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  1. Winter stoppages https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/report/winter-notices.pdf
  2. It wasn't good as it happened in the filthy water at failsworth on the Rochdale. The water was mucky so I didn't see it until I pulled it and cut my finger. Added to the concerns regarding weils disease were the seven stitches in my other hand from an accident the previous week. However, I managed to cut it off with wire cutters and a screwdriver. Following that I spent some time scrubbing my hands with neat dettol and hot water. Lost a bit of time but didn't get overtaken by the boat behind as the steerer was grappling with a mattress round his prop.
  3. Midnight 1 v 1 IanD Let's hope both of us avoid the mattress. (there's always a mattress - so far round someone else's prop) Last time we came that way I was down the weedhatch 3 times in 500 yards approaching lock 50. two saris and a donkey jacket plus the usual orange string and plastic. Not in the keepnet league I admit.
  4. Probably an air lock. Happened to me. I disconnected one of the pipes that connects to the unit and bled it that way.
  5. If you/me do we can cry into a couple of beers and swap commiserations around Summit. Of course I will have done the swamp and you will have it to do. You will be a lot happier cos you will have done Yorkshire. I, on the other hand, I will be depressed having suffered the dark side. We can have a sweep over number of visits down the weed hatch over fifty in Rochdale and Manchester. How about a prize for the most disgusting item removed from the propeller? I'm well experienced on that score. Can you beat razor wire?
  6. Great update letting us know when the next update is. Rumour says they will attempt a temporary fix. If it's not going to reopen during the first week in October, it's the swamp called the Rochdale for us. That's if C&RT can break their own record and keep it open for more than a few days at a time. On a positive note, it gets very nice once you reach the Yorkshire side of Summit.
  7. "Tries hard could do better" Actually I'm not sure about the "tries hard" bit.
  8. Awaiting tomorrow's update with anticipation. If it's not fixed by October 6th it's the Rochdale kicking and screaming. That will be the 3rd year in a row we haven't been able to get back over the L&L. #sackRichardParry Let's have someone who knows how to manage waterways
  9. Only watched a bit before realising he's just an idiot on a rant. Licensed fees are cheap - end of. If you think it's too expensive try living in a house.
  10. A bit unfair to say they are imbeciles Anne works very hard and more or less instigated the #fundBritain'swaterway campaign. I did join this year, but regrettably not entirely my cup of tea so won't be renewing.
  11. In my experience side fenders hung from Midnight's fender eyes at gunwhale level quickly get ripped off. I now hang fenders from the roof on rope lanyards which allows them to swivel up when wedged by a not quite open lock gate or jetty. Even so I have increased the diameter of the ropes as initially I had a few snap. Awaits counter argument!
  12. And how many every day on FB saying they intend to do the same.
  13. Arh! Doesn't move, doesn't drink water, stores all rubbish, doesn't (use the) bathroom or bathroom (Note to Mods - avoided the S-word and P-word there) 😆😆😆
  14. So am I - amongst the waves from the side and quarter. Ask @Kendorr he was following me.
  15. A sign like that would tend to make me speed the **** up - thank you.
  16. Hmmm our Wash experience last May would suggest a narrowboat can roll and pitch like an atlantic trawler. 😱
  17. Well done C&RT person who sent a stoppage notice yesterday dated 5th September i.e.10 days before the previous notice dated 15th September and almost identical to the one sent 8th September
  18. Yes I do but that doesn't mean C&RT will see it that way. As mooring officer for our boat club I have in the past spend time communicating with C&RT about club moorings. As well as identifying the 'ghost moorers' there's been times when members with a mooring have been omitted and incorrectly listed by C&RT as CCers because they have been on long term cruises. I may be wrong but it seems related to sightings. All well and good if they send a list to me each year but I have had no lists sent for a couple of years.
  19. Some interesting points around the complications of the home mooring v continuous cruiser license. Although we have a home mooring we will spend seven months away cruising this year. Not a dissimilar situation to a ccer who takes a winter mooring. Seems pretty much a recipe for disaster for a C&RT who can't even get the stoppage notices right.
  20. The Rochdale is open. We are heading home up the T&M. The L&L is first choice but the Rochdale is an option. Never had it so good for several years.
  21. Not a blue sign but made me chuckle. Our dog was quite fast until he got old.
  22. Anyone get a notice from C&RT saying it was open yesterday?
  23. Thank you for the update Mr Grassman
  24. Any update on the repair. We are at Fradley wondering whether to move.
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