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  1. I'm very grateful for the help received. Despite the engine running for 2 hours today I suggested my friend does the following: 1/ Replace the water trap with a CAV filter/water trap positioned lower with new joints on every connection 2/ Add a vent to the working tank as suggested by Tony maybe drilling the dolly (or replacing with a ready drilled one) with the flame trap screwed to it 3/ Replace the filter housing as belt and braces
  2. Thank you plans are afoot to add a vent to the other tank as think the vent hole in the locking filler cap gets blocked when it's screwed down tight
  3. I'm down looking at the problem but the engine has been running for over an hour. Three maybes 1 before starting the engine I bled it at the filter housing the one with the plastic black button on top 2 noticed a very very slight damp patch on the water trap outlet. I wiped it dry and it still is 3 the vent for the tanks is on the reservoir tank. The two tanks are connected at the bottom with a square pipe. The working tank has the filler and the syphon tube. It's a plastic locking cap and I'm not sure the vent on the cap isn't blocked when the cap us screwed down tight. Am I correct in thinking the vent on the reservoir tank will work for both tanks. The boat is 34 years old so it's a long shot if its a vacuum issue.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm going to take a look tomorrow (Wednesday) we can discount the vacuum theory it does same with diesel filler cap off. It has two connected tanks but I'm told the syphon tube is in the one with the filler. I asked if any work was done prior to the problem but apparently not since they were on their last summer cruise before Covid. The boat stood idle for quite awhile hence my thoughts that some gloop floating around in the tank but the diesel was polished recently. I'm hoping to spot an air leak maybe a cracked connection or filter housing as suggested by Tony Brooks but you would think a Beta recommended engineer would have spotted that. I'll run it until it stops then check how much fuel is in the filter. Several years ago they had a problem with cutting out but only the tidal Ouse (several times - different engine) I went with them down to Selby and it did stop and refused to start for 20 minutes after a branch jammed the propeller. Turned out the fuel lines were laid over the exhaust which must have caused the diesel to boil when the engine stopped. The boat is built like a canoe so only had a 23hp engine back then.
  5. I'm going to see on Wednesday not that I can do much more but checkout what's been suggested.
  6. Thank you Tony for your reply. Some more information from my friend. The boat is a Norton Canes about 32 years old it has two diesel tanks with a connecting tube. The engineer who looked at it was recommended by Beta Marine. He checked every pipe and joint in the fuel lines and changed the diesel filters for Beta supplied filters. The engine ran for over an hour afterwards so it was assumed he had fixed it. The next day it ran for the usual few minutes before spluttering and stopping. It's done same ever since. No other work was done since the first Covid lockdown except to have the diesel polished. You mentioned cracked filter heads is that the top part of the filter cartridge or the part of the engine the filter cartridge screws onto?
  7. A friend of mine has an issue with a Beta 30 cutting out after a couple of minutes. He's had several boat engineers looking at it including a Beta engineer. The concensus is a vacuum issue with the diesel tank but he tried it with the fuel cap off and still same problem. The fuel lines and filters have been checked. My guess is something floating around inside the tank so I suggested he runs the engine until it cuts out then removes the engine fuel filter to see if there's any fuel in it. If it's empty we will know it's a fuel issue. If full he needs to look elsewhere. I'm not a diesel engineer but am surprised one of those who have looked at the problem haven't done that. Any other suggestions or similar experiences with same engine?
  8. If you have a smart phone try using the 'UK Aerial Alignment' app from Google Play. I used it all over the Midlands and North West last year and could usually get at least one or two of the major channels. I find it works better if you stand away from the boat.
  9. Guitar (badly), mandolin (hopeless), fair to sh*te blues harmonica written few songs with canal theme. Arthur Marshall late of this parish on the other hand is rather good and has written some very nice stuff, http://www.arthurmarshall.co.uk/
  10. Good news indeed. Once the rudder is fixed Lady G will have some good options. Gargrave is a very nice stop with shops and services. Based on past experiences of other boaters I know C&RT Yorkshire will be a bit more accommodating than North West seems to have been.
  11. Now let's think who would be more experienced at fixing paddles a locky with 30 years experience or a road contractor?
  12. Surely the C&RT inspectors that go around assessing the state of the infrastructure will have a very good idea if not they are in the wrong job. Then there's those locks with only one working paddle. Those eleven cancellations from the winter works programme which the inspector probably already flagged up as urgent.
  13. "We never stop working to improve our canals and rivers, so that they make life better by water for everyone, every day." Eleven cancelled winter stoppages so far - Mr Parry have you stopped working?
