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  1. Would be happy to take Mr Parry for a trip along the Calder then over the Rochdale or Huddersfield - ohh!
  2. If they are steam engines there's diesel in the water
  3. If that isn't a wind-up they wouldn't get a any payment from me and I would be asking for my deposit back.
  4. Been out since May and only seen one speeding boater *new hirer didn't know) and just a handful of maybe a little too fast. Tying the boat with a spring line definitely helps so maybe I just don't notice or care anymore.
  5. Thanks I'll get on the case on Monday This looks promising they have same listed - thank you
  6. Thank you for the replies. I have tried several suppliers but so far no joy. A couple are looking into it so I may be lucky. The current one is still working fine just 12 years old so looking for a backup.
  7. Looking to buy a spare alternator same as the one I have on at the moment but can't find any supplier for the Prestolite AVI128 110amp 12v Alternator. I've had this one since around 2008 so probably superseded by now. Anyone know if these are still available somewhere or what has superseded them as a direct replacement? PP1123_avi128.pdf
  8. We passed through Woodseaves a few days ago that tree extends a fair way into the channel so it's easy to get caught out. There's also another fairly serious landslip at the northern end perhaps a long term stoppages in waiting unless C&RT do something this winter.
  9. You've not done the Rochdale 9 then?
  10. This is a brilliant song by our own Arthur Marshall http://www.arthurmarshall.co.uk/canalsong.html
  11. Ours has a slight leak. I was told that overfilling the oil causes the seals to blow. I now measure the correct amount but too late me thinks. Never worked out whether the marks on the dip stick are correct when the stick is just dipped or when it is screwed down.
  12. Exciting day! Just when I thought a trip to Morrisons would be today's highlight. Coming through the narrows above Autherley chap on boat coming the opposite way fell in. After owning a Miracle Leisure Products safety ladder for 15 years I finally got to use it to rescue said chap. Then highlight of this year's cruise I met the legend who is Arthur Marshall at the junction stop lock. Top man and brilliant singer songwriter.
  13. And if the water was cascading over the top gates as usual there wouldn't be much time to react. Those gates are on a chain and winding system so nightmare situation.
  14. Which river runs through Stockton-on-Tees?
  15. worth a greenie PS why can't mods have greenies?
  16. I tried that but my underpants kept falling down
  17. I wonder how many signs equals the cost of fixing one paddle?
  18. Mrs Midnight and I use two tin cans with string stretched between them. We find them a bit tricky unless on the Stratford where the lock bridges have a gap. You have to be very careful on lift bridges it's easy to get pulled into the canal, but they are cheap.
  19. I've never stayed there but have seen boats just pull up on the left in the entrance channel. I think it's free but maybe a local on here will confirm that.
  20. Rochdale summit is spectacular but watch out for the Wolves. The first/last decent mooring before/after Manchester is the Rose of Lancaster pub near the Irk aqueduct. Going west the usual tactic is to leave early. You can stay overnight at Islington marina or there's a safe mooring just under the bridge at the junction. I also know some boaters who have stayed in the Thomas Telford basin and asked the locals for the gate lock combination. We usually aim to get to the junction by 1pm then after a sandwich break head down the 'Nine' to Castlefield. Facilities in Manchester a scarce. Going East there's good moorings at Slattocks, Smithy Bridge, and Littleborough. On the Yorkshire side there's more choice but the most popular are at Walsden, Todmorden, Stubbings Wharf, Hebden Bridge and of course Sowerby Bridge. The Ashton used to be a real grot-spot but it's a lot better now. Normally hard work but a relief after you have done the Rochdale the day before.
  21. Errr actually do you? Using the calculator link you so kindly provided a population of 35000 would require a sample size of 380
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