold when the temperature falls. It can also be used as a spare bed if/when guests stop over. ETA: My mat is Similar to these
  14. If you cancel then you will lose your deposit and other monies as per the contract terms and conditions. If the hire company cancels then the situation is more complicated and the terms and conditions on cancellation will apply as well as UK law. This advice from Martin Lewis is pretty good. I guess you booked direct and, if so, you can ignore the package holiday section and scroll down to the section about holiday cottages which is appropriate in this instance.
  15. From the local paper Northampton Chronicles Report
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