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  1. No matter what boaters write the results are always positive lots% satisfied On a scale of 1 - 10 how satisfied where you with C&RT 1 = Negaiive 2 - 10 = Positive
  2. In regard of the Huddersfield - yes very!!! In regard of the L&L there's a promising report above.
  3. Does this mean all blue signs need replacing?
  4. 6,000,000,000,000 - you forgot to include the dog
  5. This is very promising. I am planning to escape Yorkshire from July 12th and would ideally like to get out via the L&L. Please My McGinley I promise not to take your name in vein again if you fix this by July. 🙏
  6. You wont need to reverse very far until you reach the moorings with the track alongside. It's a good place for a delivery.
  7. If you are on the Silsden side of Bradley you will be affected by the culvert failure. Probably another long one. If you on the summit pound above Greenberfield you will be okay
  8. News today Keadby railway vazon Bridge closed, culvert at Bradley on the L&L failed Rochdale summit no water, and Huddersfield narrow always closed. That's Yorkshire effectively closed yet again. P*ss up / brewery springs to mind.
  9. Who said they were unsecure? They were, in both cases, secured with a bike lock. Any toe-rag worth his salt carries a battery powered angle grinder these days.
  10. Considering the recent hits on government finances from the pandemic, Brexit and Putin's invasion of Ukraine why now?
  11. Because I know of at least two boaters who have had bikes and stuff stolen from there.
  12. Avoid the wall below the lock.
  13. Good moorings safe as anywhere. The Hungry Horse pub is only moderate but half decent food.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I waited 24 hours and rubbed down the border with a scotch pad all went well.
  15. How soon after the first coat is it preferable before you to rub down? How soon is it preferable to wait before second coat is applied? On a bit of a timescale in dry dock.
  16. It's become the norm ooop norf to enjoy the canals when you can and moan when they are so frequently closed. Simples!
  17. From NBW "The Canal & River Trust was formed in July 2012 with its statement: To protect, manage and improve the nation’s canals and river navigations for the millions who enjoy them."
  18. I just think I'll blow my horn for an old lady who has been a remarkable and durable sovereign. One is free to do what one wishes unlike in Russia. Whether or not it's left-wing I don't care, but you still face jail if you oppose the establishment view. "I assume you equate me, mistakenly, with some variation of leftwinger or communist?" Not at all I don't label or judge and having met you I think you are a pretty good bloke.
  19. FFS! isn't this meant to be about respecting the Queen in her Jubilee year? Blow your horn if you think she has been a credit to the nation. Post in the politics thread if you wish to demonstrate how anti-royal you are. It's a free country! (or for you Arthur it's better than Russia!)
  20. I will be blowing my horn for HM the Queen too. I'm a royalist cos the cavaliers dressed so much better that Cromwell's Parliamentarians.
  21. You can please some of the people some of the time............
  22. Not sure an inch makes any meaningful difference.
  23. Good moorings at Castleford cut. There's also good mooring just before you re-join the river above Woodnook Lock and there's boat club below which has a pontoon.
  24. Naturally you would never see me do such a dastardly thing 😜
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