  14. Sorry I thought this was the "Another canal side property for sale" thread 😆
  15. Or the money they do have better managed. For example some of the recent big cost failures and short term stoppages could have been avoided. Toddbrook is an example. I'm confident that better maintenance wouldn't have cost £16m and avoided evacuating a town and bringing in the RAF. Even with Figure of Three the warning signs were there. The towpath was washed out several times in years preceding 2020. Had the wash walls and bridges along the upper Calder been maintained the huge cost of repairs following the 2015 flood would have been lower. What about the theory that if the inside bend on the Aire and Calder had been dredged the returning commercial vessels wouldn't have needed to turn so close to the outside wall causing the culvert collapse? Take a look at the nearby A&C banks now, slippage caused by lowering the water level? Maybe another breach in the making and all for the sake of a bit of dredging. It's the wait until it's completely f**ked policy that causes the majority of stoppages. Why wait for contractors when there are bank staff frustrated because they aren't allowed to make even small repairs. Dewsbury double top lock is an example where the offside hydraulic required a cheap valve replacement for years yet the local locky told me he could have easily fixed it himself. Then there's the both paddles broken situation - why fix just one? Surely it's cheaper to fix both at the same time rather than requiring another visit and another stoppage - same cost overall. Watford Locks are another good example. Three weeks stoppage to bodge a heel post. Had the bodge plate been added before the post completely rotted through, same cost - no stoppage. And then there's those bloody blue signs grrrrr! Yes increase license fees (length x width seems fair to me) but don't waste the extra on poor management practice.
  16. I don't have a problem with anyone overstaying by services when there's closures preventing them from moving. I just couldn't understand why such a relatively simple problem hasn't been fixed after all this time. I'm disappointed that C&RT aren't happy with her overstaying in such circumstances. I think it's a blinking cheek expecting people to shuffle up and down from stoppage to stoppage. My own experience of C&RT Yorkshire suggests they would have no issue and my experience with C&RT North West suggests they would be sympathetic too, although it's understandable they won't provide electric for a welder. Lady G has had lots of good advice from people who know how the deal with such issues but seems to not want a solution just yet. No problem but me thinks that location has a what3words address like ///molehill.mountain.drama
  17. So just to be clear and to avoid wasting time are saying you don't want the problem solved so you can stay at the services at the top of Barrowford locks?
  18. There is no need to drain pounds or flounder in mud and water. Big Jimmy's rudder was removed and replaced using rope. If you don't get sorted at the weekend Dean's boat is currently at Skipton and Mirfield is only an hour away. As for the free mooring stuff I don't subscribe to that theory at all. Afterall you can't get far trapped between two major stoppages and I'm sure C&RT would be fine with overstaying anywhere along there. I just think Gargrave is a better option than where you are now. Good luck.
  19. Looking at those photos it's difficult to understand why this is a long running saga (from a technical point of view at least). My mate Big Jimmy had exactly the same problem. It was fixed by Dean from Mirfield Boats removed and replaced in the water at Brighouse within two days. It has to be said that despite TD's hostile nature he did offer exactly the right solution which if followed would have resolved the problem and Lady G could have been on her merry way weeks/months ago. Hmmm only as far as Gargrave though but there are facilities near the town moorings and I'm sure C&RT would have given permission to overstay in the circumstances.
  20. You've missed a treat. Regrettably when the new road scheme happens the White Cross will disappear, Goodbye to great beer, finest Sunday lunches and a landlord from heaven. Some things in life are not fair.
  21. I'm going by knowing the location and the fact that the 2020 flood below Heaton Lodge was 11" higher than the previous record of Boxing day 2015 and trickling over the flood gates at Battyeford. Following the construction of the flood defences upstream the water now gets pushed downstream faster causing bigger floods below Brighouse especially when the Colne is also breaking records. If you have superior knowledge (and no doubt you will have) that future flooding will never reach current records I will agree with you.
  22. When your property floods I don't think anyone would worry about what was happening to other properties in the vicinity.
  23. plus the prospect of flooding when the Calder overtops the lock
  24. I agree breaches and lock wall collapses are expensive and take a long time, but if C&RT fixed the little issues like only one paddle etc there would be far fewer stoppages. They spent £3m+ fixing up Figure of Three but couldn't be arsed to fix the hydraulic on the offside gate on the bottom lock which had been broken for years. A £20 valve maybe? Another stoppage waiting to happen. So actually I think it is fair.
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